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The R0ot of All Evil Vol. 10 (Retcon/Vatiretcon)

* Shed a tear folks as this is the last R0ot of All Evil written for the foreseeable future *

I better suit up for this event, since we are in the D Even numbers for the weekend. I don’t know if they’ll let my culchie kind in here to be honest. I managed to pass the posh check and I’m in the venue …. before anyone else. So we are waiting for the venue to open and get ready to go. Since the organizer is chilling in bed it’s up to me to provide the refreshments here. Tea and coffee from me yo!

Jesus lads you know the whole thing about best foot forward? Start the way you plan to do the whole damn event, quite a later start than planned which is going to come back to haunt you (it will you know, see later at 6). Awesome first game I get raped so bad I think I might apply for counselling.

Awesome now I get to see where I am and how everyone else did…. oh wait no I don’t. Where the feck are the scores lads? It’s all well and good telling me what table I’m on and playing next but how am I going to know my score and my opponents scores are correct and the match is correct? Telepathy? Tarot cards? No…. a fecking list of everybody’s scores! Right maybe it’s just a hiccup, let us move on.

So our third game comes round and I’m setting up to play my old friend Ulick the Slayer* (please read the sarcasm here) when suddenly we are told to wait and not continue just yet, scores might be entered wrong (see earlier NO ROUND SCORES DISPLAYED gripe), 10 minutes later and we are now quite late into the day, don’t worry I’m getting somewhere with this. So we are almost finished our game and over the intercom comes a voice saying along the lines of ‘Place closing at 6 (20 mins away) get the feck out’ … well isn’t that fantastic we are late into 2 games and now we are getting pushed to finish 2 hours into game time.

Day 2 ah hopefully all the issues are ironed out and oh yes they finally have the standings listed on the big screen hurrah but no that’s not light at the end of the tunnel… it’s…. another …. delay and on top of this just wait…. the tables are assigned wrong but not wait there’s more the tables were wrong TWICE?! Okay okay it’s fine now 3rd times a charm, yes you can play yay!

As the 5th game ends, 4 of which were objective games…. yes I said 4 games of objectives. 4 objective games (pre-determined) in a 5 round tournament is a just a tad bit frustrating lads so either randomize the mission choices or have 2 KP games because otherwise I’m brining horde orcs k thanks bye!

Oh before I forget, TERRAIN more of it please, I played on some tables that I think the wrecks of my vehicles created more line of site blocking terrain that was on the table!

Right I am leaving the scores until last as I have a whole load to say after that bile I’ve spilled above.

So I’ll start with a big thank you to Tristram, Trget, Baz, Brian, Padraic (I can’t spell your name man) anyone I am forgetting that helped set up and run this tournament as it was top class and I had an awesome time!

Right so I stood up and provided the Tea, coffee and milk (you’re welcome Eoin!) for this event and thank you to John for the hot water dispensers saves the kettle usage. From what I saw the water ran out at the end of Day 2, so sorry for whoever didn’t get that last cup of tea/coffee as I was busy lucking out with my hero rhino against some thunder wolf cavalry.

Day 1 has a few hiccups there and Trget while I have a massive amount of respect and appreciation for you and your patience/work at Retcon please use the ETC scoring program and not your own until it works without any other assistance necessary. Yes it’s fantastic and does things like table display great but there was just too many issues that came up and while I understand it wasn’t the programs fault in this case the ETC one wouldn’t have ran into these issues. So the R0ot seal of approval shall not be awarded to the program used at Retcon, in fact I would have preferred excel.

The score sheets were nice (hopefully you have some mention of Johnny somewhere as they were quite similar, read as the same minus the picture at the front) and it’s a good move that I’d recommend to all tournaments in the future as I’ve mentioned before because not only do you have a reliable hard copy of the scores but you have a nice bit of memories for each gamer to retain (I still have my DDII one).

Oh man, the prizes! Well done here lads the trophies were stunning + a box set (thank you to Gamers World’s Martin and the Arkham crew for these, correct me if I am wrong here) and of course the spot prizes although I didn’t see any for game 5 and I’m pretty sure game 4 didn’t have any either. It’s nice to note similarities that are good popping up in other tournaments around the country as it’s moving as all to an almost Standard format!

A huge Thank You to all my opponents over the course of the weekend, Phil, Eoin, Ulick, Peter and Phil (again) you were all great fun to play and win/lose against and very few rules issues came up. (REMEMBER THE POWERS ULICK!)

Right the rules pack…. It was good, the painting scores while I don’t like them were properly enforced so fair play there. Personally again the 4 objective games out of 5 seemed a bit much but at the end of the day it was all still very fun and good to at least try something new. The terrain and tables were of very high quality as well as the venue so congrats there just try and get all the tables to the same degree of excellence as there were 1-2 that could be absolute death traps to whoever went second in games i.e. no area terrain around.

Last but not least the price was just magic, fantastically low and the local shops/café’s were decent quality for a good price so you get a gold star for all this even though some of it is out of your control. To the retcon organizers I thank you from the bottom of my hear (and wallet) for the price that was the same for everything, no discrimination of wargamers here!

Once again this was a fantastic event and while the score is lower than others I’ll say you did well and if you take anything from this review on board remember this, transparency is key. Display the scores being input, display the scores for each round, display the standings and remember there is a no fuss no mess program available for this just a click away.

