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An Ultra-Cheap Bolt Action Army

Allow me to present a thousand point Bolt Action list for the poverty stricken!

Bolt Action is a great 28mm World War 2 game from Warlord Games and one that our gaming group have decided to jump straight into. We love it!  It’s nice and dynamic, quick to play and a really good change from the I go, You go of a lot of other games.

You’ve heard good things about it, right? You want to get involved but the children, wife and cat must be fed, the bills must paid and you cannot start another system…! Right? Well, that need not be true. One can get a decent 1000 point force for very minimal outlay. Warlord Games do excellent starter sets for the main belligerents for €85. They get you all the plastic troops you will ever need, a tank and a second vehicle, anti-tank gun or howitzer and some support weapons. This single purchase can be used to form the basis of your entire collection or, indeed, it could be your only purchase.

But wait, €85 is still too much, you say. Well, there are other options…. Perry Miniatures produce a plastic Afrika Korps box and a plastic Desert Rats box. These boxes come in at around €22 and contain 38 of the highest quality miniatures and all the bases you need. Let’s have a look at what kind of list we can make out of the Das Afrika Korps box to start.  Our gaming group is using the 1000 point, 12 dice limit of the latest Warlord Tournament Guidelines so that makes list design pretty simple

No matter what you do, you can’t jolly up a swastika.

First thing we need is a leader: We’re going to go with a Veteran Second Lieutenant and give him one extra guy.  This give him an ablative wound but keeps him as a small unit for the +1 to hit them.  This comes to 78 points.
So points spent: 78 Order Dice: 1
Bolt Action is primarily an infantry skirmish game so it’s the poor bloody infantry that do most of the fighting.  BA is also very suited to multiple small units but because of our 12 dice limit we are restricted a little in this so we’re going to go with four squads of medium size with a mix of experience levels depending on their roles.
Our first squad will be a work horse squad, they will have a close combat bent and will be expected to find the enemy and take objectives etc. We’re going to go with 8 Veteran guys with 5 SMGs and antitank grenades which come to 135 points for a nice hard hitting close range squad.  We like symmetry in our lists so we’re going to do this twice.
Points spent: 348 Order Dice: 3
We’re going to need some units to put pin markers on things to allow our forward element to advance, to that end, we’re going to build some nice base of fire squads.  They’re not likely to be quite as much in the thick of it and they’ll taking advantage of any buildings or other cover about so we’re going to go with Regular troops. This squad is all about hunkering down and putting a pin on something so we’re go with a bare minimum 5 guys with a LMG and one SMG.  This comes to 73 points and again we’re going to take two of these.
Points spent: 494Order dice: 5
Next we need some support for our infantry.  Killing tanks is something that we’re going to have to consider.  We’re going to be low on high AT value weapons so we are going to take a Forward Air Observer.  This can be a bit dicey but the fact that we have no tanks ourselves to suffer from any unlucky friendly fire means we think it’s a good bet.  We’re going to take a Regular FAO and give him one guy to keep to him company.  That’s 75 points and will kill the opponent’s precious tank stone dead if it gets the chance.
Points spent: 569Order dice: 6

