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New Eldar Images Spotted

So it seems that the next Warhammer 40,000 Codex that will be released is going to be Eldar. These precious shots have been making rounds on the internet.

Read on for some more juicy pictures, including the magnificent Wraithknight.

So the image we opened with is of ‘Illic Nightspear’, an outcast of the Eldar who is armed with the deadly sniper rifle, Voidbringer, which supposedly has a 120″ range!

Also included are images of the new Flyers in the Eldar Codex, of which we have a lovely shot of the fighter variant embedded below.

Also featured in the image can be seen the new plastic Farseer, and some Spiritseers. Some better shots of the Flyers can be seen below, where we have the fighter variant on the left, namely the Crimson Hunter, and the bomber variant the Hemlock Wraithfighter on the right. Notice the smooth sweeping edges, and how they have managed to capture both the feeling of the Eldar as promoted by their existing range, notably the Falcon, and how this shared aesthetic can be seen echoes of Dark Eldar design as well.

However, this isn’t what you’re here to look at. Quite simply, behold the majesty that is the $115 Wraithknight. It is gigantic, looking to b about 8″ tall on the tabletop.

Discussion on these can be found on the forums themselves, here: http://onthestep.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=3186

Many thanks to Dakka Dakka, being the original source of all the information represented here.

Specialist Games Being Discontinued?

We’re hearing some awful and plausible rumours that Games Workshop are killing the Specialist Games lines. It appears that existing stocks of Specialist Games models (regular and Forgeworld) are being run down and will not be replaced. Damn dark day.

Rumour has it that with the full switch from metal to finecast, the Battlefleet Gothic, Epic, Necromunda and Inquisitor ranges are just going to die out. No restocks, just the remorseless running down of the existing inventory. No mention of the fate of Blood Bowl, which does soften the blow slightly.

I’m really hoping to be proven wrong on this one.

Incoming: 40k ‘Starter Boxed Set’

Reports of my death at the hands of Dagestani insurgeants have been greatly exaggerated. 
That cleared them out nicely
As the entire team are currently fighting bravely in the ETC trenches, it falls to me to provide you with this little gem from the GW site.. (Much more after the break!)
As usual for thier teasers, not much content apart from a date. Thank god for the internet as I have found the following, mouthwatering pictures for your consumption.
The Complete Kit.
Close up of the Cultists 
 I really don’t care that some of those are repeated, they’re ripe for converting and absolutely stunning. The ‘Eavy Metal team did a good job on them too!
 Terminators and Bikes
Some of the most dynamic terminators since Space Hulk, most dynamic bikes ever.. don’t forget they’re snap fit. GW shows that is is THE model company once again here.
The Dark Angels
I think I see a few ‘Macragge Marines’ but some new sculpts for the Tac Squad. The heros look amazing. Personally can’t wait to see them in the flesh, they’re going to be superb. 
Also: Mmmmm Plasma…

Rumor has it he’s special edition. Do want.
                      The filthy Chaos scum never looked better and that hellbrute is HUGE!
Kudos to BOLS Forums for the pictures!
What are your thoughts? I’ll be looking to get 2 sets and swap on set of Chaos for Marines, any takers?

GW Announce More Flyers. Yay?

Thanks, Merv.

The sky is getting a bit crowded but it’s the future, yeah. You should have one aircraft per infantryman. No word on the stats for the Stormtalon or Ork planes but sod it, who cares at this point. Let’s see if 6th edition can repair my jaded soul. Have some pictures.

Images acquired from Mind War. Who stole them from somewhere else and so on.

The Dreadfleets Set Sail!

Some of the great images from the new Dreadfleet game Games Workshop are releasing! And of course the usual plastic crack addicts will be buying it as soon as they can get their glue covered fingers on it!

Discussion over on OnTheStep.net.

40K Rulebook FAQ Changes.

The title sums it up.

Go read the new FAQ stay on top of the rules.


Some very interesting changes (for me anyway), for example infantry can no longer fire out the hatch of smoked tanks :O.

What do you guys think?

Farseer Dave.

The Dark Kin Approach

Well here they are folks, available to order now on Games Workshop’s Advance Orders page. Here are some pictures all from the Games Workshop site, in my opinion they’re doing real justice to the dark history of the Dark Eldar with these models, I look forward to getting addicted to plastic crack in whole new ways in the future.

More War Altar, more of the time!

A quick post just to let everyone know that it’s now even easier to stay up to date with the what and the when on War Altar, as you can follow us on Twitter as well as on Facebook.

These updates also coincide with a revamped On The Step landing page, now with not only the latest updates from us, but directly from Games Workshop, Privateer Press and the Black Library themselves!

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