Congrats to John Stowe for winning Retcon with Space Wolves!

Opponents 5/5
Venue 5/5
Food 3/5
Rules Pack 5*/5
Terrain/Tables 4*/5
Organization 3*/5
Prizes 5/5
Value for Money 5/5

Overall 17/20

A score of 52/60 which should ultimately been higher but repeat delays/redo’s caused a fair bit of frustration but overall it was a great event.

Next Up: There will be no more R0ot of All Evil’s written by myself apart from my summary of all events coming soon™ but we will hopefully have a special guest review for the Irish masters in under 2 weeks time!

Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to read the last 10 reviews of mine and I hope you enjoyed reading them as I enjoyed attending the events and writing about them.

The R0ot of All Evil Vol. 9 (Itzacon 2011)

* A rather fine run tournament last weekend and apologies for the late post *

Well well well, Mr. Craig I see we meet again as you’ve decided to give running another tournament a go (see Gaelcon ROFE).

So here I am stuck in a car with nordies and DGGers…. this should be an interesting trip. So after a long and eventful journey, thanks for eating those beans Rowan!, we settle in for a few pints and the lads attempt to poison me with beer, instead of cider, to take me out of the running for the tournament. Tricky tricky nordies.

So game one was a little tardy starting off, for shame Craig, and each table was missing a key piece of terrain. Not that I was complaining with me pew pew! [Ed: I assume he has a shooty list] I’ve actually found something almost as annoying the empty promise of free tea and coffee – optional donation tea and coffee! Yeah thanks for guilt tripping me into that one lads!

At this point I would like to make a complaint to the club known as the Warheads, you should not allow Maynard to stretch out Floody’s Warpcon t-shirt, thus making it unwearable by Floody and giving Warpcon free advertising where they pay for everything else (and then some).

Now back to Itzacon…

Jesus lads, what’s with the price? I could find a cheaper polish hooker and she’d only steal my kidneys. Strangely I feel like the discount is more of a slap in the face, because the more people we con (pardon the pun) [Ed: The joke is in the convention name, Itz-a-con (hyphens added for clarity)] into coming the better the discount gets. I would expect at least a 10% royalty payment for each person someone brings in a group.

Ah Sunday morning wargaming! Nothing beats it you know… except when the pub isn’t and doesn’t open…. What the fudge? Are you actively trying to piss wargamers off this weekend or something? I really hope that late opening fee for the bar wasn’t just for Saturday night because if it was you guys just got pwned by some council/college official who’s probably laughing all the way to his heroine dealer or the non-Dublin equivalent.

I’d like to end this post with the following, I hate my dice (GG Keavney).

* Now a dedication to the winner of Itzacon 40k last weekend – Peter ‘Good Show’ Scott *

Opponents 5/5
Venue 5/5
Food 2/5
Rules Pack 5/5
Terrain/Tables 4/5
Organization 5/5
Prizes 4/5
Value for Money 2/5

Overall 18/20

That gives a decent score of 50/60.

So, first off my apologies for the short and late review this time. A slight technical glitch and real world shite caused my notes and time to vanish.

So once again a stunning bunch of opponents and sorry to my first opponent Eanna, who was the first person to face the new BT list I was running combined with the fantastic dice rolls I had, as it did not fair well for him. Thanks for the great and challenging games go to: Eanna (as above), Phil, Nick, Rowan and Mark. Damn the dice gods!

The venue was great but there could have been a much more efficient use of the space that was all around us. On the whole the space + area + proximity to the bar was great. The food on site was really good but again no kind of snacks for the gamers (see DDIV + III + Warpcon 2011) to keep those blood sugar levels high. The tea and coffee was free, if you could find a cup. There was a lovely donation option when you got this. I actually had Itzacon down for 3/5 for food however after the poison attempt of the Mars/caramel squares for charity I had to deduct a point. Fire the baker.

Again I’d like to state I have no problem with the 2 Kill points difference thing that you use at Itzacon Craig hence the 5/5 for the rules pack and I’d like someone that actually has an issue with it to explain (plainly) why they do without using sentences like “my army is borked by this change” as I could say the same thing of objective missions and tyranid players using Tervigons. It’s nice to see new missions being tried and maybe if we see a couple more attempts at new spins to old mission types it could be better for the tournament scene.

The terrain, while sufficient, really does need one more piece of LOS blocking terrain per table. I have no issues with the quality/standard of the terrain, as it’s of a high calibre but really it should be 25% of the table not 20%-22% with a decent LOS blocking piece somewhere. Randomizing tables instead of having “top tables” is something I’d like to see it avoid playing on the same table twice (I believe the program Johnny gave you Craig has this ability).

Organization was fantastic but watch those round times. The prizes could also have been a bit better for the price overall.

Okay, so the whole price issue is probably a touchy subject at this point, given the whole mess that ensued and while it is nice to see where the money is going it is clearly being mis-managed in some way, shape or form. This is more directed at all tournaments/cons, especially the few that have come to the communities attention lately, where there is a very large gaping hole between the price wargamers pay into the event and the amount of funds spent on them for the weekend but I digress and will leave this argument to the finer minds of our community.

Overall the entire weekend was fantastically run by Craig and fun was had by all. The pizza was great, although my stomach had a bit of a “don’t bloody try it” moment so I had to stop eating half way through. It’s also always good to get change when you buy drinks!