Next we’re going to take a Light Mortar and Medium Machine Gun.  The Light Mortar mightn’t be the best unit in our book and, frankly, we’d prefer a medium mortar but a little bit of indirect HE is still not to be sniffed at.  The MMG is better and taking advantage of the ‘Hitler’s Buzzsaw’ special rule we’ll enjoy an extra shot. We’re going to make them Veteran to keep them in the fight as we intend getting these up in support rather than having them sit on the back edge.  Another 111 points gone.
Points spent: 680  Order dice: 8
Now we’re going to take a Regular Sniper and a Medic with friend.  The Sniper is solid gold.  He gets +2 to hit, ignores cover and we’ll be choosing the victims of all his wounds.  We love him.  We’ll make him regular as he’ll definitely be hiding somewhere.  The medic will save a wounded guy in any unit within 6 inches on a 6 and is basically the cheapest order die we can get – sign him up!
Points spent: 768  Order dice: 10.
We’re going to take an Anti Tank rifle team now.  You may think this is rubbish… but you are wrong.  With its +2 pen is can put a pin on vehicle, kill soft skins and at 39 points for Veteran is a steal.
Points spent: 807 Order dice: 11
Now, if we’re honest, at this stage we’d probably take a tank, armoured car, howitzer or something else tasty. Because of our budgetary constraints, we can’t do that, so what we’re going to do is go back and add a fifth infantry platoon.  This may not be a bad option as tanks can be white elephants in BA and it really is infantry that wins the game. We going to go the whole hog with this squad– 10 Veteran guys with 2 LMGs, an SMG and antitank grenades.
Points spent: 1000Order dice: 12
So there we have it, a 1000 point, 12 dice list. Now granted we’ve hit 51 infantry models but we’re pretty confident that you’re going to able to find a friend who’ll split a second Perry DAK box with you. All done then for a fraction over €22!  Is the list perfect and fully optimised? No.  Will it be fun to play and have a decent chance in the 12 dice limit environment?  Yes.  The great thing about the above list is that the addition of just one or two units would make it very effective –  a medium mortar, an armoured car or maybe a decent tank but you have the core of a good list that’s playable right out of the box. 

Next time we’ll see if we can perform a similar trick with the Perry Miniatures Desert Rats box. 

Warheads: The Podcast (Episode 001)

Following on from such innovations as penicillin, democracy and armoured warfare, we’ve decided to make the world a better place by producing our very own Warheads podcast. It turned out to be relatively straightforward, stick four friends in a quiet corner of the pub and add one recording device.

I enclose an actual contents list but to summarise, we discuss Bolt Action, Flames of War, the peculiarities of Irish wargaming and bicker relentlessly. We’ve also noticed that the background noise tends to pick up whenever Floody speaks, as if the universe itself wishes to silence the opinions of our worst cheese-monger. Our only concession to our listener (hi, John) is to keep it under an hour in length.

00:00- Our presenters introduce themselves and our listener(s) are aurally assaulted by our theme song.

02:18- Operation Encore: an introduction to Irish tournaments, the Madagascar theory of meta-gaming.
06:48- List Discussions: God bless and help you, King Tigers.
12:45- Day 1 AAR: grace in defeat is a foreign concept.
25:06- Day 2 AAR: chasing your own tail and the perils of the Swiss system.
35:16- Hobby Shack Preview: how not to alienate new players and make friends.
39:54- General FoW Chatter: the dreaded comp, tournament missions, general squabbling.
47:10- Bolt Action Chatter: The pedigree of the game and the strange concept of “fun”.

You can have a listen here. I can only you enjoy it as much as we did.


Tank Aces Campaign: Rounds 3 and 4

We’ve finished our Tank Aces campaign and I’d like to thank our players for making the event a success. I expected eight, hoped for ten and got fifteen players. We’ll be returning to regular Flames of War for a little while to give our new players a chance to experience the joys of infantry, artillery and air power. Those who have encountered the Big Cats are quite pleased by the prospect.
Before we discuss the finale, let’s look at the third round results. The Germans needed to win two of the three areas to tie the campaign. The games were normal Flames of War games with rulebook missions, players were limited to using only tank teams.

Route A: Arracourt (Allied Victory, 2-0)

British tanks made their presence felt on the advance to Arracourt. Token German resistance failed to slow their drive as the Wehrmacht blocking forces were easily outflanked. As a heavy fog descended, they were poised to link up with their opposite numbers.

Route B: Nancy (Allied Victory, 1-1)

With the encirclement almost complete, German forces were fleeing Nancy as quickly as possible. The Americans occupied the town without major fighting as the enemy managed to extract their troops from the doomed town in good order. Efforts to overtake the fleeing Germans were hampered by the heavy fog but the last German strongpoint before the Ruhr was liberated.

