I got a pm over on Warseer from Jakeraven. He is from across the pond in the USA. Jake likes his terminators and wanted my help with his fluffy space wolf terminator army @ 1800 points. Jake has individually named each wolf guard in his army which is a really nice touch . He has his own chapter, the Dragon Slayer Space Marines.

Okay. So here is the problem with making this competitive. Loganwing Drop list is a myth, mate, it doesn’t really work. You can’t get enough decent units to drop in for you to cover the board. So if your looking at competitive play, you will have to re-jig that list.

Stelek, over on YTTH, has written an excellent mini-tactica on how to get the best out of this kind of build and this list is built around those ideas.

Logan Grimnar : 275
Rune Priest : 100

5x WG Pack 1 terminator , Cyclone Missile, Chainfist, Drop Pod : 185
5x WG Pack 1 terminator , Cyclone Missile :135
5x WG Pack 1 terminator , Cyclone Missile : 135
5x WG Pack 1 terminator , Cyclone Missile, Arjac : 305

2x ThunderWolf Cavalry – 1 Powerfist : 125
3x ThunderWolf Cavalry – 1 Powerfist : 175
3x ThunderWolf Cavalry – 1 Powerfist : 175

6 Long Fangs – 5 MultiMeltas, Power Weapon, Drop Pod :190

Total : 1800

Logan and Arjac attach to the Long Fangs. If your opponent deploys out then drop these guys down and start blasting / chopping. If your opponent reserves (the smart thing to do), then drop the Wolf Guard Drop Pod near/on an objective.

The Thunderwolves give this list another threat vector, you have three in total.
1: Logan’s Pod in your grill.
2: The missiles /Living Lightning Rune Priest blasting away at transports.
3: The charging Thunderwolves

These threats can overwhelm people and cause them to panic (hence make silly mistakes). Its a very aggressive list but quite a nasty one. Oddly enough, this list is quite balanced and can actually take on a wide variety of opponents.

Hope it’s of some use to you, mate.

Farseer Dave.