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On The Step Podcast 1.1: On the Tau

Hello to you all, it’s been far too long since I’ve had the time to post on this! I do however return bearing some most excellent news. Trget and myself have started a podcast, find it here and more information after the break.

It initally came up through the absolutely random conversations we have (as we live together) about every new codex that comes out. We’d sit down with a codex each and (usually me) exclaim ‘That’s OP!’ or ‘Ooooh shiny’. Most of it was fairly inane banter but we thought if we got our minds together we could so some interesting reviews. I’ve always been a big fan of the background/fluff and Trget has a formidable knowledge of the rules so we combine well.

I’ll be honest, this first one was done a little on the fly as we were unsure as to what we wanted to do with the podcast but inital reviews have been good and we’re refining the running order and segments.

If you’ve got any comments on the show we’d like to hear them, it’ll just make us better as we go forward!

We’re going to be monthly, covering 40k as that’s our main system personally. We may branch out as we play different games but it will stick to wargames and 40k for now.

A section I’m looking to add is a tournament round up- top three from the month before and the tournaments upcoming. I reckon I could get it done in 2 minutes if I turn on the fast-speak!

In this episode we discuss the new Tau codex, we talk about:

Major changes in the background and a few of our favourite characters
The models and overall aesthetic of the army
And a round up of all the new rules with a look through all the choices.

Thanks for listening!

ETC 2012 Final Results

Well another ETC has passed and as the dust settles, one thing is for sure: England put a very strong showing in this year, winning the 40K and are rumoured to have come 3rd in Fantasy.

More after the break. UPDATE- now with Fantasy results

Team Ireland have managed their first top ten finish in 40K ETC history. Well done to Mike and the boys for an impressive 3 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses. The final results are here, courtesy of the 40kETC wordpress page.

Congratulations to Team Northern Ireland for finally popping their ETC cherry by beating the Dutch and the Norwegians!

Warhammer 40,000 Results
WFB Final Results

Place – TEAM – VP Total – Actual BP – Modified BP – Penalty
1 POLAND 29978 631 564
2 AUSTRIA 5108 564 536
3 ENGLAND 13102 554 530
4 DENMARK 16917 551 526 -1
5 GERMANY 9381 547 523
6 FRANCE 7874 525 521 -2
7 GREECE 8301 531 518
8 SWEDEN 5835 511 514
9 ITALY 6561 520 506 -1
10 FINLAND 4772 511 504
11 SPAIN 9792 528 500
12 UNITED STATES 1415 490 494
13 MALTA -1746 460 488
14 SCOTLAND 6009 498 487
15 NORWAY 4604 492 485
16 SINGAPORE 1687 491 485
17 AUSTRALIA -81 482 484
18 RUSSIA -6631 481 484
19 BELARUS -1599 468 474
20 NEW ZEALAND -2009 465 474
21 UNITED NATION -7715 444 465
22 IRELAND 887 463 462
23 UKRAINE -7179 457 462
24 CZECH -6923 449 459
25 NETHERLANDS -5609 440 457
26 LATVIA -8494 436 448
27 SERBIA -4364 443 447
28 BULGARIA -3574 424 444
29 NORTHERN IRELAND -10165 429 442
30 WALES -16637 399 441
31 BELGIUM -7529 425 438
32 SWITZERLAND -16728 396 424
33 CANADA -11577 418 418
34 HUNGARY -12761 393 416

Incoming: 40k ‘Starter Boxed Set’

Reports of my death at the hands of Dagestani insurgeants have been greatly exaggerated. 
That cleared them out nicely
As the entire team are currently fighting bravely in the ETC trenches, it falls to me to provide you with this little gem from the GW site.. (Much more after the break!)
As usual for thier teasers, not much content apart from a date. Thank god for the internet as I have found the following, mouthwatering pictures for your consumption.
The Complete Kit.
Close up of the Cultists 
 I really don’t care that some of those are repeated, they’re ripe for converting and absolutely stunning. The ‘Eavy Metal team did a good job on them too!
 Terminators and Bikes
Some of the most dynamic terminators since Space Hulk, most dynamic bikes ever.. don’t forget they’re snap fit. GW shows that is is THE model company once again here.
The Dark Angels
I think I see a few ‘Macragge Marines’ but some new sculpts for the Tac Squad. The heros look amazing. Personally can’t wait to see them in the flesh, they’re going to be superb. 
Also: Mmmmm Plasma…

Rumor has it he’s special edition. Do want.
                      The filthy Chaos scum never looked better and that hellbrute is HUGE!
Kudos to BOLS Forums for the pictures!
What are your thoughts? I’ll be looking to get 2 sets and swap on set of Chaos for Marines, any takers?