Thank you to all for the fun weekend and hope to see you all again soon.

Next Up: Vatiretcon and my first review on a fellow club member (oh joy)! So grab the popcorn and sit back and watch the gloves come off and sparks fly.

The R0ot of All Evil Vol. 8 (Dominion Day IV)

* **** you Jonny, you are the only tournament to go up to 11. Now if only they would make the rest of them louder. *

Strap on the stab vests, remove the southern license plates and forgo mentioning anything catholic for the next few days lads because we are off to the north again!

Wellity Wellity Wellity…. If your goal was to increase the risk of me dying of grease, you bloody well almost nearly succeeded you smug northern bastid. My blood is now nonexistent and it has been replaced with meat juice.

You started 15 minutes late, for shame! And your mats/tables were smaller than regulation by half an inch each side so stretch those bitches out with tape, disgraceful! Then you stick me with the biggest ass of an opponent for first game with some bullshit nid list and he’s a bigger time waster than the lead(cheat)er of the Warheads.

Finally for trying to give me alcohol poisoning with all this low price, probably illegal, booze, I shall report you to the relevant authorities in due time!

* Yes that’s all I have and it’s mostly completely exaggerated, once again damn you Jonny and I believe the bellow describes every attendee’s feelings on DDIV *

So I’m going to get the scores out of the way first to give me more time to circle jerk with DDIV and the overall experience.

Opponents 5/5 (Top class each one of you, Floody, Richard, John, Tris and Rick thank you for the fantastic games)
Venue 5/5
Food 5/5 (I would give you a 6 here if it didn’t go against my logical side)
Rules Pack 5/5
Terrain/Tables 5/5
Organization 5/5
Prizes 5/5
Value for Money 5/5

Overall 20/20

This makes for a total of 60/60! Right, so if you remember DDIII and my review the only reason I didn’t give it 60/60 was it was not a two day event. Well, Jonny stepped up to the plate and delivered, without a shadow of a doubt, the BEST tournament I have attended and he didn’t even get the full 32 players.

Starting with the venue, bar attached, with loads of space (which still would have been the case even if there were the full 32 players) and easy to find in a somewhat shady area (j/k).

The food is next up and dear god do these guys deliver. Sausage rolls to start with. Tea, coffee and hot chocolate to please everyone, then what can only be described as the closest thing you’ll come to a heart attack without actually having one. Basically a breakfast roll but replace the roll with two big bits of soda bread instead. After the first day of games we bailed to the hotel and then to the local Chinese and for a tenner we got fed to bursting point. And last but not least, buns on the second day with the tea, coffee, etc. and a lovely farm yard cull for lunch. (All for a low low price of £25).

Organization was tip top once again with score cards, projector, score monkey, player judges (great idea), spot prizes, wanted prizes (collection on defeating a wanted player) and a big dice to roll the scenarios.

Prizes were fantastic again and I am sad to say I did not get my hands on any glasswear but did achieve the fastest victory winning me some golden metal dice which then subsequently saved my ass a few times against John Stowe.

While there were only a few Best Battlefield entrants, the quality of terrain was again great but I’d have Mount Long Fang painted next time if you can. The rules pack was sound, using the ETC FAQ, and no special characters made for a change to the last few tournaments.

Finally Value for Money, this just cannot be beat. I spent £35 on food and the tournament, £10 of which was for the Chinese and maybe around €60 on drink and the hotel combined which was just fantastic.

Jonny you somehow surpassed yourself with this event from all the others and I would give you more points if I allowed for it but dear god this man can run a tournament well.


Dominion Day should be the tournament you aspire to, and if any of you were to come close to this event I would be a happy wargamer, more so than I am already.

I tip my hat to you sir and I wish we could clone you, as Joe said. Then we could harness the awesomeness that is your abilities to create tournaments.

Next Up: Itzacon and Craig takes another shot at it and I am looking forward to seeing what he can do!

P.S. I would like to dedicate this review to my old Black Templar list as this was it’s last outing and it shall not see the light of day again. You served me well and long your memory live on!

The R0ot of All Evil Vol. 7 (Warpcon XXI)

* I think the below sums up my initial feelings about Warpcon. *

Ugh what the feck it’s 6.30am on a Saturday morning and I have to travel to Ca’rk to be abused by their shrill irritating accents, who’s bright idea was this?! Why can’t every single event be held like 2 minutes walk (or less) from my apartment in Leixlip…. would it be so difficult?

Any way I’m back again for another edition of this filth and if you don’t like what you’re reading you can just go choke on my 3++ storm shield fired at you by my PoTMS!

So you know the way I’ve been ranting and raving for about 6 blog posts (and 6 cons) about this whole tea and coffee thing, how simple it is to do, how positive an effect it has an everyone attending and if you provide some buns with that it would be awesome also…….

…..Well you’d think that hey tournament organizers not doing this would be the height of the thing that would annoy me but YOU’D BE WRONG! (like Caolain *fada somewhere* and Floody about Maynard’s DA) In fact dear people being told that there WILL BE TEA AND COFFEE AND BUNS and finding there is none of this on the first day is much more irritating that the cork accent informing you of this fact. Get it together lads before the northerns invade and take over our tournament scene.

10am start awesome, finally a decent start where everyone will be prepared and organizers have everyone informed through some sort of clear informative way, nope didn’t think so. If you’re up there, please help the Warpcon organizers Superman. Lads come on now in a college as big as UCC would it be so difficult to source a projector for showing matchups/tables/scores it would have bypassed this whole printer not working fiasco after one print out.

