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Warpcon 2011: Stats

Warpcon 2012, an 1850 point, ETC-style scoring, five round tournament which drew players from all over the island, north and south. This is one of the best opportunities to watch the various regional metagames collide and pick at the resulting carnage. I’ve stripped the scores down to just battle points and exported the usual trio of graphs.

From a codex diversity perspective, it’s looking great, with all but the Witch Hunters appearing. We also don’t see three or four codexes claiming most of the players. The Necrons have come from nowhere to claim a decent share of the field. The Grey Knights appear somewhat reduced from the highs of last autumn/winter. I remain utterly bemused by the continuing decline of the Imperial Guard.

It appears that popularity and success are linked as Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Necrons and Grey Knights do well. Most codexes appear to be up on their expected percentage. In fact, I have never before seen such widespread success by such a variety of armies. It begs the question, which armies gave up all those battle points?

It’s a bit of a shocker. The Dark Eldar crash to their lowest position since records began. Clearly, there has been something of a brain drain away from the codex. Space Marines, the long-standing herald of the fluffy player, rise slightly above the emo elves but still provide the other main source of battle points. Aside from the Templar’s score, the remaining codexes are not worlds apart. Consider 50 points to be the average expected score and you see that most armies are in and around that level.
The strong Necron performance is noteworthy but it remains to be seen whether it continues into the next tournament or if the players adapt to its tricksy style. As a super secret source informs us, the new threat is “Tesla Spam. This is basically Venom Spam with S7 weapons, and AV13. Nasty stuff. Not unbeatable in my book, but the top place finish says it all.”

Moocon 4 vs Dominion Day 5

We look today at the shape of the Irish tournament scene at the 1000 point level. A recent development, it is heavily comped with most tournaments using the Highlander format. On a technical note, while only battle points are used for the D-Day tournament, it was not possible to strip out those details for Moocon.

We’ve got two largely distinct populations of players here, the first is Munster-based and the second is Ulster-based. Barring some travelling Leinster players, there is little overlap. Hopefully, the upcoming K-Con will provide similar data for the Leinster scene. It is interesting to see that random chat with my local gamers as to the army breakdown of the Ulster scene was unerringly accurate while similar chatter on the Munster scene proved only half-right.

Bear in mind as you read, that no judgements are being made (anymore) as to the strength of individual books. When we mention Necrons doing well, think of it as meaning Necron lists as they are currently being played. The player is always a factor but the exercise is still useful in highlighting the relative standing of each faction.

Now, on to the pictures.

Welcome to Cark. Reports from the front suggested that this was a Grey Knight-heavy tournament but the actual figures show that, while popular, their presence was lower than at previous tournaments. In fact, we see the widest range of codexes in any tournament since we started keeping careful tabs. With fourteen distinct army types, almost all factions are represented and the tournament is the most overtly diverse that this series has covered to date. That would be a good thing.
Five armies perform strongly at Moocon and they are a mix of old and new. The most modern books; Grey Knights, Dark Eldar and Necrons all do well. But a quick glance at the names involved will suggest that player skill is a factor. Amongst older armies, Tau and Chaos prove to be effective. The remainder must make do with less than their share. At a glance, Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Eldar, Space Marines, Imperial Guard and Tyranids are down.
The Dark Eldar do very well again. In Ireland, this is clearly a great codex being played by great players. The codex itself has a great of variety within it which suits it to the Highlander format. We see the similar Grey Knights and Necrons codexes do well. And we also see a strong showing by the Tau and Chaos, both of which had been theory-hammered as having great potential within this format. The Eldar have an unhappy time of it and Space Wolves appear to have suffered something of a brain drain as top ranking players abandon the codex.
Dominion Day
Once more, Grey Knights are amongst the most popular choices but the Northern scene appears to be the true home of the 3+ save. Loyalist marines make up 61% of the army lists. The Orks also appear to breeding in the region with another strong showing. Aside from those features, we also have a decent mix of armies with eleven distinct codexes being played on the day.
After some shaky recent performances, Grey Knights do well again, suggesting they like the format. They are joined by Necrons, Orks, Space Wolves and Sisters of Battle. The biggest losers are the Space Marines, Eldar and Imperial Guard. But for actual averages, we turn to the big orange graph.
The Eldar come in solidly last, which is identical to the Moocon results. Space Marines also do poorly, as was the case in every tournament covered thus far. The high scoring Sisters of Battle are interesting, their first appearance at the level is strong but as it’s based on the score of a single player, it shouldn’t be considered a trend. We see that Space Wolves appear to be stronger in the Northern scene and Guard equally…. average in both areas.
In the next couple of weeks, we might break out a full review of the 2011 season focusing solely on the highest ranking lists to see whose year it really was.

The R0ot of All Evil Vol. 7 (Warpcon XXI)

* I think the below sums up my initial feelings about Warpcon. *

Ugh what the feck it’s 6.30am on a Saturday morning and I have to travel to Ca’rk to be abused by their shrill irritating accents, who’s bright idea was this?! Why can’t every single event be held like 2 minutes walk (or less) from my apartment in Leixlip…. would it be so difficult?