Incoming: 6th Edition 40k.

Look what showed up on GW’s site last night.

We finally get confirmation of 6th Edition
Eveything changes 23rd of June!

Forge World and You: The Badab War: Part One (The Second)

Curses. I’m starting to wish I came up with a better naming system for this series.

If you’ve just joined us, this is the second installment in the review of the recent Forge World books. I’ll be dealing today with the rest of the characters from Badab War: Part One


For the sake of completeness here’s the format again:
I’ll go through the characters by firstly giving you a little on the background behind them and their disposition at the end of the Badab War. Following on from this I’ll go through:

  • The points cost compared to a Company Captain.
  • Their stat lines.
  • Wargear.
  • Special Rules.
  • I’ll explain any non-standard Special Rules or Wargear and give my opinion.
  • Finally I’ll comment on it’s relative effectiveness in-game.
Any non-standard rules and wargear will be highlighted in bold.
Lord High Commander Carab Culln

I had to trawl through too many Twilight photos to find this.

Well, we all know who’s boss don’t we? With a title like that! The third iteration of his rules, his days as the low-ranking Sergeant Culln is a distant memory for the now Chapter Master of the Red Scorpions. He had the title thrust upon him after the Secessionists ambushed and killed many of the Loyalist Chapter Masters.

HQ Unit
Points: 2.15 Company Captains
Profile: Same as a Chapter Master’s +1 Attack
Wargear: Terminator Armour, Teleport Homer, Iron Halo, Master Crafted Storm Bolter, The Blade of the Scorpion.

Special Rules: And They Shall Know No Fear, Combat Tactics, Independent Character, Orbital Bombardment, Chapter Tactics, Proud To live, Proud to Die, Hard to Kill.

Chapter Tactics: Commander Culln’s Chapter Tactics allow you to replace your Combat Tactics with his own variant, which lets you replace your veteran sergeants with apothecaries. The usual Chapter Tactics rules apply. The Apothecary has the same wargear and profile as the one in a standard command squad. I’m very much in two minds about this, in a standard space marine army this makes the squads extremely survivable. But it takes away from their upgrade potential, in the form of powerfists and the like. I’d certainly upgrade any vanguard or sternguard sergeants in my force.

Proud to Live, Proud to Die, Hard To Kill: Give him the Eternal Warrior USR, in addition to this, any Red Scorpion units within 12” add +1 to their combat res in assault, this doesn’t stack for multiple squads.
Eternal Warrior- very much needed, the +1 combat res is a nice touch.

Blade of The Scorpion.
Master Crafted Relic Blade,which gives Culln additional attacks equal to the difference between his Weapon Skill and the Enemy with the highest WS which he is fighting.
This gives Culln on average two extra attacks for a total of 7 Str 6, re-rolling to hit power weapon attack, not to be sniffed at.

Final Thoughts:
A very solid set of rules for the Commander of the Red Scorpions, he’ll be right at home spearheading terminators or providing a solid counter attack base. Points wise, he’s a bargain if you use his Chapter Tactics, not so much if you don’t.

Captain Tarntus Vale
Why does Errant Armour always have a loincloth? What are they hiding?

Praetor of the Fire Angels’ 3rd Company, with a strong flair for armoured warfare. That formation is among the best anti-armour specialists in the chapter, if not among the entire loyalist force. They were pivotal in the attack on Sagan where the Secessionists attacked the loyalist lines in Rhinos laden with chemical warheads. His lungs were replaced with bionic oxygen exchangers after he personally destroyed one of the Suicide-Rhinos setting off it’s toxic payload.

HQ Unit
Points: 1.75 company Captains.
Profile: Same as Chapter Master
Wargear: Chainsword, Bolt Pistol, Plasma Pistol, Frag and Krak grenades, Melta Bombs, Iron Halo
Special Rules: ATSKNF, Combat Tactics, IC, Chapter Tactics, No Retreat, No Surrender, Master Gunner.

Chapter Tactics:Replace Combat Tactics with Tank Hunter. In addition to this, any Rhino or Razorback purchased for a squad upgraded in this manner is upgraded with extra armour for free.
Rocket Devs with Tank Hunter? Yes Please! In this very mechanised world we live in, this is extremely deadly to anyone who hides in transports. Dark Eldar Quiver in fear at the thought of Strength 5 boltguns! Everyone and their mother rides around in a rhino or a razorback, so why not have some free extra Armour.