You know what print outs and multiple people working from one laptop does, incorrect matchups. That’s right incorrect matchups and no you cannot use the size of the event as an excuse as you would have been well aware of the size of event that this was going to be so an extra 5-10 people shouldn’t upset your plans.

Day 2 brought the same tom foolery with a few delays and the final scorings being handed out to to the general crowd of 60+ wargamers to read aloud (my throat was fecked enough thank you)…. 2 sheets for 60+ gamers != good. [/code humour]

Just a quick note on this, it’s a tad bit fecking expensive for a wargames con lads, sure the drink is cheaper than Dublin but doesn’t mean you can’t reduce the price a little I mean you get 60 odd people so you shouldn’t exactly be short of cash, amirite?

*ugggh tired must write the good part later or may just come across as a dick, ugh too late. Enjoy some of this while you wait.

Right so lets get scores over and done with first:

Opponents 5/5
Venue 5/5
Food 2/5
Rules Pack 5/5
Terrain/Tables 5/5
Organization 4/5
Prizes 5/5 (Had to give five as I was not able to stick around for the prize giving so I am not aware of what they actually were)
Value for Money 4/5

Overall 18/20

So that makes for a total score of 53/60, a few things dropping the score as noted above but still an impressive score for the size of the event. Keep up the good work WAC/Cork Organizers.

So this being my first ever warpcon I was quite excited to be down with most of the Warheads (we will miss you Peter and Oisin) and all the talk about Warpcon and UCC seems to have been bang on the money. Whether it was down to the relaxed Cork attitude or the amount of wargamers in one place I don’t know but a hilariously fun weekend was had.

So my first note when we arrived in the 40k hall was the sheer amount and quality of the terrain, while I didn’t like the tables that were like pebble-dashed boards the terrain cleared any misgivings towards them. I was fairly ticked off at having being told about tea and coffee being provided at Warpcon (at Dominicon in November) and then there was none but Floody saved the food score a few points with his buns on the Sunday…. and he made some great cakes also.

My first game was against Blood Angels of Pearce Condren and from playing Baz’s list I noticed some similarities ;). Now BA scares the be-jebus out of me but I thought lets go for broke here and I had fantastic luck for my reserves and everying came on turn 2 with most of Pearce’s army within 6″ -> 18″ of my table edge however that is where my luck ran out and managed to do absolutely nothing to any of his units. Great opponent, great game but I’m glad Stowe avenged my honour!

Opponents throughout the day were some familiar faces and some not and a note of thanks go out to Brian (orks), Donal(orks), Eoin (necrons) (immobilised LRCs!) and John (Nids) for some amazingly fun and competitive games. A big thank you to all my crusade brothers also and apologies for the poor t-shirt designs but I was in a rush. (John, Karl and Hugh)

Organization was good for the amount of mishaps that happened, may want to bring some teleport homers for your printers next time lads with the printer breaking and a matching up mistake in the 2nd game for a few people. Very please that there was always one score monkey at laptop and although there weren’t many rules calls Judges were wondering around when needed.

(Whoever had the idea of Captain Americas thank you as the t-bone steak I had was ‘groin grabingly’ good)

Nice starting times on both days giving a well needed rest period for anyone who had been drinking the nights before so thank you for the consideration.

With this Warpcon well and truly over I can say it will not be my last time attending this amazing collection of wargamers. Keep up the great work and you can always improve on greatness (read as Tea and Coffee please).

EDITORS NOTE: It came to my attention that there was some words had around the top tables with Judges about a particular player and while I can neither comment on the exact nature of what happened I will say this, Judges should remain neutral, impartial (probably the same word meaning but worth saying twice) and above all don’t believe everything you are told without investigating.

Until next time where we review what is sure to be another top notch tournament from the nordies: Dominion Day IV (The Director’s Cut)

*As always any comments/criticisms/complaints feel free to post a comment here or hit me up via PM on On The Step or W-Ired.*

The R0ot of All Evil Vol. 6 (Assault on Arkham)

* Middle of nowhere is a term I don’t coin too often but damn this place is the sticks of the sticks *

Sigh the north, again?! I don’t like getting kneecapped at the best of times but to be forced into the back end of the North and have to risk my taig self in amongst these occupiers is a down right travesty!

Enough with the travel arrangements and time complaining I say and onto the true pain of this tournament, not enough players! 14 players does not a tournament make. Make this a two day for the love of god as that would have justified the time taken to play in the tournament it all passed way to quickly for my liking.

Snacks lads come on easy to sort, a couple of buns or something similar and you have content happy gamers all day and put the stuff where it can be seen not just by the regulars to the venue that know every corner of the place.

Hahaha you say this review is weak sauce, well **** you buddy you’re not my pal!

* Not much complaints above and here’s some awe inspiring Halo footage because I am currently addicted to the game*

Without further griping thank you all for this tournament it was a very fun day with very few things I noticed that would need to be improved. As always I hold everyone up to the pedestal that is Dominion Day cakes and buns that they provide and I will continue to do this so that’s pretty much the main loss of points (2) from the overall with the other point down to size of the event. A one day that is 20 people is not as appealing to people as I would like and due to a few pull outs this results in an even lower total points score able which is something I don’t like to see.