Any way I’m back again for another edition of this filth and if you don’t like what you’re reading you can just go choke on my 3++ storm shield fired at you by my PoTMS!

So you know the way I’ve been ranting and raving for about 6 blog posts (and 6 cons) about this whole tea and coffee thing, how simple it is to do, how positive an effect it has an everyone attending and if you provide some buns with that it would be awesome also…….

…..Well you’d think that hey tournament organizers not doing this would be the height of the thing that would annoy me but YOU’D BE WRONG! (like Caolain *fada somewhere* and Floody about Maynard’s DA) In fact dear people being told that there WILL BE TEA AND COFFEE AND BUNS and finding there is none of this on the first day is much more irritating that the cork accent informing you of this fact. Get it together lads before the northerns invade and take over our tournament scene.

10am start awesome, finally a decent start where everyone will be prepared and organizers have everyone informed through some sort of clear informative way, nope didn’t think so. If you’re up there, please help the Warpcon organizers Superman. Lads come on now in a college as big as UCC would it be so difficult to source a projector for showing matchups/tables/scores it would have bypassed this whole printer not working fiasco after one print out.

You know what print outs and multiple people working from one laptop does, incorrect matchups. That’s right incorrect matchups and no you cannot use the size of the event as an excuse as you would have been well aware of the size of event that this was going to be so an extra 5-10 people shouldn’t upset your plans.

Day 2 brought the same tom foolery with a few delays and the final scorings being handed out to to the general crowd of 60+ wargamers to read aloud (my throat was fecked enough thank you)…. 2 sheets for 60+ gamers != good. [/code humour]

Just a quick note on this, it’s a tad bit fecking expensive for a wargames con lads, sure the drink is cheaper than Dublin but doesn’t mean you can’t reduce the price a little I mean you get 60 odd people so you shouldn’t exactly be short of cash, amirite?

*ugggh tired must write the good part later or may just come across as a dick, ugh too late. Enjoy some of this while you wait.

Right so lets get scores over and done with first:

Opponents 5/5
Venue 5/5
Food 2/5
Rules Pack 5/5
Terrain/Tables 5/5
Organization 4/5
Prizes 5/5 (Had to give five as I was not able to stick around for the prize giving so I am not aware of what they actually were)
Value for Money 4/5

Overall 18/20

So that makes for a total score of 53/60, a few things dropping the score as noted above but still an impressive score for the size of the event. Keep up the good work WAC/Cork Organizers.

So this being my first ever warpcon I was quite excited to be down with most of the Warheads (we will miss you Peter and Oisin) and all the talk about Warpcon and UCC seems to have been bang on the money. Whether it was down to the relaxed Cork attitude or the amount of wargamers in one place I don’t know but a hilariously fun weekend was had.

So my first note when we arrived in the 40k hall was the sheer amount and quality of the terrain, while I didn’t like the tables that were like pebble-dashed boards the terrain cleared any misgivings towards them. I was fairly ticked off at having being told about tea and coffee being provided at Warpcon (at Dominicon in November) and then there was none but Floody saved the food score a few points with his buns on the Sunday…. and he made some great cakes also.

My first game was against Blood Angels of Pearce Condren and from playing Baz’s list I noticed some similarities ;). Now BA scares the be-jebus out of me but I thought lets go for broke here and I had fantastic luck for my reserves and everying came on turn 2 with most of Pearce’s army within 6″ -> 18″ of my table edge however that is where my luck ran out and managed to do absolutely nothing to any of his units. Great opponent, great game but I’m glad Stowe avenged my honour!

Opponents throughout the day were some familiar faces and some not and a note of thanks go out to Brian (orks), Donal(orks), Eoin (necrons) (immobilised LRCs!) and John (Nids) for some amazingly fun and competitive games. A big thank you to all my crusade brothers also and apologies for the poor t-shirt designs but I was in a rush. (John, Karl and Hugh)

Organization was good for the amount of mishaps that happened, may want to bring some teleport homers for your printers next time lads with the printer breaking and a matching up mistake in the 2nd game for a few people. Very please that there was always one score monkey at laptop and although there weren’t many rules calls Judges were wondering around when needed.

(Whoever had the idea of Captain Americas thank you as the t-bone steak I had was ‘groin grabingly’ good)

Nice starting times on both days giving a well needed rest period for anyone who had been drinking the nights before so thank you for the consideration.

With this Warpcon well and truly over I can say it will not be my last time attending this amazing collection of wargamers. Keep up the great work and you can always improve on greatness (read as Tea and Coffee please).

EDITORS NOTE: It came to my attention that there was some words had around the top tables with Judges about a particular player and while I can neither comment on the exact nature of what happened I will say this, Judges should remain neutral, impartial (probably the same word meaning but worth saying twice) and above all don’t believe everything you are told without investigating.

Until next time where we review what is sure to be another top notch tournament from the nordies: Dominion Day IV (The Director’s Cut)

*As always any comments/criticisms/complaints feel free to post a comment here or hit me up via PM on On The Step or W-Ired.*

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