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Tournament Clash 2012

Tonight….on Tournament Watch…. nah just kiddin’, cool music though eh?

This post is about the recent scheduling clashes that have been caused by the ever increasing number of tournaments in Ireland. The question is however; could they have been avoided?
Let’s see.
The focus, of course, has to fall first on the plight of Q-Con, in my opinion, one of the best run conventions of any sort in the gaming scene. I use the term, plight, simply because this is the second year running that this event has found itself clashing with events run elsewhere in Ireland.
It might be fairer to say that they have clashed with it, of course; it has run at the same time of the year for 18 years now whereas the events clashing with it have less history.
Last year, Q-Con 2011 was on the 25th and 26th of June, the same weekend as Conclave Summer Event.
Now, this year, it appears that Q-Con 2012 (22nd-24th June this time) will clash with the Irish Masters. That event, which has invited the top 16 players in the country to attend, means that when coupled with the two players helping organise the event, there will be a total of 18 of the best players in the country missing this well run competition.
Put on top of that, is the fact that MooFool, the latest in a series of new events in Cork, will run on the same weekend as Retcon, UCD’s Annual Gaming Event. Retcon, also in its 18th year of running, will be scratching its head as to why this new event has decided to run on the same weekend, just two hours away in the city of Cork.
So let’s have a look and see if this could have been avoided:

After the Irish gaming community starting participating more in the European scene and with the advent of the Rankings system for Ireland the number of tournaments in Ireland has increased significantly. However looking at the table above (courtesy of RankingsHQ) we can see that there are still more than a few months left in the gaming calendar with only one (October, June and December) or two events (July, August, September, November and January).
In fact, Q-Con was traditionally the only major event around June. Now it clashes with the Irish Masters. Equally, March has had only one other event apart from Retcon, Itzacon VIII.
From that evidence, it is indeed perplexing as to why newer events would clash with already established events.
Conspiracy theory?

Or is it more symptomatic of a gaming scene that doesn’t communicate and organise effectively within itself?

I can’t be sure myself since I’m not heavily involved in organising these events but I thought it interesting that it’s an increasing phenomenon rather than a decreasing one (which one might have thought since the gaming scene is becoming better known to all gamers.) and I wonder what our gaming public think?

EDIT: The most excellent organisers of the Irish Masters have moved it to the weekend of the 30th June/1st July. Hooray.

Best Painted Army at Q-Con

Congratulations to Andrew Johnston of UniteAllAction for winning QCon’s best painted army competition last weekend in Belfast. I saw this army up close and shot a few images of it but make sure to check out Andrew’s blog for more tasty Imperial Guard treats!! Below are a few images I managed to snap.

The detailing on the back of this Hydra is pure awesomeness, right down to the little custom rail across the back and mounting the gun platform on the half-track chassis.
While still fitting with the rest of the army’s paint scheme (using soft tones) AJ has made his Vendettas catch the eyes of everyone passing by. We got the great pleasure to snap shots from every angle. His opponents only ever got to look down their three twin linked lascannon barrels though….

AJ’s Chimeras (and Hydras) were all built using the Ork Trukk as a chassis! It didn’t resemble an Ork Trukk in the slightest at first but the muted tones really suit the model for use with Imperial Guard!!

This of course isn’t AJ’s first time winning best painted army at QCon but hopefully we’ll see him down south picking up trophies too sometime soon!!

Q-Con – Part 2

James Jennings, good friend and sexy beast, had some graffiti on his score card from his “fans”.

So third opponent was Blood Angels, weird list and my opponent was from Clonmel, apparently quite a few gamers down that way came up which was great to see.

I threw them the address for w-ired and gave them the spiel about events closer to home they might want to venture to as well. This is when the dice normalized back to “statistically likely” and my Lascannons weren’t set to stun anymore, a win by 1 kill point saw me get my first proper points but it was an impossible uphill battle to get to the top 10 from here.

Jonny and Dale make a great team and I’ve yet to see things go anything but smoothly for them at tournaments. The work they put in (and the rest of the gamers in the North including the Beasts of War who had Live Coverage over both days of QCon) is amazing and are involved in most aspects of the wargaming scene in the North. The fact that they’re so well loved (mostly by me) is a real testament to their hard work up there.

Opponent #4. Another army I’m familiar with, Deathwing! Belial and Co. were joined by a Raider and a couple of Tactical Squads. One objective each and Dawn of War meant I sat 20 boys on the top floor of a building on an objective and then just gave them a 2+ cover save every round using orders.
A straight up win with my contesting his objective with a Vendetta and holding my own. Between rounds I even had time to get Alec Cornelius’ autograph on my Imperial Guard Codex. Alec is my hero.

I had a sense of familiarity about my last opponent of the tournament….oh yeah, the Obliterator that WOULDN’T DIE from Game 2 on the first day.
This time I told him if I saw one 5 I’d break his legs and whaddya know, not one 5.