Master Gunner:Any Vehicle with the subtype (Tank) in which Vale is transported gains the benefit of his Tank Hunters Rule if his chapter tactics are being used.
Apart from a Land Raider Phobos, I struggle to think of any other decent candidates for Vale to use this rule in, apart from a Lascannon razorback. I really like this rule, it’s completely unique giving Vale some real character over and above the normal Space Marine Captains.

Final Thoughts:
For his points, he’s amazing. Most Space Marine armies take at least two Rhinos or Razorback saving you off the bat 30 points. Tank Hunters makes even the lowly Tactical Squad a tank’s nightmare. To really make him worth his points, I’d run 2 devastator squads and plenty of squads in Rhinos/Razorbacks. I’d like to see him rolling around in one of these though.

Lias Issodon
There’s an entire Company of Raptors in this Picture. Ninjas.

Chapter Master of the Raptors, ‘The Grim’
HQ Unit
Points; 1.4 Company Captains.
Profile: Same As Chapter Master
Wargear: Power Armour, Power Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Frag And Krak Grenades, Malice

Special Rules: ATSKNF, Combat Tactics, Cunning Strategist, Chapter Tactics, IC, Infiltrate, Isolate, Destroy.

An Assault: 4, Range: 30 Bolter that has access to ‘Special Issue Ammo’- the same as Sternguard squads.
This firmly situates Issodon as a backfield, fire support character. I’d reckon you’ll rarely be anthing but the Hellfire rounds (Wound on 2+) from this. A handy addion to a fire-support tactical squad or devestator squad but is at home really in a sternguard squad.

Cunning Strategist:
-1 to the enemy’s reserve rolls.
This is excellent, nowhere else can a Space Marine army aquire this bonus. If you take a few drop pods, this makes the enemy think twice about all-reserving as their army will come on piecemeal.

Chapter Tactics:
Lose combat tactics, gain STEALTH
No, you’re not seeing things,  it does give Space Marines stealth.

Infiltrate, Isolate, Destroy:
After scout moves, before the game begins, choose an enemy unit (not IC); if a vehicle it takes a Glancing Hit, if anything else, it takes D6 shooting wounds with AP-.
I’d almost exclusively use this on vehicles unless there’s a small squad (Say a platoon/company command squad lying around) It’d be nice to put some wounds on an MC but most have a 3+ save or better. A great psychological weapon and very in keeping with the Raptors theme as one of your units turns up potentially damaged or even dead.

Final Thoughts:
Making your units 1/3 more survivable in cover? Yes please. Point for point the best character in the book. Think about combining this with a bike command squad- turbo boost for a 2+ cover and FNP then go to town with Lightning claws/Meltaguns/thunderhammers , it even makes normal bike squads heros. His only downfall is his lack of an inv save so make sure he stays out combat and isn’t caught on his own. For some sneaky tricks, take either Lysander/Master of the Forge/Techmarine/Thunderfire cannon and fortify a few buldings. If you absolutely, positively have to hold the line: accept no substitutes.

Malakim Phoros
Yellow? Hearts? I don’t think these guys got the GrimDark memo.

Chapter master of the ill-fated Lamenters Chapter. Drawn into the Badab war on the side of the Secessionists through careful manipulation by Huron. Phoros holds a deep distrust of the High Lords of Terra after the repeated castigation of his Chapter. Huron tapped into this suppressed hatred to draw the Lamenters into the conflict. He is M.I.A. after his flagship, the Daughter of Tempests, was destroyed during the battle that saw the majority of his Chapter destroyed by the relentless assault of the Minotaurs.

Blood Angles HQ Unit.
Points: 1.75 Company Captains
Profile: Chapter Master +1 Attack
Wargear: Artificer Armour, Glaive Encarmine, Catechrist, frag and krak grenades, Iron Halo.
Special Rules: Fearless, IC, Lord of Ruin, Bloodline of Sanguinius, Rage Unto Death.

A standard Infernus pistol.

Lord Of Ruin:
Any unit he joins becomes fearless, in addition any enemy units that lose a combat that involves Phoros must re-roll successful morale checks to prevent falling back
Now, this is different. Forcing the enemy to re-roll FAILED moral checks is handy for not getting shot in the subsequent shooting phase though this may come back to bite you when you really need an enemy to run away!

