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“The pre orders are out on them along with the experimental rules. They are interesting, although a bit fragile the spectres can offer you a range 60 str 10 lance at full strength. Glancing land raiders on 2’s. And the Hunter is pretty much a flying D-Cannon which can also be a flame tank of ap 2 and wounding on 2’s….. ouch! Makes it anti tank and anti infantry, wouldn’t mind having 1 or 2 of them.

[Ed: The model above is a Warp Hunter. The other featured pre-order is the Shadow Spectre Aspect Warriors, with their experimental rules here.]
Some great looking shots as always from Forge World. A couple more pictures after the break, as well as the announcement email from Forgeworld themselves.

The Relevant sections from Forgeworld Newsletter #263

Shadow Spectres Aspect Warrior Squad
Shadow Spectres Aspect Warriors Squad
Disguised behind shimmering holo-fields, draped with gossamer-thin robes and appearing like ghosts, the Shadow Spectres are armed with prism rifles, each a potent anti-tank weapon. Their jet pack mobility allows them to hunt down their chosen targets with the implacable patience of the dead, materialising seemingly from the very air to unleash their overwhelming firepower.
Believed long lost by the Eldar’s Seers, this detailed full resin kit, sculpted by Simon Egan, contains 5 of these mysterious and deadly Aspect Warriors.Experimental rules for the Shadow Spectres Aspect Warriors are available to download from the Forge World website, taken from the desk of Imperial Armour writer Warwick Kinrade.
The full story of the discovery of the Shadow Spectres will be featured in Imperial Armour Volume 11: The Doom of Mymeara, released later this year.
Warp Hunter Grav Tank
Eldar Warp Hunter
The Warp Hunter, perhaps the rarest of Eldar tanks, sacrifices the transport capacity of the Falcon chassis to mount the terrifying firepower of a large D-Cannon, a weapon capable of tearing open the very fabric of reality and engulfing its target in the dark energies of the Warp.
This complete resin and plastic kit, sculpted by
Stuart Williamson, adds additional mobile heavy firepower to an Eldar army.

The Warp Hunter will be fully detailed in the forthcoming Imperial Armour Volume 11: The Doom of Mymeara, but in advance of this we’ve managed to secure experimental rules for the Warp Hunter from Warwick Kinrade’s manuscript as a free download.
Both the Shadow Spectres Aspect Warrior Squad and the Warp Hunter Grav Tank are available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing the 24th of January.