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New Eldar Images Spotted

So it seems that the next Warhammer 40,000 Codex that will be released is going to be Eldar. These precious shots have been making rounds on the internet.

Read on for some more juicy pictures, including the magnificent Wraithknight.

So the image we opened with is of ‘Illic Nightspear’, an outcast of the Eldar who is armed with the deadly sniper rifle, Voidbringer, which supposedly has a 120″ range!

Also included are images of the new Flyers in the Eldar Codex, of which we have a lovely shot of the fighter variant embedded below.

Also featured in the image can be seen the new plastic Farseer, and some Spiritseers. Some better shots of the Flyers can be seen below, where we have the fighter variant on the left, namely the Crimson Hunter, and the bomber variant the Hemlock Wraithfighter on the right. Notice the smooth sweeping edges, and how they have managed to capture both the feeling of the Eldar as promoted by their existing range, notably the Falcon, and how this shared aesthetic can be seen echoes of Dark Eldar design as well.

However, this isn’t what you’re here to look at. Quite simply, behold the majesty that is the $115 Wraithknight. It is gigantic, looking to b about 8″ tall on the tabletop.

Discussion on these can be found on the forums themselves, here: http://onthestep.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=3186

Many thanks to Dakka Dakka, being the original source of all the information represented here.

On The Step Podcast 1.1: On the Tau

Hello to you all, it’s been far too long since I’ve had the time to post on this! I do however return bearing some most excellent news. Trget and myself have started a podcast, find it here and more information after the break.

It initally came up through the absolutely random conversations we have (as we live together) about every new codex that comes out. We’d sit down with a codex each and (usually me) exclaim ‘That’s OP!’ or ‘Ooooh shiny’. Most of it was fairly inane banter but we thought if we got our minds together we could so some interesting reviews. I’ve always been a big fan of the background/fluff and Trget has a formidable knowledge of the rules so we combine well.

I’ll be honest, this first one was done a little on the fly as we were unsure as to what we wanted to do with the podcast but inital reviews have been good and we’re refining the running order and segments.

If you’ve got any comments on the show we’d like to hear them, it’ll just make us better as we go forward!

We’re going to be monthly, covering 40k as that’s our main system personally. We may branch out as we play different games but it will stick to wargames and 40k for now.

A section I’m looking to add is a tournament round up- top three from the month before and the tournaments upcoming. I reckon I could get it done in 2 minutes if I turn on the fast-speak!

In this episode we discuss the new Tau codex, we talk about:

Major changes in the background and a few of our favourite characters
The models and overall aesthetic of the army
And a round up of all the new rules with a look through all the choices.

Thanks for listening!

ArmyMan – Army Lists Made Easy

ArmyMan LogoThe biggest delay after playing a game of Warhammer 40,000 is usually figuring out your Victory Points and Kill Points. This most frequently happens at Tournaments, and to a lesser extent at friendly games. Players sometimes forget units or their costs, and this slows things down.

ArmyMan is an Android App that was written specifically to solve this problem, by serving as an easy reference for the armylist and speeding up scoring at the end of the game. Join us after the jump for more.

ArmyMan keeps track of lists, units and results.  This means you can store multiple lists in the app, and can also save results from your games as a record of how you do.

The sample list.
New Unit Prompt
Units in an Army List

Within each list it keeps track of each unit in that list, as well as its points cost and even a quick description of that unit. Additionally you can also add temporary units, such as those spawned by a Tervigon, that don’t contribute to the overall list value, and liability units, which is Lone Wolves in a Space Wolves list.

 Using this display you also easily keep track of how much damage your units are taking in a game. Simply set the skulls across the top of the list to indicate how much damage the unit has taken. The number of ticks across the skulls show which percentage of the unit is still alive, and allows you to easily keep track of multiple Combat Squads in a Marine list. Going from full squad to wiped out in 25% increments, with each tick essentially representing a quarter of the unit.

Unit #1 is at half strength.
Unit #2 is at full strength.
You can also see the Score
button on the bottom.

