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Dominicon: Return of the Guard

Once again, the War Altar decides to brighten up your day with colour. Let’s see what Dominicon tells us about the state of Irish 40K. For the sake of context, Dominicon was a 1750, ETC 2011 tournament. The attendees were largely Dublin-area gamers with a large Northern contingent. The list submission and painting scores have been stripped from the equation and we are dealing only with pure battle points.

Firstly, we have the percentage of players using each codex. The major change from Gaelcon is the re-emergence of the Imperial Guard. From nowhere, they return to claim a strong fifth of the field. We see further consolidation towards the better books as the top four codexes were used by 68% of the players. The Tyranids, Tau and former Necron codexes remain dead, dead, dead. Strangely, Black Templars appear to have vanished once more.
Now, we look at proportionate shares of the total battle points. Grey Knights, Dark Angels and Dark Eldar all perform well above par, roughly in line with the previous tournament. Eldar and Blood Angels continue to march firmly down the middle of the road. There are some surprising misfires and one that… isn’t. The poor performance of the Space Marines is unsurprising and consistent with previous results. Not so elsewhere, we would expect Space Wolves and Imperial Guard to do better.

Based on average score, Dark Angels are the best codex ever. But only when played by Alec, the 40k Irish Master. Let’s try to disregard that anomaly. The Dark Eldar narrowly pip Grey Knights as both armies perform very strongly. As previously stated, Space Wolves and Guard perform poorly. Anecdotally, there was a large proportion of less optimised lists from both armies, which may have skewed the figures. It should be noted that despite a poor showing, they remain well clear of the godforsaken Space Marines.

So, another tournament and the stats continue to support what we all really suspect. Oh, well.

From the current information, Assault on Arkham was largely Northern players and Moocon was largely Southern players. This is… interesting as the next set of charts might show some regional variations. More importantly, we should start seeing the impact of the new Necrons and identify the impact of the move from 1750 to 1000 points.

Best Painted Army at Q-Con

Congratulations to Andrew Johnston of UniteAllAction for winning QCon’s best painted army competition last weekend in Belfast. I saw this army up close and shot a few images of it but make sure to check out Andrew’s blog for more tasty Imperial Guard treats!! Below are a few images I managed to snap.

The detailing on the back of this Hydra is pure awesomeness, right down to the little custom rail across the back and mounting the gun platform on the half-track chassis.
While still fitting with the rest of the army’s paint scheme (using soft tones) AJ has made his Vendettas catch the eyes of everyone passing by. We got the great pleasure to snap shots from every angle. His opponents only ever got to look down their three twin linked lascannon barrels though….

AJ’s Chimeras (and Hydras) were all built using the Ork Trukk as a chassis! It didn’t resemble an Ork Trukk in the slightest at first but the muted tones really suit the model for use with Imperial Guard!!

This of course isn’t AJ’s first time winning best painted army at QCon but hopefully we’ll see him down south picking up trophies too sometime soon!!

Q-Con – Part 1

Hey folks, a write up about QCon this weekend just passed in Queen’s University Belfast run by the local gaming and anime group the Dragonslayers. This event had more than 1,800 attendees before the staff gave up counting and was hands down the best event (both best run and best craic, best value for money and friendliest) I’ve been to since I started gaming.

You’ll notice the Northern Ireland ETC logo up at the top, that’s because Jonny Fisher, Team Northern Ireland’s veteran Captain was running the 40k event and (it being NI’s biggest event) used it to advertise to potentially interested gamers about getting on the Northern Irish team and the work Team NI do in the North. Surrounded by some controversy recently because of his comments regarding some gamers not travelling to as many events as others there was some worry of boycotting after some key Cork wargamers declared their non attendance at Jonny Fisher associated events but this looks like it didn’t affect attendance since 50 wargamers showed up for 40k on the first day (with a DBM Historical wargames tournament right next door).

Also advertised was Ireland’s central wargaming forum w-ired as well as upcoming events north and south of the border.

