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New! Furioso Dreadnought and Stormraven Pre Order

Hey all,

just throwing up some recent stuff, the GW site has thrown up the new Furioso and Stormraven models for pre order here. Here are some snapshots of the models in their full GW, non converted glory:

The helmet on the Storm Raven pilot is class, same as the Sergeant Chronus one I think? Still not sold on the Storm Raven though but the new dread upgrades are awesome sauce.


Army Progression

Just a few quick pictures of my WIP stuff , I’m (as I’m sure you can tell) pretty terrible at taking decent pictures so bear with me. I’ll try to improve as I go along.

Sanguinary Guard

WIP Furioso Dreadnought

Storm Raven

Storm Raven.

We have (from top to bottom) my Sanguinary Guard , my WIP Furioso and my first Storm Raven.

C and C welcome!

Farseer Dave.

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