Anyway this was still immensely fun which was the purpose of my attendance at this event (besides the blog) and myself and John Stowe furthered the crusades goals by brining out some not so usual builds of Black Templar armies. (more on this can be viewed at : http://w-ired.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1075 )

The tables/terrain were perfect and if I could go back and deduct a point from Dominion day for the tables I would because these tables you had were by far the best I’ve seen in my gaming experience. Your venue is also top notch even though it is a shop the comfort and feel of the place is something I don’t think you can replicate at other larger events so this was a major plus against the low attendance.

Perfectly organized games quick to get the scores done and the soft scoring prizes at the end for painting and sportsmanship was well placed in the last game as it didn’t interfere with the overall day of gaming. Tea and coffee was provided however it wasn’t pointed out so lost a point for that (I’m nit picking here). The prizes were just phenomenal and would welcome the same at other tournaments.

The opponents for the day, although I did play 2 club members, were all great and thank you to Alec, Gary and Barra (:hate:) for the great games. Finally the value of the event was great for £15 I can highly recommend this for anyone thinking of Assault on Arkham II (may not be the actual name).

On to the scoring!

Opponents 5/5
Venue 5/5
Food 3/5
Rules Pack 5/5
Terrain/Tables 5/5
Organization 5/5
Prizes 5/5
Value for Money 5/5

Overall 19/20

So that’s a total score of 57/60, great job lads keeping up the northern standard a few things that could be addressed but there may be constraints due to the premises/location.

Next Up: Nothing for over a month now so taking a much needed break, I need to write a battle report for a previous game and will be trying to get a few others posted too but Warpcon is after that!

P.S. Next Crusade coming to a tournament near you!

The R0ot of All Evil Vol. 5.1 (Maynard’s Deathwatch RPG)

* What’s this you say 2 R0ot of all Evils in one day? Haha that’s right your getting twice the shite for free! *

Dear Maynooth Douchebags, I wish to complain about the poorly run RPG that I attended on the Sunday afternoon which started almost 2 hours late and was very poorly run. I would like to propose that this rpg GM be banned from attending any future Dominicon conventions and if possible he be castrated for such a poor performance.

Putting a Deathwatch kill team up against 5 humans and then 5 Fire warriors is not a challenge and should not be considered as such then the GM complaining that we are ridiculously overpowered shows this organizers lack of organization and obvious lack of knowledge of the game (I refer to my previous castration comment).

Also picking on one player more than others having their armour malfunction on a huge number of occasions is biased and unfair. Not preparing for our perception sucking and very poor heal rolls left him dumbfounded and lost.

Continuity was not maintained and even though this rpg was essentially zero cost I wish to request that the GM pay me and the other poor saps he conned into his game the cost of our Dominicon tickets.

DIAF Maynard, DIAF!

* This was a special broadcast by the R0ot of all Evil and won’t happen again we shall return to normal broadcasting shortly *

Opponents 3/5 (5 humans and fire warriors then to a Lictor and Crisis suit out of nowhere?)
Venue 5/5 (Lovely warm secluded room yay!)
Food 2/5 (those crisps were shit Joe, but the free coke yay!)
Rules Pack 5/5 (Thank you games workshop)
Terrain/Tables 3/5 (You lose points for not always drawing 3D maps / pictures)
Organization 3/5 (dude wtf? bring you GM card!)
Prizes 0/5 (ghey)
Value for Money 5/5 (it was free, but I want my money back!)

Overall 20/20

Total score of 46/60 and if you can’t tell the above is a piss take and thank you Maynard for providing us with some Sunday morning/afternoon entertainment and I’d love to do it again even if my armour is hugely malfunctional although more hordes please!

(I don’t think I could do better tbh so fair play Maynard!)

The R0ot of All Evil Vol. 5 (Dominicon of Steel)

*So fucking cold this weekend, feck you Irish weather! Wait what? I have to leave the house in this shit? Feck …. *

Ah for fecks sake lads what’s with all this waking up early for registration and then registration not being ready yet?! Starting 30 minutes late also needs to be looked into as that’s an extra 30 minutes I could have spent asleep.

The pre-submission date, for the love of god post it in the actual threads/advertisements you do not at the bottom of the rulespack on a separate page.

I have heard of this magical device known as a projector that puts your computer screen and displays it on a large type of screen thing and guess what all the lecture rooms are fitted with them guys! It’s there, use it don’t spend 10 minutes writing up the match ups/tables numbers (and then actually having to change them a few times) when you can easily project it when it’s ready.

Ah come on once again no tea/coffee for the con goers/war gamers it’s cheap and effective and there should be €50 (at like the absolute bloody max) in the budget for it.

I hate sounding like a broken record….. no wait I do actually love it so here it comes again:

DEDICATED SCORE MONKEY PLEASE, then you have the freedom to have your two judges roaming around sorting everything else which is needed at an event that has 30+ people.

Odd number of players does happen so plan for it with a bye buster list as this throws all the damn nonsense of “what do we give this guy in points so as to not to feck with the overall tournament”.

When you penalize people for painting scores you either coat everyone with the same brush (pardon the pun) or you let them all away with it, Flying bases need to be painted/based you say? Then ALL FLYING BASES need to be painted based this includes your lovely land speeders etc.

