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Gaelcon = Greycon?

The Gaelcon Accounts

So Gaelcon has come and gone with massive increases in the number of Grey Knight players and natural disasters striking in its immediate vicinity. Probably unrelated. Probably. We had considered a brief overview of the tournament early in the week but decided that playing outside and getting some fresh air would be a better use of our time. How wrong we were.

But now with a debate raging as to the accuracy of the “Greycon” moniker, we decided to be helpful and provide some stats. As stats are inherently boring and just awful, the War Altar has tried to jazz things up with bright colours, graphs and such things.

Much as I hate to enable the claims of band-wagoning by elements of the community, it seems to be a real phenomenon. The unholy trio of Grey Knights, Space Wolves and Dark Eldar claim nearly 50% of the player base.

To the slim majority who refuse to bow to their tyranny and all-round cost-effectiveness, I recommend breaking out all your strength 8, multi-shot weapons immediately. If you can’t kill four AV 11 vehicles a turn, it’s time to go home.

If anyone can find any little, lost, Imperial Guard players, please direct them towards the closest wargaming tournament. Only they can end this scourge.

The sheer number of Grey Knight would guarantee a fair portion of game points but they claim far more than their share. Only two other codexes can share that boast, Space Wolves and Eldar also running ahead of the curve.

There’s a chasing pack of armies that can still hold their own. These being the Dark Angels, Dark Eldar, Blood Angels and Black Templars. And then there are the prey lists, amongst them Orcs, Chaos, Space Marines, Tau and Tyranids.

And by this point, if you’re not considering band-wagoning, I must recommend you look into it. Again, there is a clear winner, the Grey Knights claiming the highest proportionate share of victory points, followed by the Space Wolves and Dark Eldar.

The Blood Angels, Templars and Eldar claim their fair share but no more. And where you have winners, there must be losers. In no particular order, Dark Angels, Orcs, Chaos, Space Marines, Tau and Tyranids trail behind.

And there we have the average score for each army, which speaks for itself. For the sake of intellectual honesty, I should point out that (entirely subjectively) it appears that the best players are the quickest to adopt the strongest codexes. This tends to amplify the dominance of particular builds, which see their organic advantages magnified by player skill.

But there’s no denying its strength in the current meta. So if you want to win or, at the very least, improve on your position, you might want to consider going Grey Knight. And pray that the Necron codex doesn’t screw you.


So back from Gaelcon, it was good fun. For some strange reason, I forgot to bring my camera so no pics. Which is probably for the best, considering I played terribly. 😀

My Blood Rodeo was more Like Toilet-Rolleo (one for the urban Dictionary) and just as some of my comrades had suggested (Caolan and Dan, in particular) it didn’t work very well… at all.

I took 22nd, with 3 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses.

So as you can see, the actual gaming part was epic fail but it was great to meet the Warheads and others from the interweb in person. All of my opponents were really nice guys, a pleasure to play (Especially Dave from Blizzard, stand up guy, I will have my revenge on his Wolves though!!)

Apologies to Pearce Condren who I constantly addressed by his online Name. Fact of the matter is Corbulo is way cooler than Padraig Pearse. Corbulo wouldn’t have died to that firing squad. He had his re-roll.

Big shout out to Mr Joe Cullen. Every bit as much of an asshole in real life as he is online, he didn’t disappoint. 🙂 Praise must be awarded to the Judges who, although understaffed, did a good job overall keeping the event running. Especially Dave, the fantasy Judge, he is the best judge, and the fact that we have the same name did not influence this opinion.

I probably won’t do any battle reports from this event due to A. the lack of pictures and B. (the real reason) I let myself down play wise.

Don’t shed any tears for me though , the Blood angel Bikes who failed me are at this very moment being converted into Imperial Guard Rough Riders. Their coolness factor just got flushed down the toilet (its a bathroom theme today).

Looking ahead to Conclave now, will be taking the Dave-Wolfs, Mark 600.

Farseer Dave

The R0ot of All Evil Vol. 2 (Gaelcon 2010)

*watches the last scene in Land of the Dead to gain sufficient anger*

Day One

Wellity Wellity Wellity, where to begin eh? Little culchie me visiting the big smoke and the horribly posh D4 location. Oh, this should be good. So in we go to this very very big monster of a hotel and fork out the extortionist amount of cash for 2 days of wargaming. One moment while I sell one of my kidneys on eBay to pay for this event.

So the games come quick and fast and low and behold I have a rules query, so where are the judges do you say? There’s one wondering around here somewhere, well yes you’d almost be literally right there using the word one…… Yes I’m serious some 48 Wargamers with 2 judges over the entire event left to deliberate. Ah lads, I think there’s a problem here! At minimum you need 4 judges for this size of event and one of them is going to be handling the scores while the others should be wondering around but no, two will do….

Ah second game in. Kill points. Such a refreshing game type or so it should be! I did hear the phrase: “Wait what? It’s 2 kill points?” a few times and while I chuckled every time I heard this, there should have been big blatant reminders that “YES THERE IS A 2 KILL POINTS DIFFERENCE TO WIN GAME!”, invest in a whiteboard or something guys, this needs to be said. While the change didn’t overly bother me it needs to be said that 1 kill points work. It does result in the odd “Oh I just popped your rhino and now I’m going to run away” but 2 kill points difference makes a lot more draw games. Increasing in turn the possibility of playing the same person again the next round, which then results in swaps which screw the swiss system. So lets just stick to the standard rules shall we?