So a unit below half strength would have half it’s ticks left, and a Combat Squad-ed Marine unit that has lost half a combat squad would still have 3/4 of its ticks left.

Everything you need
about the score.

When you’ve finished a game, you can also easily save the result right from inside the list. Kill Points and Victory Points are automatically calculated, you just need your opponent’s results and you are good to go. Additionally you can also add modifiers to both your opponents Victory Point and Kill Point tallies. Currently this is for things like multiple Combat Squads which shouldn’t be worth a single Kill Point, or losing a Banner in a game of Warhammer Fantasy.

ArmyMan was built to be as generic as possible, so you should also be able to easily store Flames of War lists, or any other system with a similar unit costing mechanics. It is also actively being developed, and the next release, hopefully in a couple of weeks, will add support to import and export lists easily.

ArmyMan can be found in the Google Play store, and is currently on sale for €1 until midnight Sunday the 3rd June when it will revert to it’s usual price of €2. And remember, all proceeds from sales go towards maintaining the On The Step community. Any questions, feedback or suggestions can be answered through the support forum, found at On The Step.

Report from the Front – Retcon Results

The battle has been fought, and the victors have been found. Congratulations to Mike Tangney, Richard Flood and Jan Karnowski for coming out top of the tables in 3rd, 2nd and 1st places respectively! More details after the break.

The final standings were as follows:

Name Battle Points Victory Points Difference
1. Jan Karnowski 72 2791
2. Richard Floody 72 1693
3. Mike Tangney 71 4081
4. Peter Scott 68 1493
5. Darragh Cullen 68 652
6. Rowan Sheridan 61 2285
7. Chris Britton 61 1306
8. Alec Cornelius 59 396
9. Phil Johnston 50 -2307
10. Alan Condren 49 536
11. Ryan McMullan 49 -639
12. Johnny Fisher 48 1297
13. Anthony Caragianis 44 -1531
14. Adam Colgan 42 457
15. Chris Poulton 41 -1190
16. Ulick O Sullivan 39 -1018
17. Sean Naughton 31 -2022
18. Cormac O Tuairisg 28 -2661
19. Ryan Kirwan 24 -2509
20. Alan Garvey 23 -3110

 Congratulations to all those that participated.

Report from the Front – Retcon Round 3

After being captured, our informant has finally managed to escape and make it back with more information, which you can read after the break.

Round 3 progressed as follows:

Victory Points Battle Points
Jan Karnowski : Alec Cornelius 1010:750 11:9
Johnny Fisher : Peter Scott 1293:858 14:6
Darragh Cullen : Richard Floody 342:1090 4:16
Rowan Sheridan : Chris Britton 1585:520 19:1
Phil Johnston : Sean Naughton 1532:1360 17:3
Chris Poulton : Mike Tangney 576:1207 4:16
Alan Condren : Alan Garvey 1592:810 19:1
Ryan McMullan : Ulick O Sullivan 1311:536 19:1
Ryan Kirwan : Anthony Caragianis 993:591 10:10
Adam Colgan : Cormac O Tuairisg 937:780 10:10

With the standings at the end of the first day looking like this: 

1. Richard Floody 53 2339
2. Jan Karnowski 45 1785
3. Johnny Fisher 44 2075
4. Darragh Cullen 41 751
5. Alec Cornelius 41 671
6. Rowan Sheridan 40 1878
7. Mike Tangney 38 1824
8. Phil Johnston 38 -913
9. Chris Poulton 32 -153
10. Peter Scott 31 158
11. Anthony Caragianis 30 -120
12. Alan Condren 30 -271
13. Ryan McMullan 30 -484
14. Sean Naughton 24 -34
15. Chris Britton 22 -734
16. Ryan Kirwan 22 -932
17. Adam Colgan 12 -1505
18. Alan Garvey 11 -1566
19. Cormac O Tuairisg 10 -3272
20. Ulick O Sullivan 6 -1497

Report from the Front – Retcon Round 2

The battle goes strong. Round 2 has progressed as follows.

The smoke has cleared, and the round went as follows.