Route C: Luneville (Allied Victory, 1-1)

To the east of Nancy, the Axis defenders along Route C continued their efforts, slowing the Allies advance and falling back in good order. Over the course of the entire operation, they were the only formations to achieve any measure of success. Although in constant retreat, they managed a steady series of tactical successes which bled their opposite numbers.

After Round 3

Allied Campaign Points:15

Axis Campaign Points: 3 

It’s a real long shot for the Germans going into the final round. Normally, one mega-battle is played at the end of the campaign but due to player numbers, we’ve had to run two. Not exactly the worst problem to have. The final clashes of the campaign were compressed into two small sectors of the line as the Allied attempt to pinch off the fleeing German forces. The three routes have converged on one critical point, the last major road out of the region.

The premise of the mission is that all the remaining forces have collided in the thick fog and both sides are scattered to all hell. Friendly and hostile tanks find themselves in the middle of the enemy and a grand melee ensues. The winning side gets campaign points equal to the difference in scores.
The larger battle, this is the southern pincer.
The smaller battle, this is the northern pincer.

The first game was (as expected) a stalemate with the Allies winning 17-16. The southern pincer have reached their final objective after days of cagey defending by the Axis. Clearly, they used up all their luck in the long retreat. This left the Germans a full 13 campaign points behind the Allies. It would take a miracle to retrieve the situation.

The second game saw a near-miracle. The Allies suffered an enormous defeat as an invulnerable King Tiger and a pair of Jadgpanthers destroyed entire platoons of Shermans and M10s. The final score was a shocking 14-5 Axis victory. Not enough to win but enough to add some balance to the final tally of campaign points.

(Note: The German heavy armour ran riot in this game, aggravated by the scenario deployment. If you’re planning to run a Tank Aces campaign, I suggest some house rules preventing the Tank Aces from manning a King Tiger in the final battle. This one was RoF 3 on the move, rerolled a missed shot each turn and was RoF 4 standing still. To make things worse, it regenerated when killed.)

Final Total

Allied Campaign Points:16

Axis Campaign Points: 12 

So, it’s a major Allied victory but the result was far closer than expected and the Allies fell short of their historical performance. Here’s a few shots of the final night.
Canadian Shermans trundle onto the battlefield.
Panzer IVs brew up after being caught in a deadly ambush.
Commander Von Catsup expresses his displeasure.
A King Tiger begins encroaching on the Allied positions.
Shermans and StuGs prepare for a knife fight.
Battered Canadians fight on.
The Germans take their revenge on the sneakier Allied commanders.
Another slugfest develops as tanks blaze away through the wheat.
The rare Albino Sherman is fielded for the first time.
The last gasps of the ill-fated northern pincer.

Tank Aces Campaign: Round 2

We’ve now played Round 2 of the campaign. We’re pretty happy to have reached fourteen players thus far, that’s a lot higher than expected. The later games were marked by some hideous kill counts on the part of King Tigers but the Allies have still stretched their advantage to three points and go into the second last round with a solid lead.

The nature of the system means that an Axis victory next week will even the scores but the boys in olive green have to be feeling confident.

Allied Campaign Points: 6

Axis Campaign Points: 3

Route A: Chambrey  (Allied Victory, 5-2)

The Allied tanks roll on Chambrey, unopposed.

 After their success in the first days of the operation, the German units defending Chambrey receive special attention from the USAAF. The ceaseless air attacks cause the German supply lines to suffer fatal disruptions. To add to their woes, the Americans manage to cobble together yet another offensive along the road to Chambrey. After three hours of fighting, the Germans run critically low on fuel and ammunition. They can do little to stop the Allied push on Chambrey. The village is surrounded and taken without a fight. German forces west of Nancy are now in total disarray and have fallen back on Arracourt for what may be their final stand.

Route B: Dombasle (Allied Victory, 3-3)

American troops threaten Nancy itself.

 Dombasle saw another meat-grinder of a battle as both sides committed their reserves to the central front. Their bloody, but steady, push into Dombasle saw the Allies threaten the final supply route to German forces in Nancy. The High Command grants permission to withdraw and the Nancy garrison begins to evacuate along the only remaining open route, the road past Luneville and Arracourt. Several blocking forces are ordered to delay the Americans and buy the divisions time to make their escape. Can they prevent the fleeing troops from being overrun or will the Americans finally make a clean break-through against the rapidly diminishing opposition?