Bloodline of Sanguinius:
He is a ”Blood Angel” and all rules affecting them, affect him.

Rage Unto Death:
Once Phoros has lost one or more Wounds he increases his Attacks and Strength by 1 but gains the Rage USR and confers this to any unit he joins.

Final Thoughts:
Our first Blood Angel based Character really sets the tone for the entire Lamenter Chapter. It was a shame that he wasn’t included in the actual Blood Angel book, as here I feel he’s underpowered. He needs to be in a dedicated Assault unit but not something that’s going toe to toe with Terminators or anything that has a lot of instant death attacks as he lacks Eternal Warrior. I’d stick him in a nice big squad of Death Company with a Chaplain so you won’t risk one of your scoring units Raging off an objective on the last turn.

Captain Mordaci Blaylock
Apart from having one of the most badass names in 40k, the Captain of the Novamarines 1st company is also known as ‘The Stormbreaker’. He and his Terminators were the rock that broke an entire Eldar Swordwind, Blaylock himself crushing the life from the Exarch with Foe-Ripper. Coming to the aide of the Howling Griffons when their chapter was nearly shattered, Blaylock commanded the Novamarines detachment in the Badab war, mostly attacking marauders and orks on the peripheries of the Maelstrom.
HQ unit

Points: 1.95 Company Captains.
Profile: Chapter Master
Wargear: Terminator Amrour, Iron Halo, Foe Ripper, Storm Bolter.
Special Rules: ATSKNF, Independent Character, Hard As Stone, Terminator Attack, Combat Tactics.

Master Crafted Chainfist
GW needs to start talking to the FW guys about naming their weapons. Master Crafted handy against vehicles and it means he’s no slouch in CC.

Hard as Stone:
Blaylock and any terminator unit (of any type) can choose to pass or fail any morale check they are asked to take and cannot be pinned.
This really adds to your hammer unit, not having to worry about them running away that one time you roll double 6 for the morale check. Also makes his unit immune to Psyker Battle Squads.

Terminator Attack:
If your army includes Blaylock, all terminator squads (of any type) count as scoring.
Deathwing; Eat your heart out.

Final thoughts.
Maybe not a complete replacement for Maynard’s boy (Belial) Blaylock certainly fills a gap in the Space Marine Codex. He allows your hammer unit to take that objective you’ve just cleared or even tempt you into taking Shooty Terminators. You need to take at least 2 squads of terminators to get your points’ worth here
That’s all the Characters reviewed, I was going to review the ‘Tyrant’s Legion’ army list here but I thought it wouldn’t do it justice and deserved it’s own post at a later date. Next up I’m going to review the units in the Imperial Armor Apocalypse Second Edition that are useable in ‘normal’ games of 40k.
Thanks for reading!

Forge World and You: The Badab War-Part One

This is the first instalment in a series of articles which aim to make people familiar with Forge World’s more recent books and the rules therein.

With the release of Imperial Armour Apocalypse Second Edition (IAASE. Hum. Even the acronym is a bit of a mouthful) and the infamous ’40k approved’ stamp, more and more tournaments are considering permittinging a limited amount of Forge World rules.
This series is looking to inform and educate the majority without access to the books. It will not pass comment on whether the individual ruleset should be used in tournament play. Remember that this is the opinion of only one man.
Without further ado, we’ll begin with our first book: The Badab War Part One

The Story
The Badab War is the most recent wholesale revolt of multiple Space Marine Chapters, in the Imperium’s histroy. Four entire Chapters, though one was nearly the size of a Legion, rebelled against Imperial rule. Heading the rebellion was Lugft Huron, Chapter Master of the Astral Claws. Over many years, Huron had increased the size of his Chapter far in excess of the standard thousand marines laid down by the Codex Astartes. Through careful distribution of his forces and manipulation of those sent to audit him, this was kept secret for at least a century. It is also thought that he was able to merge his Chapter with the Tiger Claws, though this was never proven. When Huron destroyed an Inquisitorial task force sent to audit his Chapter, he drew the Astral Claws, The Lamenters, The Mantis Warriors and The Executioners into a bloody war of secession

Forge World delivers a great back story for the entire campaign, giving a few short extracts on individual battles as well as an overall picture of the first half of the war, lavishly detailed with star maps and artwork. It examines the reasons for Hurons initial ‘betrayal for the good of the Maelstrom’ to his fall from grace, at the beginning of the war. The background follows the Imperium’s initial response and failures to gain ground, up until the Angstorm Incident, which was the tipping point of the war.