Victory Points Battle Points
Richard Floody : Mike Tangney 1474:1072 18:2
Darragh Cullen : Rowan Sheridan 1215:903 18:2
Chris Poulton : Johnny Fisher 553:1076 9:11
Peter Scott : Alec Cornelius 876:1190 6:14
Chris Britton : Cormac O Tuairisg 1850:330 20:0
Phil Johnston : Jan Karnowski 450:1650 4:16
Anthony Cariagianis : Ulick O Sullivan 1035:428 18:2
Ryan Kirwan : Alan Garvey 939:1156 11:9
Ryan McMullan : Alan Condren 1175:1247 10:10
Adam Colgan : Sean Naughton 805:1850 0:20

 Leaving the standings looking something* like this:

1. Richard Floody 37 37 1591
2. Darragh Cullen 37 37 1499
3. Jan Karnowski 34 34 1525
4. Alec Cornelius 32 32 931
5. Johnny Fisher 30 30 1640
6. Chris Poulton 28 28 478
7. Peter Scott 25 25 593
8. Mike Tangney 22 22 1193
9. Rowan Sheridan 21 21 813
10. Chris Britton 21 21 331
11. Sean Naughton 21 21 138
12. Phil Johnston 21 21 -1085
13. Anthony Cariagianis 20 20 282
14. Ryan Kirwan 12 12 -1334
15. Alan Condren 11 11 -1053
16. Ryan McMullan 11 11 -1259
17. Alan Garvey 10 10 -784
18. Ulick O Sullivan 5 5 -722
19. Adam Colgan 2 2 -1662
20. Cormac O Tuairisg 0 0 -3115

*Exactly like that in fact.

Report from the Front – Retcon Round 1

Retcon has gotten well under way. Round 1 is over, and a bloody round it was. Results to follow.

Victory Points Battle Points
Mike Tangney : Cormac O Tuairisg 1700:105 20:0
Richard Floody : Chris Britton 1560:371 19:1
Darragh Cullen : Ryan McMullan 1587:400 19:1
Rowan Sheridan : Alan Condren 1625:500 19:1
Chris Poulton : Alan Garvey 1201:200 19:1
Peter Scott : Sean Naughton 1390:483 19:1
Jan Karnowski : Anthony Cariagianis 325:0 18:2
Phil Johnston : Ulick O Sullivan 1124:1009 17:3
Adam Colgan : Alec Cornelius 1051:1668 2:18
Ryan Kirwan : Johnny Fisher 468:1585 1:19

This gives us our standings as follows.

1. Mike Tangney 20 1595
2. Richard Floody 19 1189
3. Darragh Cullen 19 1187
4. Rowan Sheridan 19 1125
5. Johnny Fisher 19 1117
6. Chris Poulton 19 1001
7. Peter Scott 19 907
8. Alec Cornelius 18 617
9. Jan Karnowski 18 325
10. Phil Johnston 17 115
11. Ulick O Sullivan 3 -115
12. Anthony Cariagianis 2 -325
13. Adam Colgan 2 -617
14. Sean Naughton 1 -907
15. Alan Garvey 1 -1001
16. Ryan Kirwan 1 -1117
17. Alan Condren 1 -1125
18. Ryan McMullan 1 -1187
19. Chris Britton 1 -1189
20. Cormac O Tuairisg 0 -1595

More results to follow as the carnage continues.

New Dark Eldar Releases up for Advance Order

Pretty much as stated in the title. Advance Orders can be found here and more info on the specifics after the break.

The new units up for order are:

The Talos Pain Engine. (A combined kit with the Chronos)

The Chronos Parasite Engine. (A combined kit with the Talos)

The Venom


Last but not least, an old favourite, the Dark Eldar Battleforce containing 10 Wyches, 10 Warriors, 3 Reavers and a Raider.

Dark Angels are back?

So I have been getting a lot of texts about the new DA FAQ and it has been discussed both on this site and others that maybe just maybe there is now the potential to make them work.

If you are interested in seeing what I have to say on the codex overall please read my Primer as posted here several months ago.

Lets see. The FAQ has fixed TH/SS issues, made the Apoth give his unit Fnp instead of the old rule, given us the Heavy 2 Cyclone and brought the PotmS and Smoke up to regulations.