Food food food food food, there was previous deals at previous Dominicon events with pizza’s etc but none this year or nobody mentioned it to the war gamers? O’Briens being the pretty much overpriced thing it is was not sufficient (however thank you to the girl that showed up to do it, eeep this should be in the below part)

*Packs up my shit and saves it for the North*

Very very few complaints on this one so I’d like to start with the scores and a very big thanks to Paddy and Barnard for a smoothly run, efficient and fun tournament.

Opponents 5/5
Venue 5/5
Food 2/5
Rules Pack 5/5
Terrain/Tables 4½/5
Organization 4½/5
Prizes 5/5
Value for Money 5/5

Overall 17/20

So that’s a total score of 53/60, well done but a few things that could be looked at.

So lets go over these scores, opponents for the weekend were great, Gerry with his Necrons was a fantastically fun game where I got lucky with a turn 6 and a phase out and one point where we were arguing for each other on a rules query. Joseph with his guard (:hate:) was an unfortunate match up for myself but that’s the way it goes still a good game with bitching from myself probably more than usual and finally Derek with your guard where although it ended 6:1 kill points to me he beat me in victory points.

I was genuinely surprised by the turnout to Dominion …. I mean Dominicon of Steel, with 34 people showing up to play (then 3 not being able to due to no show/no army available, poor Dan) leaving 31 players for a 1 day tournament was to put it frankly impressive and again hats off to Paddy and everyone who showed up.

Thank you to anyone who dug deep and pulled out all the terrain, while 2 tables could have done with a bit more terrain/less huts and hills overall it was well set up, fair and plenty of it. Loads of room around each table so no butting of heads over space although one Space Wolf player did have to spend some time after sending his entire army hurtling to the ground (ouch).

The lack of Tea and coffee while probably out of the war gamers organisers hands should still be something every event should look into, it’s a great touch (man how many times have I said this) and cheap.

Price, wow seriously I can’t argue with the price here, €12 for the one day is well worth it especially with the turnout that showed up.

As said above you had a projector on hand and it should have been used, for more than just the final scores, why leave it idle?

* Might want to stop reading for a second as the next part could be construed as self promotion of the Warheads (which I am a member) *

I got to have a gander at Barnard using his FAQ (which needs a guide written on how to use easily) and his scoring program and I have to say once again I am very impressed. As he admits there are still some bugs that need to be worked out on both but for something he has built from scratch (minus the FAQ’s etc) it’s getting top marks from me and I would recommend people that think the same to get in contact with Barnard (Trget) on our forums http://www.onthestep.net .

* Okay I’m done you can start reading again *

The prizes were perfect for the event, while I’ve seen more prizes at other cons I add these to the value for money appreciation and overall organization so the only thing I can say is throw in a few more spot prizes, nothing huge a dice or a lamented sheet award would do.

A big thank you to everyone who came to this as I loved every minute of it and have to say the quality of the Irish Tournament scene is outstanding but has room for improvement like everything does! Thanks again to Barnard, Paddy, everyone I played, my club mates and everyone who listened to my drivel and read this post.

Next up: Assault on Arkam

The R0ot of All Evil Vol. 4 (Dominion Day 3)

*I hate you Johnny as you have ruined my 4th post before I even get to do it…. *

Feck you Maynard! Feck you I say 6am wake up call saying we have a minute to get ready, 30 minutes later we are on the road on our way to Dominion Day 3 so strap on the bullet proof vests and armour plate that car Baz because we are entering the occupied territories!

Could you pick a place out in the middle of nowhere much lads, it’s more remote than the chances of Maynard placing in the top 10 in the tournament this weekend.

So the first game comes around and I’m having a pleasant time when I realise wait this isn’t a two day, ah now come on lads needs to be a fecking two day to be a challenge.

The tournament day flew by and the provision of free caffeine meant I had a twitch the entire day, thanks for that lads….. And the journey home was like travelling through hurricane Katrina only with less none true aryan people.

*Once again hate you so much Johnny*

Right, EVERY TOURNAMENT ORGANISER PAY ATTENTION because THIS is how you run a tournament!

I hate Johnny because he absolutely gave me NOTHING to complain about other than it not being a two day everything else is me scraping the bottom of the barrel. Lets start with the list of Do’s for every other tournament from now on shall we:

Best Battlefield – This is an awesome idea, if you ever want to encourage people to bring terrain do this as it’s an extra prize that people with modelling and painting skills will love.

Spot Prizes and Small Tokens – Order of the Beard (Cheese Award), Mr Organised (Bribe Award), First person to kill one of his one models, First unit to fall back and so on these were great little things that added a small but great touch to the overall event.

Tea, Coffee, Snacks – I cannot say this enough when you have some 20 odd boxes of buns and pastry s, tea and coffee for free all day this is just fantastic. Every other event you see is in a hotel and we pay ridiculous prices for these and get nothing other than the games yet any other convention would get a minimum of tea and coffee from the hotel/venue.

Organization – This is a huge one and to pull this off perfectly as was done at the weekend was great! A running timer displayed on a projector down to the milisecond is another small but great addition, personalized score sheets, army lists printed with wargear and special rule refrences and everything you’d need to have at a tournament, free dice, relaxed yet completely structured games, on hand referee(s) and one dedicated score person (computer monkey)! Just plain awesome!

Prizes – You cannot beat a fine piece of glass trophy for a prize you just can’t lads.

