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Report from the Front – Retcon Results

The battle has been fought, and the victors have been found. Congratulations to Mike Tangney, Richard Flood and Jan Karnowski for coming out top of the tables in 3rd, 2nd and 1st places respectively! More details after the break.

The final standings were as follows:

Name Battle Points Victory Points Difference
1. Jan Karnowski 72 2791
2. Richard Floody 72 1693
3. Mike Tangney 71 4081
4. Peter Scott 68 1493
5. Darragh Cullen 68 652
6. Rowan Sheridan 61 2285
7. Chris Britton 61 1306
8. Alec Cornelius 59 396
9. Phil Johnston 50 -2307
10. Alan Condren 49 536
11. Ryan McMullan 49 -639
12. Johnny Fisher 48 1297
13. Anthony Caragianis 44 -1531
14. Adam Colgan 42 457
15. Chris Poulton 41 -1190
16. Ulick O Sullivan 39 -1018
17. Sean Naughton 31 -2022
18. Cormac O Tuairisg 28 -2661
19. Ryan Kirwan 24 -2509
20. Alan Garvey 23 -3110

 Congratulations to all those that participated.

Report from the Front – Retcon Round 3

After being captured, our informant has finally managed to escape and make it back with more information, which you can read after the break.

Round 3 progressed as follows:

Victory Points Battle Points
Jan Karnowski : Alec Cornelius 1010:750 11:9
Johnny Fisher : Peter Scott 1293:858 14:6
Darragh Cullen : Richard Floody 342:1090 4:16
Rowan Sheridan : Chris Britton 1585:520 19:1
Phil Johnston : Sean Naughton 1532:1360 17:3
Chris Poulton : Mike Tangney 576:1207 4:16
Alan Condren : Alan Garvey 1592:810 19:1
Ryan McMullan : Ulick O Sullivan 1311:536 19:1
Ryan Kirwan : Anthony Caragianis 993:591 10:10
Adam Colgan : Cormac O Tuairisg 937:780 10:10

With the standings at the end of the first day looking like this: 

1. Richard Floody 53 2339
2. Jan Karnowski 45 1785
3. Johnny Fisher 44 2075
4. Darragh Cullen 41 751
5. Alec Cornelius 41 671
6. Rowan Sheridan 40 1878
7. Mike Tangney 38 1824
8. Phil Johnston 38 -913
9. Chris Poulton 32 -153
10. Peter Scott 31 158
11. Anthony Caragianis 30 -120
12. Alan Condren 30 -271
13. Ryan McMullan 30 -484
14. Sean Naughton 24 -34
15. Chris Britton 22 -734
16. Ryan Kirwan 22 -932
17. Adam Colgan 12 -1505
18. Alan Garvey 11 -1566
19. Cormac O Tuairisg 10 -3272
20. Ulick O Sullivan 6 -1497

Report from the Front – Retcon Round 2

The battle goes strong. Round 2 has progressed as follows.

The smoke has cleared, and the round went as follows.

Victory Points Battle Points
Richard Floody : Mike Tangney 1474:1072 18:2
Darragh Cullen : Rowan Sheridan 1215:903 18:2
Chris Poulton : Johnny Fisher 553:1076 9:11
Peter Scott : Alec Cornelius 876:1190 6:14
Chris Britton : Cormac O Tuairisg 1850:330 20:0
Phil Johnston : Jan Karnowski 450:1650 4:16
Anthony Cariagianis : Ulick O Sullivan 1035:428 18:2
Ryan Kirwan : Alan Garvey 939:1156 11:9
Ryan McMullan : Alan Condren 1175:1247 10:10
Adam Colgan : Sean Naughton 805:1850 0:20

 Leaving the standings looking something* like this:

1. Richard Floody 37 37 1591
2. Darragh Cullen 37 37 1499
3. Jan Karnowski 34 34 1525
4. Alec Cornelius 32 32 931
5. Johnny Fisher 30 30 1640
6. Chris Poulton 28 28 478
7. Peter Scott 25 25 593
8. Mike Tangney 22 22 1193
9. Rowan Sheridan 21 21 813
10. Chris Britton 21 21 331
11. Sean Naughton 21 21 138
12. Phil Johnston 21 21 -1085
13. Anthony Cariagianis 20 20 282
14. Ryan Kirwan 12 12 -1334
15. Alan Condren 11 11 -1053
16. Ryan McMullan 11 11 -1259
17. Alan Garvey 10 10 -784
18. Ulick O Sullivan 5 5 -722
19. Adam Colgan 2 2 -1662
20. Cormac O Tuairisg 0 0 -3115

*Exactly like that in fact.