17-3 victory to me, I was going second, 5 objectives quarters. The deep striking storm troopers doing some business but the Vendettas and Hydras showing what they’re capable of when the dice aren’t insanely frustrating. Maybe I should’ve eaten this:
which I found in the local petrol station near Queen’s…
James Jennings and his opponent compare sizes…

The Bunny Killer Alec Cornelius picked up 2nd place and the Warheads came first overall out of the clubs. Jan Karnowski came first with his Kan Wall Orks. Jan was unstoppable (except at pool, right Jan? 😉 ) and even beat his bane list, Dark Eldar venom spam commanded by fellow Team Northern Ireland player Rowan Sheridan. I ended up in 14th, can’t complain after that first day I suppose!
Great weekend and I’ll be back in Belfast soon to visit all the friends we made, on top of going to Coleraine to hopefully do something with the Beasts of War, going to Ballymena for Dominion Day and visiting James Jennings and his lovely fiancee for a weekend of gaming and such.
Thanks QCon, long may it go on!!

Q-Con – Part 1

Hey folks, a write up about QCon this weekend just passed in Queen’s University Belfast run by the local gaming and anime group the Dragonslayers. This event had more than 1,800 attendees before the staff gave up counting and was hands down the best event (both best run and best craic, best value for money and friendliest) I’ve been to since I started gaming.

You’ll notice the Northern Ireland ETC logo up at the top, that’s because Jonny Fisher, Team Northern Ireland’s veteran Captain was running the 40k event and (it being NI’s biggest event) used it to advertise to potentially interested gamers about getting on the Northern Irish team and the work Team NI do in the North. Surrounded by some controversy recently because of his comments regarding some gamers not travelling to as many events as others there was some worry of boycotting after some key Cork wargamers declared their non attendance at Jonny Fisher associated events but this looks like it didn’t affect attendance since 50 wargamers showed up for 40k on the first day (with a DBM Historical wargames tournament right next door).

Also advertised was Ireland’s central wargaming forum w-ired as well as upcoming events north and south of the border.

There were plenty of nicely painted models and armies and as always our custom dice:

So an experimental list (isn’t it always?!):
Company Command Squad [50]
4 Flamers [20]
Astropath [30]
Krak Grenades [5]

[ELITES]Storm Trooper Squad [85]
2 Melta Guns [20]
1 Plasma Pistol [10]

Storm Trooper Squad [85]
2 Plasma Guns [30]
1 Plasma Pistol [10]

Storm Trooper Squad [85]
2 Melta Guns [20]

[TROOPS]Platoon Command Squad [30]
3 x Flamers [15]
1 Heavy Flamer [20]

Infantry Squad [50]

Infantry Squad [50]


Platoon Command Squad [30]
3 x Flamers [15]
1 Heavy Flamer [20]

Infantry Squad [50]

Infantry Squad [50]

[FAST ATTACK]Vendetta [130]
Heavy Bolters [10]

Vendetta [130]
Heavy Bolters [10]

Vendetta [130]
Heavy Bolters [10]

[HEAVY SUPPORT]Hydra Flak Battery
2 x Hydras [150]

Hydra Flak Battery
1 x Hydra [75]

Hydra Flak Battery
1 x Hydra [75]

Bit of a strange one I agree but bear with it, it’s only 1,500 points, 250 lower than the Irish scene normally caters for and it still has 16 twin linked autocannon shots, 4 deep striking meltaguns and 9 twin linked lascannons so medium mech shouldn’t prove too much hassle.

Or so I thought. Man oh man how wrong was I. I forgot one important aspect of my plan…. Dice. Those that know me know I never blame dice but this is a special occasion. First matchup, Sisters of Battle, no extra armour transports, one squad with meltaguns and the rest had flamers. So just the excorcists to take out and a canoness with wings and eviscerator. Got side armour with 3 of my hydras and all of my vendettas just on the deployment and scout move (me going first)! This should be straight forward, 9 twin linked lascannons and 6 twin linked autocannons in the side of rhinos and excorcists! Turns out the dice had different plans.

Seize the initiative roll for my opponent….this wasn’t too bad actually, I had 4+ saves on the vendettas and still had deep striking melta and hydras to take care of business.

Again the dice had different plans. Below is a picture of his lone canoness hitting my vendetta on 6’s. Blows the hell out of it. Then the guys inside get pinned.

My original set up.

And the dice continued to horrify for the rest of the game he literally walked most of his sisters across the bored when I managed to stun their transports (after taking the excorcist launchers off the excorcists (but the excorcists were fine, just no weapon?!!?)…
Ok no big deal, they’re just dice and I have 4 more games.
Next up a similar list to my ETC Chaos list but optimised for 1,500 points and with an extra Lash Prince.
Really nicely converted Nurgle Rhino….

And the list, 3 oblit (2 man) squads, plague marines and princes.

My opponent was relatively new to the tournament scene and I knew the list well so I had high hopes of getting some points here. My opponent let me go first and (it being Dawn of War) I brought on the Hydras (for those delicious kill points called daemon princes) and the vendettas (to outshoot the oblits with me going first). This all went to plan perfectly actually, all the dice were totally fine, except his. His obliterators took 6 turns to kill one in one squad and all of my deep striking storm troopers to kill the other. At one point his lone obliterator (who only had to sneeze to take out a vendetta (in fact the whole game he didn’t get any 1,2,3 or 4s on his penetrating table rolls….) made 11 consecutive 5+ saves.

Deep striking Storm Troopers….on suicide duty all weekend. Also failed to take down that list oblit.

Another loss. In fact I’m pretty sure I heard those (not even in cover) Obliterators say:

Part 2 coming soon….

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