Value for Money – Tied into the one above for £15 (€17.3868) you get all the prizes, food (£3 for what is the best version of a breakfast roll, no roll instead it’s soda bread) and a lovely cheap bar!

And now time for the scores:

Opponents 5/5
Venue 5/5
Food 5/5
Rules Pack 5/5
Terrain/Tables 5/5
Organization 5/5
Prizes 5/5
Value for Money 5/5

Overall 19/20 (Lost one point because you ran out of tea very quickly and one tables terrain could have done with a tad more stuff but really I am not giving you a perfect score cause then you’ll get lazy) That’s a total of 59/60 well damn done!

Thank you to Johnny and all the lads that made this event possible and I cannot wait for the 2 day event in February if it goes ahead. I can’t state this enough that every tournament should resemble this and I (and every 40k player) will be very very happy even when you come 15th…. 😆 . This was as good as the last Dominion Day and I expect the same from every other DD.

Now that I am done with circle jerking the Northern Wasters I bid you all good day (fags)!

Next up: Dominicon of Steel!

The R0ot of All Evil Vol. 3 (Conclave)

*I do not need any preparation for this blog to be angry as I have just returned on a 3 hour train journey run by Iarnród Éireann.*

My name’s not bounty lad! Oh god lads Limerick we are going to all fecking die here…… from lack of organization but we shall get to that later as we have a few things to go over first.

Day One

Hey boi’s lets go visit Stab Central this will be a good plan without any problems.

Hotel was lovely (don’t worry nothing nice coming here) but wait that other convention across the hall of nurses do they have, yes I think they do, TEA AND COFFEE! What is so hard in a hotel venue to get free tea and coffee really? I mean everyone else gets it. We are filling the hotel with drinking and eating adults/teenagers the least the hotel can do is first day tea and coffee.

NEEDS MOAR TERRAIN PLX! To quote a very knowledgeable person “5th ed needs at least one piece of LOS blocking terrain” and the majority of these tables were as bare as a “polish hookers snatch” , as helpful as walls are craters are going to be you need ruins, buildings, hills etc and at that a 4th of a tables worth not a 5th. There was about 2 miles of room between the 40k/Fantasy players tables and the card gamers where either we could have space the tables a little more giving some breathing and none stamping on models room to the players.

To quote the movie Judge Dredd “The Judge’s standard-issue helmet and body armor. Yours, when you graduate.” So that had no reference on what I am about to say but it’s a cool line. 32 Players needs at minimum two judges roaming the floors and one person doing the scores not one person doing the scores/judging and vanishing every so often and leaving no judges around (or having the person running Yugioh try and decided a rules query). I would have thought this was realised after Gaelcon but I think I need to drive this home once more!

You can’t spell organization without …. actually I can’t think of a good word to pull from organization but can I just say this was not well organized overall. 30 minutes late start, scoring system I do believe was set up by the time the tournament started, swiss system was ****ed with so may as well have had predetermined matches from round 1 on.

To go in depth on the above, if the bye happens to put an understrength player into top position then you follow the swiss system you don’t play the bye again with that player (regardless of age or experience) as this is a tournament, a max scoring one at that. After this we may as well have called the tournament and started grudge matches as it would have had similar results.

Ah finally some sort of food benefit discount hurragh, oh wait it’s a kids meal under the price of what a chipper meal would be………….. I also had the misfortune to sample the food in the Hotel and my half way burnt to a cinder burger was fantastic……ly shit.

Day Two

So the pre-design of a 5 round tournament is that you get 2 games on the second day and they are quickly played and people are out on the road on the way home and since quite a few people had 3+ hour journeys this should have been the same.

(Mic training for every person going to use it as my ears are still bleeding.)

As above Sunday short day that is quick and RELAXING. When the time is running to a close give 30 minutes warning not 5 minutes as the purpose of the warning is to make sure the players finish on an equal number of turns.

Overall this event could have been fantastic instead it is dropping to the lowest score I will be giving.

*Ouchie that actually hurt me saying these things but they needed to be said*

I don’t like be harsh but I also have to be fair to every tournament I am reviewing, you all get the same treatment regardless of club/friend ties I may or may not have.

Gary and Jason you are both great people, fun to play against and you did well but really there were a lot of faults in the tournament, I don’t begin to know the troubles of organizing an event of this size and I don’t want to any time soon, that could have been easily fixed/resolved.

Right on to the scores as this is the positive side of the blog:

Venue 5/5 (Fantastic venue, apart from the food; see below, lovely staff and nice location even if it is in Limerick j/k)
Opponents 5/5 (5 great games, I didn’t do very well but was still a pleasure to play you guys, thanks to Darragh, Darra, Brian, Bruce and Colin)
Rules Pack 5/5 (Not complaints here it was the standard and perfectly laid out)
Organization 2½/5 (Suffering here as for the stuff mentioned above)
Tables/Terrain 3/5 (Again some lovely looking terrain but not enough of it)
Food 1/5 (I didn’t hear one good thing about the food in the hotel but I did enjoy my Caesar salad but I wish I hadn’t ordered that what was meant to be a burger)
Prizes 5/5 (Great prizes especially the irony of the Necron battleforce for the winner I had a private chuckle to myself over that but it’s a good prize all the same)
Value for Money 4/5 (Again lads for the venue it was in fantastic price, well done!)

Overall 15/20 making for 40½/60

The total is the lowest I have done so far but the problems are minor and could be fixed for the next event (hopefully I will still be welcome after this) with very little to fix them.