Report from the Front – Retcon Round 1

Retcon has gotten well under way. Round 1 is over, and a bloody round it was. Results to follow.

Victory Points Battle Points
Mike Tangney : Cormac O Tuairisg 1700:105 20:0
Richard Floody : Chris Britton 1560:371 19:1
Darragh Cullen : Ryan McMullan 1587:400 19:1
Rowan Sheridan : Alan Condren 1625:500 19:1
Chris Poulton : Alan Garvey 1201:200 19:1
Peter Scott : Sean Naughton 1390:483 19:1
Jan Karnowski : Anthony Cariagianis 325:0 18:2
Phil Johnston : Ulick O Sullivan 1124:1009 17:3
Adam Colgan : Alec Cornelius 1051:1668 2:18
Ryan Kirwan : Johnny Fisher 468:1585 1:19

This gives us our standings as follows.

1. Mike Tangney 20 1595
2. Richard Floody 19 1189
3. Darragh Cullen 19 1187
4. Rowan Sheridan 19 1125
5. Johnny Fisher 19 1117
6. Chris Poulton 19 1001
7. Peter Scott 19 907
8. Alec Cornelius 18 617
9. Jan Karnowski 18 325
10. Phil Johnston 17 115
11. Ulick O Sullivan 3 -115
12. Anthony Cariagianis 2 -325
13. Adam Colgan 2 -617
14. Sean Naughton 1 -907
15. Alan Garvey 1 -1001
16. Ryan Kirwan 1 -1117
17. Alan Condren 1 -1125
18. Ryan McMullan 1 -1187
19. Chris Britton 1 -1189
20. Cormac O Tuairisg 0 -1595

More results to follow as the carnage continues.

The R0ot of All Evil Vol. 10 (Retcon/Vatiretcon)

* Shed a tear folks as this is the last R0ot of All Evil written for the foreseeable future *

I better suit up for this event, since we are in the D Even numbers for the weekend. I don’t know if they’ll let my culchie kind in here to be honest. I managed to pass the posh check and I’m in the venue …. before anyone else. So we are waiting for the venue to open and get ready to go. Since the organizer is chilling in bed it’s up to me to provide the refreshments here. Tea and coffee from me yo!

Jesus lads you know the whole thing about best foot forward? Start the way you plan to do the whole damn event, quite a later start than planned which is going to come back to haunt you (it will you know, see later at 6). Awesome first game I get raped so bad I think I might apply for counselling.

Awesome now I get to see where I am and how everyone else did…. oh wait no I don’t. Where the feck are the scores lads? It’s all well and good telling me what table I’m on and playing next but how am I going to know my score and my opponents scores are correct and the match is correct? Telepathy? Tarot cards? No…. a fecking list of everybody’s scores! Right maybe it’s just a hiccup, let us move on.

So our third game comes round and I’m setting up to play my old friend Ulick the Slayer* (please read the sarcasm here) when suddenly we are told to wait and not continue just yet, scores might be entered wrong (see earlier NO ROUND SCORES DISPLAYED gripe), 10 minutes later and we are now quite late into the day, don’t worry I’m getting somewhere with this. So we are almost finished our game and over the intercom comes a voice saying along the lines of ‘Place closing at 6 (20 mins away) get the feck out’ … well isn’t that fantastic we are late into 2 games and now we are getting pushed to finish 2 hours into game time.

Day 2 ah hopefully all the issues are ironed out and oh yes they finally have the standings listed on the big screen hurrah but no that’s not light at the end of the tunnel… it’s…. another …. delay and on top of this just wait…. the tables are assigned wrong but not wait there’s more the tables were wrong TWICE?! Okay okay it’s fine now 3rd times a charm, yes you can play yay!