Route C: Mont (Axis Victory, 4-1)

American airpower encourages a quick withdrawal from Mont.

 The heavy fighting at Boinville should have engendered a certain caution in the Allies but news of their successes to the west caused the commanders to grow reckless. Trusting in superior numbers and their reconnaissance units, the US formations were completely mauled by an unseen counter-attack, just outside the village of Mont. With the fate of their brethren in Chambrey as a harrowing example, the Germans have quickly pulled back to Luneville under the cover of their remaining AA assets. Their goal now is to keep the corridor open for the Nancy garrison.

(Note: Allied players win drawn areas.)

Generals Table
Name XP Kills
Ludwig Von Waffenbak 23 5
Franz Dur Himmler 15 4
Johann Johann 13 8
Heinz von Catsup 16 3
Wolfram Blitzen 19 4
Fraulein Nizentiet 16 4
John Frost 17 3
Baz Von Nizchol 13 2
Henri Hande 12 3
Hulk Washington 18 2
Zhukov Lostski 18 1
Brad Chadworthy 15 3
Billy Canuck 12 0
Buster Gonads 16 1

Here, we see a lovely (but not very rare) shot of the common or “burning” M4 Sherman.
The first StuG into the woods acts as a warning to the others as it blunders into a hidden ditch.
A terminally brave British commander pops a StuG. Panthers traverse their turrets to eliminate the plucky blighter.
Those verdamkned M-18s show up everywhere, even in a Tank Aces campaign
This specimen eyes a burnt-out Panther and ponders its next move.
Another flanking maneuver goes very wrong as a StuG burns.
A lone Firefly plays hide and seek. It did not end well.
The pretty and reluctant Panthers come out to play.
They really are very pretty. Look at them.
The lost Russian T-34 company continues to bumble around.
Burning Sherman #283
A typical tank melee, lots of short range kills.
Shermans manage to swarm over the Panthers.
Many are lost to the big guns.

But enough survive to kill the last Panther and claim a win.

The Allied players note the appearance of the dreaded King Tigers.
The British turn on each other in a friendly fire incident.
After clashing with the King Tiger, the clever Americans run for it.
Using their speed to swarm the rest of the King Tiger’s force.

Regrettably, there will be no blog post for the third week but we’ll return in a fortnight with details of the fourth round and final grand battle.

Tank Aces Campaign: Round 1

We’ve just held Round 1 of our Tank Aces campaign in Gamer’s World, Dublin.With no real history of Flames of War events until now, we were curious to see what kind of attendance we’d see. We knew we’d have our six club FoW players, regardless, but were delighted to gain six brand new players. The faction split was heavily in favour of the Axis, so I switched to an Allied army. Goodbye, sweet Fearless Trained King Tigers, we’ll meet again. I swear it.

The map above shows that the historical operation was planned as a double encirclement of the French town, Nancy. Our campaign will last four weeks, with a series of battles based on three separate routes. Route A is set in the northern sector, representing a long hook by the CCA around Nancy towards Arracourt. Route B is the direct attack by the CCB on Nancy, resulting in the close encirclement of the town. Route C is the southern flanking effort by the CCR, they sought to link up with the attackers on Route A by reaching Luneville, just east of Arracourt. As matters stand, they’re making good progress.

Allied Campaign Points: 2

Axis Campaign Points: 1

Route A: Dieulouard (Axis Victory, 3-0)
Combat Command A take heavy losses while breaking out of their bridgehead.

The Allies had established a small beachhead on the far shore of the Moselle, in preparation for the offensive. Tanks, fuel and ammunition were transferred to the forces massing in the region. On the 18th of September, their engines roared as the main column pushed east. Within minutes, the attack ground to a halt as the lead tanks were devastated by concealed tank hunters. A slow, careful push managed to carry the Shermans out of the killing zone only to find themselves ambushed once more as they attempted to flank their attackers. The losses suffered as they seized the main road to Chambrey were heavy but they simply foreshadowed several terrible days of fierce counter-attacks and crafty ambushes that slowed the Allied advance in the sector to a crawl.

