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Product review: PaperTerrain.com

Travel east in southern Russia across the heat saturated steppes and you will eventually reach the cool waters of the Laba and Kuban.  In between these two rivers lies the somniferous village of Bristolscalia.
The product under review here is the South Russian Village pack (http://paperterrain.mybisi.com/product/south-russian-village-pack) in 15mm.  It costs $40.00 (roughly 31 euro) with an additional $11.00 for shipping from the U.S.  We ordered the village online and received it seven days later.  In addition to the village we received a signed letter from PaperTerrain.com’s CEO/CFO.  That’s a nice touch.
The village consists of seventeen buildings–barns, workhouses, houses, and a church.  The buildings are printed on cardstock with each building clearly labeled.  We unpacked the buildings and sorted out the inventory.

.    A key feature of paperterrain.com buildings is the double-construction.  Each of the main buildings comes as a ruined “core” and an outer healthy shell that slides over the core.  This was a compelling reason for our decision to give this product a trial.  This also effectively doubles the assembly time so plan accordingly. Our xacto knives were sharp and we got straight to work cutting out two houses, sheds, and some fences 

The assembly of the house was straightforward.  A ruler with a sharp edge is helpful with the folds, particularly the small tabs that are used to glue the components together.  We used Scotch’s “scapbook glue” and it worked nicely.  
The detail is impressive, as we expected from a printed product.  The chimney is a nice touch and you can imagine a family sitting around a poorly fueled fire waiting to be crushed under the treads of an IS-2. Having assembled two houses we decided to make a compound.  The base is the cork underside of a place mat that has been painted brown.  Our compound consists of two sheds (one wood shed is just visible to the right of a house), a pig pen, and some fences.  
Next we simply applied some flock.
And as soon as we had we finished assembling our compound a ZIS-76 crew occupied it.  

Let’s conclude this brief review.
Price: Inexpensive.  Flames of War requires a serious commitment to terrain and this product gets you most of the way there.
Gaming: Perfect.  The footprint of each building is ideally suited to FoW sized bases.  The ability to remove the outer shell of each building is a great feature.  
Assembly:  The editorial team struggled to reach a consensus on this.  The general feeling of our team is: do not purchase paper terrain unless you are prepared for the assembly. Papercraft is not for everyone.  It requires a certain temperament and hands that aren’t riddled with caffeine.  It will take you hours–DAYS EVEN–to assemble your village.  We suggest that the lack of painting required makes the build time average out with other types of terrain.  This review covers only a small sampling of houses because one of the editors had an “accident” with his knife while assembling the church.   

Bristolscalia will be the site of several bloody conflicts in the upcoming months. We’ll be sure to post some AARs here and at On The Step.


Eradicators TO & E : Zachareal

My master,

Find attached the force disposition of the Eradicators Strike Force sent to investigate the increased operations of Dark Eldar pirates near Corinthe. The strike force is made up of elements of the 3rd and 6th Companies with additional elements from the 1st and 8th Company being assigned to the cohort due in part to the 8th Company’s extensive experience with these particularly foul xenos pirates. May the Emperor scorn them as he sees fit.

The force has the capability of being deployed by drop pod assault, although the Thunderhawk Gunship and Thunderhawk Transporter have both been extensively modified by the Chapter armoury and several elements have been attached from the Adeptus Mechanicus trained portion of the Chapter, the Techmarines, to maintain the extensive mechanical aspect of the force.

Most Honoured Brother-Captain Zachareal retakes his post as Watch Commander and Commander of the recently refitted Strike Cruiser, Rex Imperialis, may the Holy Emperor bless her hull from all the vile hateful things of the Warp, after returning from his secondment to the Storm Wardens Chapter of his most Holy and Beneficient Emperor’s Adeptus Astartes. Brother-Captain Zachareal takes with him even more experience with armoured assaults for which the Storm Wardens are so famed.

Venerable Brother Daedalus, a veteran of the Jormund Campaign, the campaign as you may recall caused Jormund to become a dead world, God-Emperor bless their souls, also joins this cohort. His extensive years of experience and cunning should add greatly to the ground assaults that will be necessary against the defences of the Eldar’s Dark Kin.

A substantial retinue from Captain Zachareal’s own 1st Company has been assembled for this strike force, their blessed Tactical Dreadnought Armour impervious to all but the most powerful weapons. Surely Captain Zachareal is planning to use this group, along with himself and Codicier Chamuel to perform devastating boarding actions, where up close the survivability and crushing combat prowess of the Terminators will come to bear.

An extensive armoury has been attached to this force and it is thought that the Strike Group will not be stopping for a refit after it has dealt with the Pirates and will instead make all speed to the Jericho Reach to combat the impending Tau and Tyranid incursions after stopping briefly for resupply at Kar Duniash.

Your most trusted and loyal servant,

++Thought for the Day: KILL, KILL, KILL in the name of the Glorious God Emperor of Mankind.++

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