Day 2

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh is all I can say for waking up in the freezing fecking cold on a Sunday morning in Ballymun and then travelling to D4 to play 3 rounds of 40k again. 6 rounds is too long, seriously! Ouch, no more please, pretty please!

Low and behold again we have a an issue with judges, while I’m not going to get into how or when judges need to be patrolling the top tables, especially in the last few games as tensions can get high and debates come up. Which did happen!

*watches ending of Dawn of the Dead to cheer up*

Ah the video above describes this weekend a little too well for my tastes….

To Craig and the other two organisers/helpers: This was a great con and as the above rant is pretty small, as you can see, it was very difficult for me to find fault in your event. A few bones to pick with the number of judges as already mentioned but take that as a learning experience and if you run this next year you’ll know you need more people to help.

Thanks to Martin from Gamer’s World, The Warheads, the WAC, and anyone else I’m leaving out, who brought terrain as it was all fantastic and we had loads on every table. I didn’t hear any complaints on this over the entire two days.

The scores below are good but there are some points I’ve laid out that could be improved on. Tea and coffee for the entire war gaming group, if not the entire con, wouldn’t be overly expensive and other conventions get it provided for free by the hotels. I’m sure every other hotel would welcome it also.

Some sort of freebie would again be fantastic to see in events in Ireland when the cost is this high and while I realise it’s down to the convention for the majority of the cost but something small in there would be a nice addition (like NWG with the free difficult terrain templates for vehicles or Dominion Day with the buns etc at the con).

This R0ot of all evil has been short and sweet and honestly I’d prefer this, the shorter the first part gets the better the Tournament scene for 40k is in Ireland and that can’t be a bad thing! Thanks again to Craig and his helpers (I can’t for the life of me remember their names) and of course thank you to all the attendees as you were all a pleasure to meet and play (Mike, Tadhg, Cairan, Darren and a WAC Ork player I can’t remember the name of: thank you all for the 6 games).

Venue 5/5 (Lovely place, big area not overly crowded, some comfy chairs floating around for when your legs were about to give way, so yay for that. Easy to get to also so another plus. Good choice to Gaelcon organizers.)
Opponents 5/5 (I gave away 5 dice so I gauge that as a a good event, I played Cairan twice and he wasn’t getting two Warheads dice in one event)
Rules Pack 4/5 (The two kill points brought this down)
Organization: 4/5 (Everything ran smoothly but as already said lack of an adequate number of judges brought this down)
Tables/Terrain: 5/5 (Plenty of terrain, personally I didn’t like some of the hills as placing models on them was not possible if you had a lot but the amount and quality of the terrain was fantastic!)
Food: 3/5 (As noted for NWG the lack of any sort of tea or coffee for attendees, unless I missed something, it’s a let down for me but from what I heard, saw and of course ate the food in the venue was fantastic if not a little overpriced some times but that is D4 for you)
Prizes 5/5 (Assigned prizes and lots of them, good to see)
Value for Money 2/5 (Not much the wargames can do to lower this as the con price is the kicker but still very expensive)

Overall 18/20 making for 51/60

P.S. Does anyone know where I can get some of that fudge that everyone said was delicious, as I missed out on it?

*Any issues/complaints/comments/hate mail/death threats/etc. post them below and I will answer when I see them*

Conquering Gaelcon.

So I have been prepping for Gaelcon for the last few weeks, getting my Space Wolf List ready.
Over the course of my playtest, I have discovered a few things that I thought I’d share.

Firstly, Fenrisian Wolfs are bad. They really can’t kill very much. They don’t actually absorb that much fire because all your opponent’s small arms will shred them in seconds. Their biggest flaw is they get pummeled in close combat and you’re forced to take a ton of fearless wounds on your Lords. Overall, they are more of hindrance than help.

Secondly, I see lots of guys taking frost blades over wolf claws. I’m not sure why you are doing this. The wolf claws are better in nearly every situation AND they are cheaper. Those re-rolls are golden when you fail at rolling (which does happen).

Taking power weapons on Wolf Guard is a mega bad idea. Really, Joe told me it was but I’m an arrogant sod so I didn’t listen. Just don’t do it. Thanks.

Wolf standards are better than MOTW. In my opinion, if you have the points, take both. If it’s either/or, I would certainly advise the banner. It turns a close fight (even vs MEQ) into a win.

On to my amended list:

Player Name : David O Leary Army : Space Wolfs

Wolf Lord : 275
Saga of the Bear ,T-wolf, Thammer, SS, WTN, WTT, Runic Armor

Wolf Lord : 235
Saga of Majesty ,T-wolf, Wolf Claw, SS, WTT, Runic Armor

Rune Priest : 100
Murderous Hurricane , Jotww

8 Grey Hunters : 170
w/ Melta, Wolf Standard, Rhino

8 Grey Hunters : 170
w/ Melta, Wolf Standard, Rhino

6 Grey Hunters : 140
w/ Melta, Wolf Standard, Rhino

3 Wolf Guard : 129
w/ 3x Combi Melta, 3x Power Fist

3 Thunderwolf Cav : 210
1 TH , 1 SS, 1 normal

5 Long Fangs : 115

5 Long Fangs : 115

4 Longfangs : 90
w/ 3 Missile Launchers

Total : 1749

Will hopefully get some games in with the WAC guys and girls in the build -up to Gaelcon..

Farseer Dave.

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