There were plenty of nicely painted models and armies and as always our custom dice:

So an experimental list (isn’t it always?!):
Company Command Squad [50]
4 Flamers [20]
Astropath [30]
Krak Grenades [5]

[ELITES]Storm Trooper Squad [85]
2 Melta Guns [20]
1 Plasma Pistol [10]

Storm Trooper Squad [85]
2 Plasma Guns [30]
1 Plasma Pistol [10]

Storm Trooper Squad [85]
2 Melta Guns [20]

[TROOPS]Platoon Command Squad [30]
3 x Flamers [15]
1 Heavy Flamer [20]

Infantry Squad [50]

Infantry Squad [50]


Platoon Command Squad [30]
3 x Flamers [15]
1 Heavy Flamer [20]

Infantry Squad [50]

Infantry Squad [50]

[FAST ATTACK]Vendetta [130]
Heavy Bolters [10]

Vendetta [130]
Heavy Bolters [10]

Vendetta [130]
Heavy Bolters [10]

[HEAVY SUPPORT]Hydra Flak Battery
2 x Hydras [150]

Hydra Flak Battery
1 x Hydra [75]

Hydra Flak Battery
1 x Hydra [75]

Bit of a strange one I agree but bear with it, it’s only 1,500 points, 250 lower than the Irish scene normally caters for and it still has 16 twin linked autocannon shots, 4 deep striking meltaguns and 9 twin linked lascannons so medium mech shouldn’t prove too much hassle.

Or so I thought. Man oh man how wrong was I. I forgot one important aspect of my plan…. Dice. Those that know me know I never blame dice but this is a special occasion. First matchup, Sisters of Battle, no extra armour transports, one squad with meltaguns and the rest had flamers. So just the excorcists to take out and a canoness with wings and eviscerator. Got side armour with 3 of my hydras and all of my vendettas just on the deployment and scout move (me going first)! This should be straight forward, 9 twin linked lascannons and 6 twin linked autocannons in the side of rhinos and excorcists! Turns out the dice had different plans.

Seize the initiative roll for my opponent….this wasn’t too bad actually, I had 4+ saves on the vendettas and still had deep striking melta and hydras to take care of business.

Again the dice had different plans. Below is a picture of his lone canoness hitting my vendetta on 6’s. Blows the hell out of it. Then the guys inside get pinned.

My original set up.

And the dice continued to horrify for the rest of the game he literally walked most of his sisters across the bored when I managed to stun their transports (after taking the excorcist launchers off the excorcists (but the excorcists were fine, just no weapon?!!?)…
Ok no big deal, they’re just dice and I have 4 more games.
Next up a similar list to my ETC Chaos list but optimised for 1,500 points and with an extra Lash Prince.
Really nicely converted Nurgle Rhino….

And the list, 3 oblit (2 man) squads, plague marines and princes.

My opponent was relatively new to the tournament scene and I knew the list well so I had high hopes of getting some points here. My opponent let me go first and (it being Dawn of War) I brought on the Hydras (for those delicious kill points called daemon princes) and the vendettas (to outshoot the oblits with me going first). This all went to plan perfectly actually, all the dice were totally fine, except his. His obliterators took 6 turns to kill one in one squad and all of my deep striking storm troopers to kill the other. At one point his lone obliterator (who only had to sneeze to take out a vendetta (in fact the whole game he didn’t get any 1,2,3 or 4s on his penetrating table rolls….) made 11 consecutive 5+ saves.

Deep striking Storm Troopers….on suicide duty all weekend. Also failed to take down that list oblit.

Another loss. In fact I’m pretty sure I heard those (not even in cover) Obliterators say:

Part 2 coming soon….

The Hedgehog

Except this particular Hedgehog would scare the hell out of me, particularly if I played Eldar and saw one on the opposing half of the table….

[Today’s article is a quick and dirty review of a plastic supplementary kit that looks quite similar to a Hydra, Ed]

From the relatively small production group in the States Ratgard comes this cool new simple way of mass producing Hydras, a market I would’ve thought Games Workshop would be keen to capitalise on themselves…

They even have a straight forward way of changing the barrel orientation.

And they have all the nifty little details an avid modeller will get use out of.

Learn more here.

All the best,

High Altitude, Low Opening – The Lesser Spotted Deep Striking Storm Trooper

Evenin’ folks, Joey here with another Lesser Spotted, this time on the Imperial Guard Storm Trooper.

I won’t be covering all aspects of the Storm Trooper just the suicide role they can play in a Guard force equivalent to Termicide squads in Chaos Space Marine armies.

To compare, 105 points in the Chaos Codex gets you access to three melta shots on your deepstrike (and of course access to those coveted, out of heavy support, Land Raiders), while for the same points you get 5 deep striking Storm Troopers with two melta shots….

“But Joey, Joey, Joey! That’s worse?!”

True dat, except the Stormies can reroll their deep strike… combine that with the fact that if you don’t want them to deep strike (a la Warp Quaking Grey Knights) then they have other options unlike the rather one dimensional Chaos Terminators.

There are a few other things, in an army like my Guard army (tripple Vendetta, some Executioner fun times and vets up the wazzoo) these guys fit in quite nicely. How? Well my army predominantly features a lot of S9, S7 shots so nothing that really reliably ruins Land Raiders (except suiciding meltavets but they’re supposed to be my scoring ace in the pack!).