The book details the following chapters:
The Astral Claws
The Fire Hawks
The Marines Errant
Red Scorpions
The Fire Angles
The Raptors
The Lamenters
The Novamarines
The Howling Griffons

Accounts are given of their founding, some history, their disposition before the Badab war and selected battles they’ve taken part in. Accompanying the text are examples of marines and vehicles of the chapters, rendered in their colours through CAD. If you are a fan of any of these chapters, the Forge World writers really beef out their history and combat doctrine -developing them almost as much as the original 20- making this a must-read.


I’ll go through the characters by firstly giving you a little on background behind them and their disposition at the end of the Badab War. Following on from this I’ll go through:
  1. The points cost compared to a Company Captain.
  2. Their stat lines.
  3. Wargear.
  4. Special Rules.
  5. I’ll explain any non-standard Special Rules or Wargear and give my opinion.
  6. Finally I’ll comment on it’s relative effectiveness.
Any non-standard rules and wargear will be highlighted in bold.
Lugft Huron
One of the more badass models out of Forgeworld
The Master of the Astral Claws, this are the rules for the character as he was during the war. He would take a meltagun to the chest at the end of the Siege of Badab and go on to become Huron Blackheart in the Chaos Space Marine Codex.

HQ Choice
Points: 2.35 times the cost of a Company Captain
Profile: Exactly as a Chapter Master
Wargear: Terminator Armour, The Ghost Razors, Heavy Flamer and Iron Halo.
Special Rules: And They Shall Know No Fear (ATSKNF), Combat Tactics, Independent Character, Big Guns Never Tire, Living Legend, Shadowed Fate.

Big Guns Never Tire:
His Orbital Bombardment is Ordnance 2, otherwise it’s exactly the same as the Chapter Master’s Orbital Bombardment.
This is nice, note it’s not barrage so they scatter individually, doubling the chance that lovely Str 10 Ap1 blast will hit!

Living Legend:
Allied Space Marines may use his leadership while he is in play (Modifiers apply as normal).
Can re-roll the size the initiative dice.
Good to see the Rites of Battle back in some form, makes an army slightly more reliable. Re-roll the initiative is a common rule now for Characters, but it’s no Vect!

Shadowed Fate
The first time Huron would be removed form play as a casualty for any reason, leave him on his side, at the end of the turn this occurred in, roll a D6, on a 2+, he survives with one remaining wound. He is then placed as close as possible to where he fell. This only happens once.
Here’s half the money here! This is very sneaky, adds a lot of survivability to him as he’s not an Eternal Warrior. Lets him get to grips with larger monstrous creatures and if that Power Klaw lurking in that boyz squad snags him, he can survive it!

The Ghost Razors
Lightning Claws that force your opponent to re-roll successful invulnerable saves against wounds caused by them.
And here’s the other half of the money, With a decent WS, he’s hitting most things on a 3, re-olling 4’s to wound, forcing a re-roll on a successful Inv save.

Final Thoughts:
I’d add him to a TH/SS squad, it gives them quite a bit of anti-infantry with the Heavy Flamer and 4 attacks on the charge with the Ghost Razors aren’t to be sniffed at. I find the Big Guns Never Tire very situational as you’re staying still with what is effectively a combat character. I’d be tempted to keep him on an objective with a scoring unit providing superior LD to the army and one turn of fire support. He’d be a great deterrent against outflanking units, chewing through a squad of Wolf Scouts on his own but maybe needing help with Snickrot and his friends.

Chaplain Dreadnought Titus
Chaplain of the Howling Griffon’s Chapter, he was destroyed fighting a rearguard action against the Executioners Chapter, allowing his Battle Brothers to escape
HQ Unit
Points: 2.05 Times the cost of a Company Captain.
Profile: Same as a Venerable Dreadnaught, +1 Attack.
Wargear: Dreadnaught Close Combat Weapon (With either Storm Bolter or Heavy Flamer), Lascannon or Assault Cannon, Extra Armour, Smoke Launcher, Searchlight.
Special Rules: Living Icon of the Chapter, Venerable, Litany of Hate

Living Icon of the Chapter
Every squad within 12” of him is Fearless.
While it can be a disadvantage, fearless can anchor a flank rather well, combine this with venerable, he’s be able to hold his own, with some support.