As the 5th game ends, 4 of which were objective games…. yes I said 4 games of objectives. 4 objective games (pre-determined) in a 5 round tournament is a just a tad bit frustrating lads so either randomize the mission choices or have 2 KP games because otherwise I’m brining horde orcs k thanks bye!

Oh before I forget, TERRAIN more of it please, I played on some tables that I think the wrecks of my vehicles created more line of site blocking terrain that was on the table!

Right I am leaving the scores until last as I have a whole load to say after that bile I’ve spilled above.

So I’ll start with a big thank you to Tristram, Trget, Baz, Brian, Padraic (I can’t spell your name man) anyone I am forgetting that helped set up and run this tournament as it was top class and I had an awesome time!

Right so I stood up and provided the Tea, coffee and milk (you’re welcome Eoin!) for this event and thank you to John for the hot water dispensers saves the kettle usage. From what I saw the water ran out at the end of Day 2, so sorry for whoever didn’t get that last cup of tea/coffee as I was busy lucking out with my hero rhino against some thunder wolf cavalry.

Day 1 has a few hiccups there and Trget while I have a massive amount of respect and appreciation for you and your patience/work at Retcon please use the ETC scoring program and not your own until it works without any other assistance necessary. Yes it’s fantastic and does things like table display great but there was just too many issues that came up and while I understand it wasn’t the programs fault in this case the ETC one wouldn’t have ran into these issues. So the R0ot seal of approval shall not be awarded to the program used at Retcon, in fact I would have preferred excel.

The score sheets were nice (hopefully you have some mention of Johnny somewhere as they were quite similar, read as the same minus the picture at the front) and it’s a good move that I’d recommend to all tournaments in the future as I’ve mentioned before because not only do you have a reliable hard copy of the scores but you have a nice bit of memories for each gamer to retain (I still have my DDII one).

Oh man, the prizes! Well done here lads the trophies were stunning + a box set (thank you to Gamers World’s Martin and the Arkham crew for these, correct me if I am wrong here) and of course the spot prizes although I didn’t see any for game 5 and I’m pretty sure game 4 didn’t have any either. It’s nice to note similarities that are good popping up in other tournaments around the country as it’s moving as all to an almost Standard format!

A huge Thank You to all my opponents over the course of the weekend, Phil, Eoin, Ulick, Peter and Phil (again) you were all great fun to play and win/lose against and very few rules issues came up. (REMEMBER THE POWERS ULICK!)

Right the rules pack…. It was good, the painting scores while I don’t like them were properly enforced so fair play there. Personally again the 4 objective games out of 5 seemed a bit much but at the end of the day it was all still very fun and good to at least try something new. The terrain and tables were of very high quality as well as the venue so congrats there just try and get all the tables to the same degree of excellence as there were 1-2 that could be absolute death traps to whoever went second in games i.e. no area terrain around.

Last but not least the price was just magic, fantastically low and the local shops/café’s were decent quality for a good price so you get a gold star for all this even though some of it is out of your control. To the retcon organizers I thank you from the bottom of my hear (and wallet) for the price that was the same for everything, no discrimination of wargamers here!

Once again this was a fantastic event and while the score is lower than others I’ll say you did well and if you take anything from this review on board remember this, transparency is key. Display the scores being input, display the scores for each round, display the standings and remember there is a no fuss no mess program available for this just a click away.

Congrats to John Stowe for winning Retcon with Space Wolves!

Opponents 5/5
Venue 5/5
Food 3/5
Rules Pack 5*/5
Terrain/Tables 4*/5
Organization 3*/5
Prizes 5/5
Value for Money 5/5

Overall 17/20

A score of 52/60 which should ultimately been higher but repeat delays/redo’s caused a fair bit of frustration but overall it was a great event.

Next Up: There will be no more R0ot of All Evil’s written by myself apart from my summary of all events coming soon™ but we will hopefully have a special guest review for the Irish masters in under 2 weeks time!

Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to read the last 10 reviews of mine and I hope you enjoyed reading them as I enjoyed attending the events and writing about them.

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