Is this a really big deal? I don’t really think so.

Any army must have a certain number of things to make it work. The most obvious of these is the ability to shoot and the ability to assault. With DW these abilities IMO must be present in each squad or any opponent worth his salt, will merely shoot the assaulty stuff and assault the shooty stuff. I have agonised over the inclusion or removal of Chain Fists in each squad long enough to realise that it is a necessity.

Each squad should also have these things as they are the core of your army; with the base cost of 215 points for 5 lads, you don’t have the options that might otherwise be available to you.

The first reaction I had was to see how many TH/SS guys I can get on the pitch.

Belial; TH/SS
Command Squad; 5 X TH/SS, 1 Cyclone, Apoth.
5 X DW Squad; 5 X TH/SS, 1 Cyclone.

This leaves you with enough for 2 Speeders or a Chaplain/Libby.

Problems here are mainly due to a lack of S8 + and it is very slow, even with DW assault., Which I would be nervous about without Homers.

Lets spark this up somewhat and see what I would deem better. My main focus here will be on making each unit more diverse while also allowing for wound allocation, which when you have 30 figs, is your friend.

Belial; Claws.
Chaplain; Combi-Melta.
Command Squad; Apoth TH/SS, Cyclone TH/SS, Srg TH/SS, SB/CF, TLC
5 X DW Squads; TLC, TH/SS, Srg TH/SS, Cyclone SB/PF, SB/CF.

Even this doesn’t really do it for me. I think that they are too Swiss Army Knife, mainly because there are 5 squads.

Stormy sent me this list earlier today:

Belial; Claws
Command; Cyclone, SB/CF, 4 TH/SS
3 X DW Squads; 5 X TH/SS, 1 Cyclone
2 Speeders; M Melta, H. Flamer
2 Speeders; M Melta, H. Flamer
1 Speeder; M Melta, H. Flamer
Godraider, Extra Armour.

This could work, but the speeders are not reliable and the army lacks S8 +, with a single CF and the two Lascannons, the fact that it is a Godhammer means will also not be played as aggressively as it needs to be.Also the God Raider only has capacity for 10 models so Belial will be walking with the others.

My army from 3 Warpcons ago seems to have most of the pieces I think might be needed.

Belial; Claws
Command; Banner TH/SS, Srg TH/SS, Apoth TLC, H. Flamer/CF, TH/SS.
2 X DW Squads; Srg TH/SS, Cyclone TH/SS, SB/CF, TH/SS, TLC.
2 X Ven Dread, Lascannon/Missile Launcher
Ven Dread; Auto Cannon, H Flamer, Extra Armour.
Land Raider Crusader; Extra Armour.
Speeder, M Melta, H. Flamer.

Having said all this, I think that the addition of one or two extra TH/SS into my most recent Raven Death list would prob be the best as it will give the army the speed it needs while bringing in more Melta and Sammy on his Speeder.

Belial; TLC
Samael; Speeder
DW Command, Apoth TLC, Srg SB/PW, Ass Cannon/PF, SB/CF, TH/SS.
2 X DW Squads; TLC, Srg SB/PW, Cyclone SB/PF, SB/CF, TH/SS.
RW Command; Srg PF, Apoth Plasma, Plasma, Attack Bike M Melta.
RW Squad; Srg PF, 2 X Melta, Attack Bike M Melta.
Speeder; M Melta, Ass Cannon
Speeder; M Melta, Ass Cannon

The later would be my preference in terms of play style and competition. I know that others will disagree. I would like to try out the first list with all the TH/SS and I’m sure it will make an appearance.

I may have to start playing these lads again as it could be that my best general is in jeopardy once people realise what these lads are capable of.

More War Altar, more of the time!

A quick post just to let everyone know that it’s now even easier to stay up to date with the what and the when on War Altar, as you can follow us on Twitter as well as on Facebook.

These updates also coincide with a revamped On The Step landing page, now with not only the latest updates from us, but directly from Games Workshop, Privateer Press and the Black Library themselves!

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