Litany of Hate
He can re-roll failed ‘to-hit’ rolls when he charges.
This makes him particularly handy for attacking vehicles and mitigates a weakness dreadnaughts have while in combat.

Final Thoughts

As I stated previously, he could certainly anchor a flank with the fearless and makes a great counter assault unit. While the re-roll to hit diminishes one of the Dreadnaught’s greater weakness in combat, he is still slow and vulnerable to dedicated anti tank fire.

Captain Corien Sumatris
The Tyrant’s Champion, Captain of the Astral Claw’s Second Company. He was rumoured to be a member of the Tiger Claws chapter, which supposedly merged with the Astral Claws long before the start of the Badab War. He slew the previous Champion in a particularly bloody duel, a soldier who was the right hand of Huron himself. Thought dead at the end of the war, his body was never found, raising fears he is still fighting with his master.

Points: 1.65 Company Captains
Profile: +1 WS over a Company Captain
Wargear: Power Armour, Storm Shield, Spectre Pattern Bolter, Goldenfang, Digital Weapons, Frag and Krak grenades.
Special Rules: ATSKNF, Combat Tactics, Independent Character, The Tyrant’s Champion
Spectre Pattern Bolter:
An Assault 2 Bolt Pistol.
A nice addition for an assault character.
Master Crafted Power Weapon that confers two extra attacks when charging.
Again, nice, not a cookie cutter relic blade which everyone and their mother had these days, but not that powerful until you take into account the next rule

The Tyrant’s Champion
Furious Charge is conferred to both him and the squad he’s with. In addition all Codex Space Marine units (Not independent Characters) within 12″ of him have +1 WS.
Well then, here’s the meat of Sumatris. Hell, I’d pay 65 points to give this rule to a bog standard company champion. Aim at the densest part of the enemy with a few squads and pull the trigger!

Final thoughts:
This guy is well worth his points, I can see him easily rocking out of a Land Raider with some TH/SS Terminators. He is an excellent force multiplier for any squad, build a battle line around this guy or the counterattack element of your force and you won’t go wrong.

Armenneus Valthex
In the Grim Dark Future there is only….Mechadendrites?

‘The Alchemancer’ and Patriarch of the Forges of the Astral Claws. As Huron’s Chief Techmarine, Armenneus oversaw the logistics of supplying an ever increasing army of space marines and millitia. While his forges could not produce many of the more advanced weapons used, they were more than capable of meeting the demands of simpler items from the humble bolter to Rhinos and Leman Russ Battle Tanks. He carried his Lord’s body into the Maelstrom after the Siege of Badab.

Cost: 1.45 Company Captains 
Profile: Master of the Forge, +1 Attack 
Wargear: Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol, Conversion Beamer, Indynabula Array, Frag and Krak GrenadesSpecial Rules: ATSKNF, Combat Tactics, IC, Battle Alchemistry, Blessings of the Omnissiah, Bolster Defenses, Lord of the Armoury.

Indynabula Array
Counts as being armed with two power weapons (Additional attacks added to profile), he has the counter attack USR, a 5+ Inv. save and a re-roll on the blessings of the Omnissiah.
This gives him a degree of survivability over normal Master of the Forges but not much. The Blessing of the Omnissiah is still on a 5+.

Battle Alchemistry
Gives one squad the ability to upgrade their Bolt Pistols, Boltguns or Storm Bolters to have the Poisoned (2+) ability.
This makes shooty terminators almost useable or just give it to a Tactical Squad to make them mini Sternguard. Note it’s one -not all- of the list.

Final Thoughts:
I’d really like to have him sitting in a 10 man terminator squad with two assault cannons (Or Cyclones because they look cooler!) in base contact with a Rifleman dread in a fortified (3+ cover save) ruin. Shifting that core is no mean feat. He’s definitely a support character, sitting back and blasting away with his beamer but realistically he’ll be in a dev squad as addition fire support while he gives is poison to a tactical squad.

Lieutenant Commander Anton NearvaezThought I’d drop in some old-school right about now.

The Master Locum of the Marines Errant. The Marines Errant seem the be GW’s whipping boy chapter, they never seem to be winning, at all, ever. The only reason this guy is still alive at the end of the Badab War was because his ship, the Star Jackal, took a hiding from some Astral Claws. It was too slow to keep up with the rest of the High Command, who in turn were ambushed by some Mantis Warriors and slain to a man. Being the only Captain left, he was made de-facto Chapter Master. Everyone else was either dead or in stasis.

