The War Altar is delighted to announce that KR Multicase will be sponsoring the Irish Flames of War team, travelling to the 2012 European Team Championship. We recently sat down with the team’s Vice-Captain, Brian McKenzie, to chat with him about the KR Multicase sponsorship.

The War Altar:  Thanks for joining us Brian.
Brian: It’s a pleasure.
The War Altar:  Give us the background of KR Multicase’s involvement with Ireland’s Flames of War ETC team—why did you go with them?
Brian:  Most of the team has been using KR Multicase to transport armies for years. We like them because they are an affordable storage solution, not just a means of transporting miniatures. Other companies expressed an interest but we wanted to work with a company whose products we trusted, used and whose ethos we shared.
The War Altar: Ethos?
Brian: Yes, ethos–a set of core values that guide the goal-oriented actions of our team members.
The War Altar:  Can you give us an example?
Brian: Certainly.  Just as gold is melted in the midst of the furnace, so shall our foes be melted in the midst of Team Ireland and they shall know that we have poured our justice upon them.
The War Altar:  How… biblical.
Brian:  They also throw cases with eggs in them out of cars.

The War Altar:  I approve wholeheartedly. What else can you tell us about the partnership with KR Multicase?
Brian: Well, we are thrilled to be working with them.  KR Multicase has certainly grown over the past few years and our armies, in particular, and wargaming in general have really benefited from their various offerings.
The War Altar: Well, then, may your collaboration be fruitful. I know you are eager to get back to play-testing the V3 Flames of War rules so thanks for your time and best of luck in Poland.
Brian: You’re welcome.