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Conclave 2 Summary

So back from Conclave 2 safe and sound. No thanks to Dan’s driving, ”watch the corner Dan” *BANG*, ”yeah that’s what I meant when I said watch the corner”.

The event was great fun and some-what nostalgic for me. Conclave 1 was my first ever 40k tournament. The Limerick lads had made vast improvements over the previous event, adopting the 5 games and set missions format made the event, all in all, much more competitive.
A few things you guys really need to pick up on though. 25% terrain. Sweet Jesus. Guard + 10% terrain = You’re screwed, buddy. 25%, guys, and get rid of those two huge tower buildings. They are ridiculous.

It is very important to have proper judges at tournaments, I won’t name names or pick out incidents here, what’s done is done but bad calls really cast a bad light on the event overall. Good judging is bloody hard and there is always assholes who will complain about something (me for example) but you need people with a grasp of the rules judging 40k competitive events. It is incredibly important that people feel they can ”trust” the Judges to make a fair call if trouble arises in their game.
I’m not sure how you did your wiss system, please do post an explanation for me below but Round 3 Table 1, need I say any more?

Giving points for per-registration is a double edged sword to be honest, yes, it allows you to list check much more easily but it also discourages people from just ”turning up” because they’re penalised. It also annoys people who are compulsive list changers (me lol). I wouldn’t recommend using that format again (perhaps give a money discount to people who pre-reg instead?).

The plan to give 5 points for ”costumes” was pure ”pants on my head retarded”, in my opinion. Comp scores have no place in 40k tournaments, full stop. Thank God, somebody stopped those scores being given out. Kudos to you, Sir. Fancy dress is great fun for those who enjoy it but you could just have said ”prize for best costume”.

The prize support was grand but I think tournaments should give out trophies to the winners not models. Yhis applies to every 40k tournament in Ireland tbh. Trophies just seem more impressive in my opinion.

Overall though, a pretty great event and a huge improvement on Conclave 1, a weekend well spent. Thanks to the Limerick Lads for the hospitality. Conclaves are certainly going on my 40k events calendar for future trips.

Special thanks as well to my opponents. You were all great sports, special props to Oisin(Crafter) from the Warheads and to my club mates Mark and Dan for three really tight games of 40k.

I am piled under work this week between Army Reserve and Essays so I wont be doing battle reports until Saturday. If I don’t do them, Joe will hit me.

If anyone thinks I was unfair in my description of Conclave 2 then feel free to post (or if you want a private chat, you can email me).

Farseer Dave.

The R0ot of All Evil Vol. 3 (Conclave)

*I do not need any preparation for this blog to be angry as I have just returned on a 3 hour train journey run by Iarnród Éireann.*

My name’s not bounty lad! Oh god lads Limerick we are going to all fecking die here…… from lack of organization but we shall get to that later as we have a few things to go over first.

Day One

Hey boi’s lets go visit Stab Central this will be a good plan without any problems.

Hotel was lovely (don’t worry nothing nice coming here) but wait that other convention across the hall of nurses do they have, yes I think they do, TEA AND COFFEE! What is so hard in a hotel venue to get free tea and coffee really? I mean everyone else gets it. We are filling the hotel with drinking and eating adults/teenagers the least the hotel can do is first day tea and coffee.

NEEDS MOAR TERRAIN PLX! To quote a very knowledgeable person “5th ed needs at least one piece of LOS blocking terrain” and the majority of these tables were as bare as a “polish hookers snatch” , as helpful as walls are craters are going to be you need ruins, buildings, hills etc and at that a 4th of a tables worth not a 5th. There was about 2 miles of room between the 40k/Fantasy players tables and the card gamers where either we could have space the tables a little more giving some breathing and none stamping on models room to the players.

To quote the movie Judge Dredd “The Judge’s standard-issue helmet and body armor. Yours, when you graduate.” So that had no reference on what I am about to say but it’s a cool line. 32 Players needs at minimum two judges roaming the floors and one person doing the scores not one person doing the scores/judging and vanishing every so often and leaving no judges around (or having the person running Yugioh try and decided a rules query). I would have thought this was realised after Gaelcon but I think I need to drive this home once more!

You can’t spell organization without …. actually I can’t think of a good word to pull from organization but can I just say this was not well organized overall. 30 minutes late start, scoring system I do believe was set up by the time the tournament started, swiss system was ****ed with so may as well have had predetermined matches from round 1 on.

To go in depth on the above, if the bye happens to put an understrength player into top position then you follow the swiss system you don’t play the bye again with that player (regardless of age or experience) as this is a tournament, a max scoring one at that. After this we may as well have called the tournament and started grudge matches as it would have had similar results.

Ah finally some sort of food benefit discount hurragh, oh wait it’s a kids meal under the price of what a chipper meal would be………….. I also had the misfortune to sample the food in the Hotel and my half way burnt to a cinder burger was fantastic……ly shit.

Day Two

So the pre-design of a 5 round tournament is that you get 2 games on the second day and they are quickly played and people are out on the road on the way home and since quite a few people had 3+ hour journeys this should have been the same.

(Mic training for every person going to use it as my ears are still bleeding.)

As above Sunday short day that is quick and RELAXING. When the time is running to a close give 30 minutes warning not 5 minutes as the purpose of the warning is to make sure the players finish on an equal number of turns.

Overall this event could have been fantastic instead it is dropping to the lowest score I will be giving.

*Ouchie that actually hurt me saying these things but they needed to be said*

I don’t like be harsh but I also have to be fair to every tournament I am reviewing, you all get the same treatment regardless of club/friend ties I may or may not have.

Gary and Jason you are both great people, fun to play against and you did well but really there were a lot of faults in the tournament, I don’t begin to know the troubles of organizing an event of this size and I don’t want to any time soon, that could have been easily fixed/resolved.

Right on to the scores as this is the positive side of the blog:

Venue 5/5 (Fantastic venue, apart from the food; see below, lovely staff and nice location even if it is in Limerick j/k)
Opponents 5/5 (5 great games, I didn’t do very well but was still a pleasure to play you guys, thanks to Darragh, Darra, Brian, Bruce and Colin)
Rules Pack 5/5 (Not complaints here it was the standard and perfectly laid out)
Organization 2½/5 (Suffering here as for the stuff mentioned above)
Tables/Terrain 3/5 (Again some lovely looking terrain but not enough of it)
Food 1/5 (I didn’t hear one good thing about the food in the hotel but I did enjoy my Caesar salad but I wish I hadn’t ordered that what was meant to be a burger)
Prizes 5/5 (Great prizes especially the irony of the Necron battleforce for the winner I had a private chuckle to myself over that but it’s a good prize all the same)
Value for Money 4/5 (Again lads for the venue it was in fantastic price, well done!)

Overall 15/20 making for 40½/60

The total is the lowest I have done so far but the problems are minor and could be fixed for the next event (hopefully I will still be welcome after this) with very little to fix them.

I had a fantastic time as did everyone I spoke with at the tournament but the same issues were mentioned by the majority if not everyone I spoke with so take the C&C lads and come back in the next Conclave swinging!

Thank you Gary and Jason for taking the time out of your weekend to run this tournament and go through all the crap that comes with it and I hope you do it again soon (*slightly modified*) but with the same friendly feel you guys brought to the gaming over the weekend.

*Any issues/complaints/comments/hate mail/death threats/etc. post them below and I will answer when I see them*

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