Helped by an Astropath (as long as the Astropath doesn’t mind of course) they’ll be showing up on a 3+ on T2 to accurately melta the oppositions big tanks. They occupy an Elites choice so their only competition are Psyker Battle Squads, which, although excellent, can be points better spent imo.*

Different Loadouts

Well there are a few going round my head, I would never venture more than 7 strong per squad though, for Leadership reasons (they’ll need to kill 3 to force morale) and deep striking footprint reasons as I’m sure Peter over on WarHamSandwich would have something to say about soon enough!

Anti Long Fangs
A couple of these squads would quickly diminish your enemy’s Long Fang presence on the field I think, statistically you kill two with each squad, not great I’m sure you’ll agree but if long fangs aren’t present on the field and you have some marines in the open (or termies) these guys will mince them with their AP3 lasgun shots and AP2 Plasma shots:

Storm Trooper Squad (5)
2 Plasma Guns
Plasma Pistol
125 points

And if these guys catch some guys in the open, 4 dead marines/3 dead termies/2 penentrating hits on AV10. Certainly not something to write home about.

Anti Tank

Straight forward, blow some tanks up squad.

Storm Trooper Squad (5)
2 Meltaguns
Plasma Pistol
115 points

That pistol has a 1 in 12 chance of leaving a Sergeant-shaped-stain on the unit but has an 11% chance of destroying an AV10 vehicle, worth it for ten points in my opinion.

As for Meltaguns, if you’re not sure what they do here’s a brief primer:

But seriously…he was really quite aggressive. 2 BS4 meltashots that are very likely to be within 6″ of the opponent’s armour, that’s some sweet sweet stuff since statiscally you’re very likely to get an AP1 penetrating hit and unlike combi meltas these bad boys don’t run out so the enemy has to deal with them post haste.

While they’re certainly not a fantastic unit, they’re the kind of unit that gives a creative player options he/she might not otherwise have in a force like this.

Well that’s all for this round!!


*If you’re against Thunderwolves or Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield Terminators a lot obviously Psyker Battle Squads are the way to go!

Imperial Guard List Help!

”Taking you up on your offer to look over lists, etc, I’ve got a few. I’m curious to hear other people’s input on as I’m just not 100% sure with them. The first list is Guard which I’m working on for a club, world cup type, event.

CCS: Medic, 3 plasmas in chimera, heavy bolter swapped with heavy flamer, company
commander, melta bombs.

4x Vet squads, 2 come with 2 flamers and heavy flamer, other 2 come with 3 melta
guns, all come in chimeras with heavy flamer hull mount

2 single Vendettas

3x Hydra flak tanks
1x Manticore, heavy flamer mount
2x Medusas, closed top, heavy flamer mounts


James Jennings”

Hey James , okay lets see here. We got Vet Spam Guard. In your email, you pointed out the lack of a psychic battle squad as a problem. You are bang on. Those guys are awesome and should be in here. I’ll get them in but a few other things jump out to me.

You know those guys who always seem to roll that one when driving their vehicles over dangerous terrain? Who always roll the 1 when they need to pass a 2+ save?

Yeah, I’m one of those guys. 😀
I really don’t like plasma guns, they’re just not goddamn safe. ^^

Your troop are vets and form the core of this army. The 2 all melta squads are grand. I’m not a fan of the full flamer units though. I see where your coming from, anti-GEQ/cover huggers and all, but that can be done in better ways in my opinion.

Vendettas are awesome, why not take 3? ^^
There’s too much stuff going on in the heavy support department. I’ll try to streamline it a bit.

This is my take on it:

Company Command Squad – 120
Astropath, meltagun x4
Chimera : 55
Heavy flamer

Psyker Battle Squad : 80
Overseer, Psyker x6
Chimera : 55
Heavy flamer

1.Veterans : 100
Meltagun x2, , autocannon x1
Chimera : 55
Heavy flamer

2.Veterans : 105
Meltagun x2, flamer x1, autocannon x1
Chimera : 55
Heavy flamer

3.Veterans : 100
Meltagun x3
Chimera : 55
Heavy flamer

4.Veterans : 100
Meltagun x3
Chimera : 55
Heavy flamer

Vendetta : 140
Heavy bolter x2

Vendetta : 140
Heavy bolter x2

Vendetta : 140
Heavy bolter x2

Manticore : 160
Heavy flamer

Manticore : 160
Heavy flamer

Hydra : 75
Heavy bolter

Total : 1750

So, there you go, James. I hope its of some use to you. I’m sure the other contributors will chip in their own .02 euro in the comments section below, as well.

Farseer Dave.

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