The Moselle River (Allied Victory, 3-1)
Under the guns of the tanks, the divisional engineers force a crossing at the Moselle river.

Scratch German formations attempted to hold the Bayon Canal, which represented the easiest crossing point in the area of operations. Despite the best efforts of the defenders, they were quickly suppressed by the weight of incoming fire. The Allies succeeded in bridging the canal quickly and troops began pouring across. By September 20, several intact bridges had fallen into American hands. The German garrisons along the canal found themselves encircled and trapped. With no hope of relief, they surrendered en-masse. Sparing no time, the Allies pushed on to assault Dombasle, a small town directly east of Nancy.

Boinville-Aux-Miroirs (Allied Victory, 3-3)
The battle for Boinville was exceptionally heavy. This aerial image shows multiple burning tank formations.

Despite being seen by both sides as the least critical sector, the battles around the small village of Boinville-Aux-Miroirs were the largest clashes, in both tanks committed and casualties sustained. The bloody nature of the battle was a consequence of local weather conditions. With a thick fog concealing movement, the battle degenerated into a confused melee. Both sides blundered into each other’s lines, friendly and hostile formations became inter-mixed and tanks fought at point-blank ranges. After two days of chaos, reinforcements shifted the balance against the defenders. Acknowledging the change in their fortunes, the Germans executed a successful withdrawal to Mont and the Allied units cautiously followed.

(Note: Allied players win drawn areas.)

Generals Table
Name XP Kills
Ludwig Von Waffenbak 9 2
Franz Dur Himmler 10 2
Johann Johann 8 2
Heinz von Catsup 10 2
Wolfram Blitzen 12 2
Baz Von Nizchol 5 2
Henri Hande 6 3
Hulk Washington 11 1
Zhukov Lostski 5 1
Brad Chadworthy 6 2
Billy Canuck 5
Lord Nosediver

Some random shots from the night, I’ll remember to take more pictures next week, the combined burden of rules, playing and paperwork distracted me from this critical task. It will not happen again.

Invasion of the Bunnies: Flames of War at the UK Games Expo

Dublin is 53.3428° N latititude.  This explains the daylight at 4:30 a.m. on Sunday, May 27th.

Three Warheads travelled to the U.K. Games Expo in Birmingham to participate in the Flames of War tournament.  Veterans of league and club play this was, nevertheless, their first Flames of War tournament.  Would the lack of experience be their doom?

The trio arrived in Birmingham at 7:30 a.m. and made it to the venue an hour before the scheduled start of game one.  This gave them time to wander around and check out the vendor stalls. 

The venue
The tournament was held at the Clarendon Suites in Birmingham which is also an active Masonic Lodge.  James “Hammy” Hamilton organized the tournament and it was a flawlessly run affair.

Their lists
The tournament was 1500 points, Late War.  Ulick brought a fortified Sturmkompanie.  Brian took a Soviet Forward Detachment that was heavy in T34/85s and IS-2s.  Baz took the Ryanair of Airborne troops: Glider Infantry with lots of artillery support.

Game 1
The mission was “Dust Up” a so-called Fair Fight mission.  Rather than following the Armor attacks Mechanized attacks Infantry sequence, Fair Fights require players to roll-off to determine the attacker.  The victory conditions also require both players to attack into the enemy’s deployment area.  This is not a mission that suited Baz and Ulick.  Baz scored a draw, 3-1 in his favor, against German SS with StuGs and Panther Warrior Barkmann.  Ulick fended off his opponent for the draw but lost his reserves so the score went 1-3 against him.  Brian, on the other hand, was able to start with 9 T34/85s and 3 IS-2s approximately 16″ away from an objective and seized a win on Turn 4, 5-2.