HQ Unit.
Points: 1.35 Company Captains
Profile: -1 Wound, -1 WS, From a Company Captain.
Wargear: Power Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Thundershock, Actinic Halo, Frag and Krak Grenades
Special Rules: ATSKNF, Combat Tactics, Independent Character, Dark Void Elite.

A master Crafted Plasma-Gun.
A BS 5 Plasma gun is handy to have.

Actinic Halo
Confers a 3+ Inv. Save, but if it’s failed, roll a D6, on a 4+ it continues to work, roll a 1-3 and it cannot be used for the rest of the battle.
A toned down shadow field for the man with only two wounds. I like change up in the concept and the rules are different but it’s just not that great. 
Dark Void Elite
Anton and his squad get Scout and Move Through Cover and Void Hardened Armour (Only usable in games of Boarding Assault, more on that later)
This opens up the game for some fairly funny things such as Scouting terminators in Land Raiders and Scouting Vanguard Veterans in Rhinos. This really shines in games of Boarding Assault.

Final thoughts:
I really can’t shake the feeling that this guy is just an upgraded sergeant, which in all fairness is fairly loyal to his background. I would only take him if I was doing a Marines Errant themed army and even at that he’s not got a lot of use. I’d end up sticking him in a tactical squad in the back field, use him as a wound soak and a reliable Plasma carrier. He really shines in games of Boarding Assault where Void Hardened armour is a great bonus and Scout and Move Through Cover are extremely valuable.

Magister Sevrin Loth
I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome this armour is.
This. This is the marine Tigerius wishes he could be. The Chief Librarian of the Red Scorpions, also called the Witch-Bane. Unusually for librarians, he would rather be in the crucible of battle than meditating on aspects of the Warp. He is often accompanied by a group of Honour Guard, normally reserved for Chapter Masters. They keep him from being overwhelmed, but he doesn’t notice, he’s too busy purging xenos and murdering heretics. He is one word: Badass. He could be found wherever Commander Culln was, offering his sage advice to the new Lord Commander and fighting in the thickest battles. He survives the Badab War.

HQ Unit.
Points: 2.05 Company Captains
Profile: Same as a Librarian’s, +1 WS.
Wargear: The Armour of Selket, Force Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Frag and Krak Grenades
Special Rules: Fearless, Combat Tactics, Independent Character, Master Psyker

Master Psyker:
Can use three Psychic powers a turn, but not the same once more than once. He can choose out of the following: Smite, Machine Curse, The Avenger, Quickening, Null Zone and Vortex of Doom

The Armor Of Selket
Confers an armour save of 2+, but he may use a psychic power to make this a 2+ invulnerable save, which canont be stopped by a Psychic Hood. This lasts until the controlling player’s next turn.
Bam. Dark Eldar, you can take your shadowfield back from whence you came, we have the best bit of protective wargear right here.

Final Thoughts:
This guy is pretty dam good. The 2+ inv save, the psychic hood, (Everyone has psychic powers these days!) access to all the good powers, fearless, decent combat stats and did I mention the 2+ inv save? His one real weakness is lack of eternal warrior but most things will probably be dead once he’s done with them.

This concludes the first part on the Badab War series. Part two will come shortly with notes on the Campaign, ‘The Tyrant’s Legion’ army list and the remaining characters.

Please comment below with any comments and constructive criticism.
Thanks for reading!

Painting Competition

It’s Competition time folks!

The Warheads in association with Gamers World are running a painting competition.

It will hopefully end up being a quaterly event with Categories verying from single model to Duels and tanks. But for our inaugural event we have the Small Base Painting Competition, the rules are as follows:

The Categories:

  • Warhammer 40,000: Any Single model on a 25mm Base.
  • Warhammer Fantasy Battle: Any Single model on a 20 or 25 mm base
  • Hordes and Warmachine: Any Single model on a ‘small’ base size.
  • Open: Any other games system with a base of appropriate size

The rules:

  • All entrants must be in by the 31st of July.
  • Entries can be emailed to painting(at)onthestep(dot)net; this must consist of: two (2) photos of the model, and your real name.
  • Voting will occur from the 1st of August to midnight on the 7th of August
  • Voting will be via a poll on OntheStep.net, a forum account will be required.
  • Voting will be blind- as in you’ll see the model but not who painted it until the results!
  • Winners will be announced on OntheStep.net and in Gamers World

Other notes:
I will be available to take photos of models on most Thursdays if you do not have a suitable camera. Send me a message either here or to painting(at)onthestep(dot)net to arrange a time.

