Proud to present a rare treat from’s Bristolscale7. A veteran Warhead you’ll be seeing Bristolscale7 cruising the Irish scene with his new Grey Knights!!

Below we have a standard Grey Knight castle in a pitched battle or spearhead scenario. Three psyflemen* dreadnoughts castle behind three razorbacks. The dreads are tall enough to shoot over the razorbacks but obscured enough to receive a cover save when taking return fire. They are accompanied by a librarian with the Shrouding psychic power which improves the dreads’ cover saves to 3+. If you come within 24” of this formation you will be subjected to withering stormbolter and psycannon fire.

How should you proceed? For the sake of this article we’ll say that you do not have sixty outflanking genestealers at your disposal. Instead, let’s assume you play the ever popular space wolves and bring fifteen missile launchers to the table. The trick is to deploy your Long Fangs beyond the range of the dreads but within reach of the razorbacks. Turn the GK castle into a prison! Your Long Fangs can take solace from the 6th century Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras.
Granny always says that pretty teeth and book learning only get you so far in life, but we all know the older generation is as thick as pigshit, so let’s see what he has to say. The Pythagorean Theorem, for those of you who slept through math class, states that a^2+b^2=c^2 where c is the hypotenuse of a right triangle and a and b are the other two sides. Like so:

We know that the table is 48” across, and because we were observant and jacked up on Red Bull during our opponent’s deployment we know that the most vulnerable razorback is five or six inches on to the table. Thus if we put a missile launcher one inch onto the table in our deployment zone he will be 42” away from the razorback and about 45” away from the nearest dread—not far enough. The Pythagorean Theorem can tell us where to deploy our precious Long Fangs such that they will be within range of the razorback but safe from those meddling dreads.

In our triangle above we know that the length of A is 42” and we know that we want the length of C to be 48”. We adjust the formula accordingly to b=√(c^2 )- a^2 and when we crunch the numbers we get just over 23” for side b. Deploy the Long Fangs one inch onto the table and 23” to the right of the razorback and they’ll be ready for action.
What’s that you say? How the @#^& are you supposed to be know where 23” to the right of the razorback is without pre-measuring? There are a number of possible solutions to this problem. If you are playing a seize ground mission perhaps you demonstrated foresight and placed an objective as close to the corner as you could—12” from each table edge. You now have a visual 12” measurement to work with. If you are playing either capture and control or kill points you’ll have to estimate the distance. If the deployment is spearhead you will know where the center of the table is and where 12” extends from the center. If all else fails a razorback is just over 4” in length so try to visual a line of five of these extending from the target razorback. The most obvious solution is to get good at estimating distance—you know like Fantasy players used to be able to do before they got to pre-measure everything.
Next time I’ll show you how understanding this can allow to control the outcome of a dice roll
– BristolScale7
*Grey Knights Dreadnought armed with two twin linked autocannons and upgraded to include psybolt ammunition.