Game 2

The next mission was “Hold the Line” which is played the length of the table rather than across the width.  The attacker starts with his entire force on the table and the defender must “Hold the Line” with half his forces until reserves arrive.  However,  the one boon for the defender is that this mission allows up to two defending platoons to be placed in ambush.  This had drastic consequences for Brian.  Ambushing Hornisse tank killers wiped out his precious IS-2s with one round of shooting.  The remaining T-34/85s were able to mete out some punishment but the game went against him 3-4.  Baz drew a short straw and faced an infantry list.  He then “won” the roll-off which placed him in the roll of attacker.  After a long game the referee called time at the end of Turn 4.  The score went 2-5 against him in game that would have gone his way had it reached Turn 5.  Ulick’s fortified infantry was the bright spot for the Warheads in the second round.  He faced a Soviet Light Self-Propelled Artillery Regiment.  After six turns of shelling the Soviets were unable to dislodge his troops from the objective and Ulick earned a 6-1 victory.  Pints were had and Brian contemplated the loss of his IS-2s.

Game 3
If the second mission favored the defender the last mission gave the attacking player the chance to get stuck-in quickly.  Typically, objective placement in this mission requires that the defender hold objectives on opposite ends of the table.  A mobile force can quickly concentrate on one objective and go for an early win.  This suited Brian’s list.  His Spetsnaz recon allowed 9 T-34/85s to infilitrate into enemy territory and lucky reserve rolls saw the IS-2s arrive on the first turn.  6-1 to the Forward Detachment.  Baz and Ulick both defended.  Neither of their opponents were able to bring enough to bear and the two earned wins, 5-2 and 6-1, respectively. 
This wrapped up the tournament.  In Battle Points Brian tied for 3rd, Ulick took 4th and Baz rounded out the top 5.  However, Ulick won “Best Sport” and jumped Brian to take 3rd overall.  Well done Warhead Ulick on a podium finish in your first Flames of War tournament. 

The trio headed back to the airport and made it home by midnight.  It was a long day but a great experience.  For €57 return the three stalwart Warheads travelled to Birmingham.  The U.K. has a steady stream of Flames of War tournaments so stay tuned for more tournament reports.

The War on Two Fronts

So the North Down Gamer’s Hub up in Northern Ireland has run a couple of ranking tournaments recently for both Warhammer 40,000 and WHFB. We decided to catch up with Tom O’Reilly from Unite All Action to see what makes the North Down Gamers tick. Below we’ve included a few shots from last weekend’s tournament as well where Chris Britton (Warheads) grabbed first place and David McHugh (Warheads) nabbed third with their Grey Knights and Orks respectively.

3rd Place David ‘Jiggy’ McHugh (on the right) with Team Northern Ireland Captain Jonny Fisher (left).

Tournament winner Chris’ Grey Knights dominated the day.


We caught up with tournament organiser and NDGH member Tom O’Reilly for a few questions after the event and interspersed it with some pretty pictures:

War Altar: Hi Tom, hope you’re not too exhausted after the weekend?

Tom O’Reilly: No still plenty of energy 😉

WA: This is the 2nd ranking event you (The North Down Gamer’s Hub) have run this year, will we be seeing more in the future?

TO’R: I think for us we are still trying to find our feet, but yes we hope to do regular events on a monthly basis.

#David Attenborough voice: “The…wild Ork stalks a Rhino as its prey. A feast of this magnitude will surely get his Ork mistress off his back for at least an hour and a half.”

WA: This was a real club effort to get these events off the ground but some good advertising and smoothly run events seem to draw a returning crowd, what made your club want to get into running ranking events?

TO’R: Well that’s just that were not a gaming club as such, it’s mainly just a couple of guys that were inspired by other local events that we attended. And we thought we could do something very similar, and for me it was just an extension of my hobby.

The nibbles

WA: Once you start hitting numbers are the events going to become more than just one day or are one-day events what make running tournaments so plausible in quick succession?