Registering on the forum will take no more than 5 minutes.

You may enter multiple categories- it’s actually reccommended!

I look forward to seeing the entrants and good luck to you all!

Dark Angels are back?

So I have been getting a lot of texts about the new DA FAQ and it has been discussed both on this site and others that maybe just maybe there is now the potential to make them work.

If you are interested in seeing what I have to say on the codex overall please read my Primer as posted here several months ago.

Lets see. The FAQ has fixed TH/SS issues, made the Apoth give his unit Fnp instead of the old rule, given us the Heavy 2 Cyclone and brought the PotmS and Smoke up to regulations.

Is this a really big deal? I don’t really think so.

Any army must have a certain number of things to make it work. The most obvious of these is the ability to shoot and the ability to assault. With DW these abilities IMO must be present in each squad or any opponent worth his salt, will merely shoot the assaulty stuff and assault the shooty stuff. I have agonised over the inclusion or removal of Chain Fists in each squad long enough to realise that it is a necessity.

Each squad should also have these things as they are the core of your army; with the base cost of 215 points for 5 lads, you don’t have the options that might otherwise be available to you.

The first reaction I had was to see how many TH/SS guys I can get on the pitch.

Belial; TH/SS
Command Squad; 5 X TH/SS, 1 Cyclone, Apoth.
5 X DW Squad; 5 X TH/SS, 1 Cyclone.

This leaves you with enough for 2 Speeders or a Chaplain/Libby.

Problems here are mainly due to a lack of S8 + and it is very slow, even with DW assault., Which I would be nervous about without Homers.

Lets spark this up somewhat and see what I would deem better. My main focus here will be on making each unit more diverse while also allowing for wound allocation, which when you have 30 figs, is your friend.

Belial; Claws.
Chaplain; Combi-Melta.
Command Squad; Apoth TH/SS, Cyclone TH/SS, Srg TH/SS, SB/CF, TLC
5 X DW Squads; TLC, TH/SS, Srg TH/SS, Cyclone SB/PF, SB/CF.

Even this doesn’t really do it for me. I think that they are too Swiss Army Knife, mainly because there are 5 squads.

Stormy sent me this list earlier today:

Belial; Claws
Command; Cyclone, SB/CF, 4 TH/SS
3 X DW Squads; 5 X TH/SS, 1 Cyclone
2 Speeders; M Melta, H. Flamer
2 Speeders; M Melta, H. Flamer
1 Speeder; M Melta, H. Flamer
Godraider, Extra Armour.

This could work, but the speeders are not reliable and the army lacks S8 +, with a single CF and the two Lascannons, the fact that it is a Godhammer means will also not be played as aggressively as it needs to be.Also the God Raider only has capacity for 10 models so Belial will be walking with the others.

My army from 3 Warpcons ago seems to have most of the pieces I think might be needed.

Belial; Claws
Command; Banner TH/SS, Srg TH/SS, Apoth TLC, H. Flamer/CF, TH/SS.
2 X DW Squads; Srg TH/SS, Cyclone TH/SS, SB/CF, TH/SS, TLC.
2 X Ven Dread, Lascannon/Missile Launcher
Ven Dread; Auto Cannon, H Flamer, Extra Armour.
Land Raider Crusader; Extra Armour.
Speeder, M Melta, H. Flamer.

Having said all this, I think that the addition of one or two extra TH/SS into my most recent Raven Death list would prob be the best as it will give the army the speed it needs while bringing in more Melta and Sammy on his Speeder.

Belial; TLC
Samael; Speeder
DW Command, Apoth TLC, Srg SB/PW, Ass Cannon/PF, SB/CF, TH/SS.
2 X DW Squads; TLC, Srg SB/PW, Cyclone SB/PF, SB/CF, TH/SS.
RW Command; Srg PF, Apoth Plasma, Plasma, Attack Bike M Melta.
RW Squad; Srg PF, 2 X Melta, Attack Bike M Melta.
Speeder; M Melta, Ass Cannon
Speeder; M Melta, Ass Cannon

The later would be my preference in terms of play style and competition. I know that others will disagree. I would like to try out the first list with all the TH/SS and I’m sure it will make an appearance.

I may have to start playing these lads again as it could be that my best general is in jeopardy once people realise what these lads are capable of.

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