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Warheads Episode 17

I release this podcast under duress as my co-hosts relentlessly badger me about the importance of timely releases. Shame on them, they lack all understanding of the artistic process. We discuss our experiences in Derry/Londonderry/Doire, chat about our upcoming tournament (it’s tomorrow) and dole out patronising advice to our neighbours. My warnings of a great evil rising in the North go unheeded.

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Warheads Episode 16

Welcome to Episode 16,

We discuss the spate of Irish tournaments that have appeared since the last podcast, tease out the exact degree of villiany required to run an EW Strelk list, Baz reveals his Luddite tendencies and we deal with a discourteous listener. This is all punctuated by ranting and drinking.

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Warheads 015

Welcome to Episode 15.

After Brian talks us out of sending Battlefront a cease and desist, we chat about the Northern Team Tournament and commend the winners on their affable natures, undeniable skills and stunning physical attractiveness (except Baz, the troll-beast). We rue the effect of the “chain of gouging” on tournaments in the Republic. We reflect on our epic game of Epic and the importance of a robust ruleset is highlighted by our vicious slander section.

And for the eagle-eared, I think you can calculate the number of girls in short skirts that pass by during recording by the amount of inexplicable but wholly respectful pauses.

As ever, enjoy.

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Warheads 014

We’ve had a fairly random few weeks of gaming. We discuss our doubts about our most effective EW lists and the perils of small gaming groups, another brief chat about the Northern team tournament, we briefly chate about other games (Hail Caesar, LotR and Leviathans) and discuss a piece of fan mail that isn’t a vicious, unjustifiable, personal attack.

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Warheads Episode 13

Welcome to Episode 13.


In this offering, we discuss our ongoing ETC list testing, our participation game in the local university, Nachjager and our gaming ambitions for the year. Time is also taken to wind Pádhraic up and hopefully, clubmates and fellow FoWers on the island will be spurred to new heights of effort by the blind arrogance of Team 112. No Floody win in 2015, comrades.

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Warheads Episode 012

Welcome to Episode 12, this one is probably aimed firmly at an Irish audience but if you feel your painting is improved by the silky tones of nerds arguing, you might as well have a listen.


00:00:00- We introduce ourselves and run through the order of business.
00:04:10- The attendees re-cap their first day at Nordicon and make fair and provable accusations against all their opponents.
00:38:50- We take a brief interlude to condemn Northern Ireland’s barbaric licensing laws. They also tie up the swings on Sundays, you know.
00:43:05- The second day of the tournament is discussed and handbags are deployed by some of the hosts.
01:03:13- The perils of optional rules are highlighted by our brief look at the Nachjager spoiler.
01:05:05- We receive (fan?)mail and are pleased to dispense our wisdom.

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Warheads Episode 011

After a slight delay, we return to our regularly scheduled podcasting. Our position as the Madagascar of wargaming becomes apparent as we discuss Nordicon, Ireland’s first (probably) Early War tournament and the halting steps of the regulars into a bright and glorious further past. Weird and wonderful lists mix with the best the internet can offer.


00:00- The Great Non-Flooding, a brief geography lesson and the plan for the episode.

09:44- We discuss Nordicon lists and make unfounded and brutal predictions.

38:32- The impact of terrain on tournament and frankly, joy and happiness in our hearts.

54:17- Brian is indulged in his disgusting habits and tells us about the Bolt Action Welsh Open.

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Warheads Episode 010

Look, we’ve reached double digits. We manage to hold the podcast close to our intended content for the initial two-thirds but discipline completely breaks down towards the end. Enjoy!?

00.00: Brian lays out the plan and we pine for the loss of the Ryanair bikini calendar.
02.00: The rugged highlands of Wicklow host a second tournament, we all attend and compose thoughful tournament reports.
32:51: The Irish tournament scene takes a step into the future (further past). We say goodbye to Late War and greet the dawn of Early War.
42.33: We discuss the merits of getting your Koch out.
45:30: A good-faith attempt to wish Brian luck in the Welsh Open degenerates into squabbling, almost instantly.

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Warheads Episode 009

Beloved listener(s), welcome to Episode 9. We had a plan, we wandered off-message but as you only half-listen while painting anyway, you’ll never notice.

00:01:12: We announce the winner of the competition. But only after debating the terms of the competition and considering whether we should just keep the prizes.
00:08:22: Our brief look at the ETC runs a little long and wildly off-topic but what harm? Nerd Olympics ahoy!
00:32:36: Our after-action reports deal with our recent painting and the joys of decals.
00:46:35: A chat about upcoming projects morphs into a chat about that awesome FoW Cold War fan-mod: Stopping the Red Tide.
00:50:45: Childhood traumas are laid bare as we discuss the joys of NetEpic.
00:56:57: We discuss our generic gaming since the last podcast and indulge in a brief hate.
01:10:11: The joys of three hour round tournaments are exholled in reference to Nordicon.

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Warheads Episode 8

Episode 8 is upon us. We wander all over the hobby discussing our own plans, dreams and hopes and how best to crush the plans, dreams and hopes of others. There was a plan, we did wander on topic at times, great success.


00:00 We inaugurate the “No Brian” intro to much rejoicing.
01:10 In the first section of our AAR, we discuss our Early War games and the hard-won knowledge gained in our first bumbling steps into the era.
10:45 Tying into the previous section, we run through new Early War army plans and argue plastic vs metal.
18:40 A celebration of Hail Caesar rapidly derails into a chat about historical gaming.
21:33 We run through our experiences in the Warheads Summer League, warmly congratulate the winner and discuss some pitfalls we encountered.
41:06 Floody gives a review of the Remagen book that is, in no way, totally biased.
58:03 We remind ourselves of the imminent Nordicon and briefly pine for Tankfest/The Hobby Shack.
59:51 The glorious day arrives, we have a Competition! You, yes, you, can win two boxes of PSC PzIIIs by doing the thing we mention in the podcast!

We’d like to thank Plastic Soldier Company for donating the prizes for the competition and for the ease of our listeners, here’s a link to the thread: http://warheads.ie/index.php?topic=633.0

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