TO’R: Ultimately you have to get the feeling on what gamers want, that’s first and foremost so 2 day tournaments is probably the way we will go at some stage, but like anything you can not take it for granted that you will be guaranteed to get people back.

North Down’s Michael Brough, a tough opponent with a great eye for painting. You may remember the name from his Sisters of Battle taking on my Imperial Guard way back during Round 1 of Q-Con last year.
 The trophies 

WA: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us Tom and congratulations on another well run event.
TO’R: That’s not a problem and we would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone that has made it so worthwhile to date, we certainly do the easy bit by organising the day to be as much fun as physically possible. But it’s the gamers out there locally that really do make it so worthwhile when you see them travelling as far as Dublin and Derry, to have a good day out, meeting new people and rolling some dice, after all that’s the number one rule; it’s all about having fun. So once again a big thank you to everyone.

“Hey can you guys tell me what way to the objective?”

 “Over there!”

Congratulations to Recent Warheads addition Pat came 5th with his Tyranids!

That’s all for this time folks thanks again to Tom for the brief interview and the photos and congratulations once again to everyone who attended especially tournament winner Chris (Warheads), 2nd place Jonny (NW) and 3rd place David (Warheads). Do take the time to visit the NDGH’s Facebook page and, if you haven’t already, the War Altar’s Facebook page =D

– Joey

All photos courtesy of NDGH, used with permission.

ETC Army Predictions

The Irish 40k team for the Border Shield and Six Nations teams have been announced. It’s exactly the team I would have chosen and represents the absolute best available. I assume the Nordies are suitably terrified by this year’s dream team.

1. Mike Tangney
2. Paul Quigley
3. Richard Flood
4. Jannick Rottgen
5. Alec Cornelius
6. Dan Ahern
7. Philip Johnston
8. Peter Scott

It is said that one should prepare to fight the next war, not the last war. Bollix to that. 
By looking carefully at the last war, you see how to win the next one. So, what should they bring? It’s pretty easy. Let’s look at the highest scoring lists from last year’s ETC.

Army Games Points/army AVG points/battle
Grey Knights 119 1329 11.1681
Witch Hunters 30 335 11.1667
Tau 6 66 11.0000
Dark Eldar 70 730 10.4286
Black Templars 46 473 10.2826
Eldar 83 842 10.1446
Blood Angels 130 1315 10.1154
Space Wolves 142 1436 10.1127
Chaos Space Marines 95 957 10.0737
Orks 131 1295 9.8855
Chaos Daemons 30 290 9.6667
Imperial Guard 130 1196 9.2000
Tyranids 66 590 8.9394
Space Marines 52 456 8.7692
Necrons 6 52 8.6667

Immediately, I strip out the Tau and Witch-hunters. The former are too small a sample, the latter no longer exist. This gives us seven codexes running ahead of the win-loss curve. I pick all of them.

There are five power armoured armies, Grey Knights, Black Templars, Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Chaos Space Marines. Both types of Eldar are in, Dark and Regular. That leaves one space which we all know has to be given to the Necrons.

With that list, we turn to the players. We’ve got six codexes which have obvious matches. Each of the below is the best in the country with their army and their armies are on the list. Let’s divide them out.

Necrons: Paul
Grey Knights: Floody
Eldar: Jannick
Dark Eldar: Alec
Space Wolves: Phil
Chaos: Peter

That leaves two players without armies and two armies to assign. Both Dan and Mike are strong players who have successfully played several codexes so this isn’t likely to prove difficult. I’d give Mike the Templars and Dan the Angels. No real reason for it apart from a sneaking suspicion that Dan has access to a Blood Angels army in Cork and the DGG have at least two or three Templar armies knocking about the club.

Black Templars: Mike
Blood Angels: Dan

We won’t be going into any detail as to the likely composition of those armies. But I suspect that the tournament veterans amongst us already have a few ideas. They might also wonder at the inclusion of the Dark Eldar, a codex which is proving a mite vulnerable of late. I’m including it on the assumption that it’s used as an early attacking list.