I had a fantastic time as did everyone I spoke with at the tournament but the same issues were mentioned by the majority if not everyone I spoke with so take the C&C lads and come back in the next Conclave swinging!

Thank you Gary and Jason for taking the time out of your weekend to run this tournament and go through all the crap that comes with it and I hope you do it again soon (*slightly modified*) but with the same friendly feel you guys brought to the gaming over the weekend.

*Any issues/complaints/comments/hate mail/death threats/etc. post them below and I will answer when I see them*

The R0ot of All Evil Vol. 2 (Gaelcon 2010)

*watches the last scene in Land of the Dead to gain sufficient anger*

Day One

Wellity Wellity Wellity, where to begin eh? Little culchie me visiting the big smoke and the horribly posh D4 location. Oh, this should be good. So in we go to this very very big monster of a hotel and fork out the extortionist amount of cash for 2 days of wargaming. One moment while I sell one of my kidneys on eBay to pay for this event.

So the games come quick and fast and low and behold I have a rules query, so where are the judges do you say? There’s one wondering around here somewhere, well yes you’d almost be literally right there using the word one…… Yes I’m serious some 48 Wargamers with 2 judges over the entire event left to deliberate. Ah lads, I think there’s a problem here! At minimum you need 4 judges for this size of event and one of them is going to be handling the scores while the others should be wondering around but no, two will do….

Ah second game in. Kill points. Such a refreshing game type or so it should be! I did hear the phrase: “Wait what? It’s 2 kill points?” a few times and while I chuckled every time I heard this, there should have been big blatant reminders that “YES THERE IS A 2 KILL POINTS DIFFERENCE TO WIN GAME!”, invest in a whiteboard or something guys, this needs to be said. While the change didn’t overly bother me it needs to be said that 1 kill points work. It does result in the odd “Oh I just popped your rhino and now I’m going to run away” but 2 kill points difference makes a lot more draw games. Increasing in turn the possibility of playing the same person again the next round, which then results in swaps which screw the swiss system. So lets just stick to the standard rules shall we?

Day 2

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh is all I can say for waking up in the freezing fecking cold on a Sunday morning in Ballymun and then travelling to D4 to play 3 rounds of 40k again. 6 rounds is too long, seriously! Ouch, no more please, pretty please!

Low and behold again we have a an issue with judges, while I’m not going to get into how or when judges need to be patrolling the top tables, especially in the last few games as tensions can get high and debates come up. Which did happen!

*watches ending of Dawn of the Dead to cheer up*

Ah the video above describes this weekend a little too well for my tastes….

To Craig and the other two organisers/helpers: This was a great con and as the above rant is pretty small, as you can see, it was very difficult for me to find fault in your event. A few bones to pick with the number of judges as already mentioned but take that as a learning experience and if you run this next year you’ll know you need more people to help.

Thanks to Martin from Gamer’s World, The Warheads, the WAC, and anyone else I’m leaving out, who brought terrain as it was all fantastic and we had loads on every table. I didn’t hear any complaints on this over the entire two days.

The scores below are good but there are some points I’ve laid out that could be improved on. Tea and coffee for the entire war gaming group, if not the entire con, wouldn’t be overly expensive and other conventions get it provided for free by the hotels. I’m sure every other hotel would welcome it also.

Some sort of freebie would again be fantastic to see in events in Ireland when the cost is this high and while I realise it’s down to the convention for the majority of the cost but something small in there would be a nice addition (like NWG with the free difficult terrain templates for vehicles or Dominion Day with the buns etc at the con).

This R0ot of all evil has been short and sweet and honestly I’d prefer this, the shorter the first part gets the better the Tournament scene for 40k is in Ireland and that can’t be a bad thing! Thanks again to Craig and his helpers (I can’t for the life of me remember their names) and of course thank you to all the attendees as you were all a pleasure to meet and play (Mike, Tadhg, Cairan, Darren and a WAC Ork player I can’t remember the name of: thank you all for the 6 games).

Venue 5/5 (Lovely place, big area not overly crowded, some comfy chairs floating around for when your legs were about to give way, so yay for that. Easy to get to also so another plus. Good choice to Gaelcon organizers.)
Opponents 5/5 (I gave away 5 dice so I gauge that as a a good event, I played Cairan twice and he wasn’t getting two Warheads dice in one event)
Rules Pack 4/5 (The two kill points brought this down)
Organization: 4/5 (Everything ran smoothly but as already said lack of an adequate number of judges brought this down)
Tables/Terrain: 5/5 (Plenty of terrain, personally I didn’t like some of the hills as placing models on them was not possible if you had a lot but the amount and quality of the terrain was fantastic!)
Food: 3/5 (As noted for NWG the lack of any sort of tea or coffee for attendees, unless I missed something, it’s a let down for me but from what I heard, saw and of course ate the food in the venue was fantastic if not a little overpriced some times but that is D4 for you)
Prizes 5/5 (Assigned prizes and lots of them, good to see)
Value for Money 2/5 (Not much the wargames can do to lower this as the con price is the kicker but still very expensive)

Overall 18/20 making for 51/60

P.S. Does anyone know where I can get some of that fudge that everyone said was delicious, as I missed out on it?

*Any issues/complaints/comments/hate mail/death threats/etc. post them below and I will answer when I see them*

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