So to killpoint or not to killpoint that is the question..
Killpoints is a big dividing topic among competitive 40k players. Some people like it, some don’t (aka me) so in this article I’m going to point out some alternatives to the rulebook killpoint system.

The first we shall look at is the method being used at Gaelcon. If you haven’t signed up, go do so its going to be great fun and you get to beat Joe and his crappy BA army. You must score two more killpoints than your opponent to win. Personally, I don’t think is the best system. It strikes me as a not very well thought out idea. It’s kinda just thrown out there ”because we can” . I like that the TOs have noticed that a lot of people don’t like killpoints but there are better solutions to this problem, in my humble opinion .
There is the Nova Open system, which dumps killpoints completely and uses victory points instead. The killpoint win condition was replaced with ” score 250+ more victory points than your opponent”. It’s a simple approach and very successful one, at that. It’s not rocket science but it is fun and is way better than rulebook killpoints.
There is also Stelek’s Radical ”Pick 5” system. This keeps killpoints but changes how they work. Instead of each unit being worth 1 kill point, before deployment, each player takes their opponents list and ”picks” 5 units. Only these five are worth killpoints. If units ”split” like combat squadding marines then the opposing player picks what ”part” is worth the kill point.

There is a few things like lone wolfs that would need a small FAQ for this system though. I personally think Stelek’s idea is awesome but it also hasn’t been tested by a major tournament yet. I’m not sure if anybody involved in Gaelcon reads what I write but if you do, drop in and maybe explain why you went with your system.

To the general readers, do you like killpoints?  If not, what would you replace them with?
Farseer Dave.