The team will also need Imperial Guard (Leafblower) and Eldar (Footdar) counter lists. Dark Eldar can deal with the latter, very well. I also suspect that we can find a Necron build that would make the Guard cry.

(Credit to http://etc2011-results.iis.cz/index.php for the stats.)

Flames of War League starting in April

Gamers World will be hosting a Flames of War escalation league, every Thursday evening in April.  Enlistments are now being accepted.  Battlefront has just released the Third Edition rules as well as new Late War books.  Now is the time to join!

The schedule is:
April 5: 1250 points
April 12: 1500 points
April 19: 1750 points
April 26: 1750 points

What armies can you use?
The league will use Late War books, and any up-to-date book or official .pdf is acceptable. 

What is the prize?
The immortality of GLORY.  As Sarpedon reminds us: “Death in ten thousand shapes hangs ever over our heads, and no man can elude him; therefore let us go forward and either win glory for ourselves, or yield it to another.”  The name of the general to emerge from the league with the best score will be immortalized on the Flames of War League perpetual plaque.

League participants will also vote on the Best Army and that winner will also live on forever named as a champion.

How do I join?
Sign up here! (note the  form below attesting to your fitness for service is not required but completing it could improve your chances of being selected for combat duty!).
Gamers World now stocks Zvezda and Plastic Soldier Company in addition to Battlefront miniatures.  Collecting a 1750 point army can be done for a pittance compared to other gaming systems.
What can I do to help?
The league needs terrain!  Flames of War is different from many other tabletop wargames in that it requires lots of terrain.  If you can contribute some terrain for league use you will be awarded with extra rations.

Newsflash: The Scarab Spring

Dark tidings from the North. It appears that following the overthrow of our good friends in Libya, the grim spectre of anarchy has reared its malformed head in our fair republic. We are receiving sketchy reports that the Dublin Games Guild has overthrown the benevolent rule of the Warheads and seized the title of “Best Irish 40K Club”. Faced with the fall of their only slightly tyrannical regime, Warhead supporters have responded calmly and reasonably, taking to the streets to express their mild concerns in a dignified manner.

And there is cause for concern, comrades, we have evidence that the DGG has formed a pact with the most unholy, trading their very souls for mere temporal power. Behold your new “President”, Quigley. Formerly of the fifth circle of hell itself. He will eat your babies.

The first act of the Quigley regime was the restoration of the Johnston Monarchy. This hapless fop, whose family fled with much of the treasury during the glorious revolution of 2010, has pledged to “return and trample those filthy peasants into the mire”. Expect mass starvation within weeks.

We also regret to report that Great Comrade Leader Joseph Cullen was cornered in a sewer while heroically hiding, captured through dastardly means involving a trail of Terminators leading out of the pipe and is now being displayed like an animal. Truly, this “Games Guild” are no more than modern day Huns. Their barbarism knows no bounds.

Several high ranking military officials from the former government have donned, frankly, shoddy disguises and are attempting to flee the country. Their absence has hastened the collapse of what will be remembered as a just era of unprecedented prosperity.

Some members of the old regime remain at large with the Comrade Minister for Internal Security having captured several unlucky tourists. He has sworn to keep executing hostages until the Great Leader is released or at least forced to wear a shirt.

Many documents have allegedly been captured detailing the Warheads’ involvement in gun running and human trafficking. Please, citizens, remember that these accusations are only half true. War Criminal Stowe can be seen below, frantically falsifying police reports.

 Although, it is said that an amnesty will be granted to lower-ranking Warheads, Comrade Minister for Communication has specifically been excluded from any such deal. From an unknown location, he released a statement declaring that the Warheads were still the No.1 Club and that he would beat his enemies with shoes.

These are the darkest of days, I hope some of us survive to see brighter, happier times. Sniff.

…………….. I’m sorry, it appears our studio is being …………… ow,ow, ow, stop hitting me, I’m not saying that ………………. ow, ow, ow, ow, okay, okay, I’ll say it ………….

Seriously, though, congratulations to the Dublin Games Guild. Your successes are noted and know we’ll be waiting in the wings to pounce. 😉

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