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40K Rulebook FAQ Changes.

The title sums it up.

Go read the new FAQ stay on top of the rules.


Some very interesting changes (for me anyway), for example infantry can no longer fire out the hatch of smoked tanks :O.

What do you guys think?

Farseer Dave.

Our Community.

So Yes the Truth Hurts has recently gotten an epic make-over , among many of the great visions for our new site is the inclusion of the ”shout box”. which is basically a chatbox similar to MSN chat.

YTTH isn’t the first big 40k community to use this type of feature , Kirby over on 3++ is the New Black also has his chat box to contain his pink army. 🙂 These two sites contain a massive, massive variety of 40k players .I think it is quite amazing that we can hold tactics chats and group discussions about the many aspects of competitive 40k with such a wide variety of players in a wide variety of tournament scenes.

I would strongly recommend that the readers pay a visit to either of the sites to meet and perhaps learn from a new player group.
YTTH can be found at http://yesthetruthhurts.com/
Kirby and his pink army live at : http://kirbysblog-ic.blogspot.com/

Farseer Dave.

Conclave 2 Summary

So back from Conclave 2 safe and sound. No thanks to Dan’s driving, ”watch the corner Dan” *BANG*, ”yeah that’s what I meant when I said watch the corner”.

The event was great fun and some-what nostalgic for me. Conclave 1 was my first ever 40k tournament. The Limerick lads had made vast improvements over the previous event, adopting the 5 games and set missions format made the event, all in all, much more competitive.
A few things you guys really need to pick up on though. 25% terrain. Sweet Jesus. Guard + 10% terrain = You’re screwed, buddy. 25%, guys, and get rid of those two huge tower buildings. They are ridiculous.

It is very important to have proper judges at tournaments, I won’t name names or pick out incidents here, what’s done is done but bad calls really cast a bad light on the event overall. Good judging is bloody hard and there is always assholes who will complain about something (me for example) but you need people with a grasp of the rules judging 40k competitive events. It is incredibly important that people feel they can ”trust” the Judges to make a fair call if trouble arises in their game.
I’m not sure how you did your wiss system, please do post an explanation for me below but Round 3 Table 1, need I say any more?

Giving points for per-registration is a double edged sword to be honest, yes, it allows you to list check much more easily but it also discourages people from just ”turning up” because they’re penalised. It also annoys people who are compulsive list changers (me lol). I wouldn’t recommend using that format again (perhaps give a money discount to people who pre-reg instead?).

The plan to give 5 points for ”costumes” was pure ”pants on my head retarded”, in my opinion. Comp scores have no place in 40k tournaments, full stop. Thank God, somebody stopped those scores being given out. Kudos to you, Sir. Fancy dress is great fun for those who enjoy it but you could just have said ”prize for best costume”.

The prize support was grand but I think tournaments should give out trophies to the winners not models. Yhis applies to every 40k tournament in Ireland tbh. Trophies just seem more impressive in my opinion.

Overall though, a pretty great event and a huge improvement on Conclave 1, a weekend well spent. Thanks to the Limerick Lads for the hospitality. Conclaves are certainly going on my 40k events calendar for future trips.

Special thanks as well to my opponents. You were all great sports, special props to Oisin(Crafter) from the Warheads and to my club mates Mark and Dan for three really tight games of 40k.

I am piled under work this week between Army Reserve and Essays so I wont be doing battle reports until Saturday. If I don’t do them, Joe will hit me.

If anyone thinks I was unfair in my description of Conclave 2 then feel free to post (or if you want a private chat, you can email me).

Farseer Dave.


So back from Gaelcon, it was good fun. For some strange reason, I forgot to bring my camera so no pics. Which is probably for the best, considering I played terribly. 😀

My Blood Rodeo was more Like Toilet-Rolleo (one for the urban Dictionary) and just as some of my comrades had suggested (Caolan and Dan, in particular) it didn’t work very well… at all.

I took 22nd, with 3 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses.

So as you can see, the actual gaming part was epic fail but it was great to meet the Warheads and others from the interweb in person. All of my opponents were really nice guys, a pleasure to play (Especially Dave from Blizzard, stand up guy, I will have my revenge on his Wolves though!!)

Apologies to Pearce Condren who I constantly addressed by his online Name. Fact of the matter is Corbulo is way cooler than Padraig Pearse. Corbulo wouldn’t have died to that firing squad. He had his re-roll.

Big shout out to Mr Joe Cullen. Every bit as much of an asshole in real life as he is online, he didn’t disappoint. 🙂 Praise must be awarded to the Judges who, although understaffed, did a good job overall keeping the event running. Especially Dave, the fantasy Judge, he is the best judge, and the fact that we have the same name did not influence this opinion.

I probably won’t do any battle reports from this event due to A. the lack of pictures and B. (the real reason) I let myself down play wise.

Don’t shed any tears for me though , the Blood angel Bikes who failed me are at this very moment being converted into Imperial Guard Rough Riders. Their coolness factor just got flushed down the toilet (its a bathroom theme today).

Looking ahead to Conclave now, will be taking the Dave-Wolfs, Mark 600.

Farseer Dave

Army Progression

Just a few quick pictures of my WIP stuff , I’m (as I’m sure you can tell) pretty terrible at taking decent pictures so bear with me. I’ll try to improve as I go along.

Sanguinary Guard

WIP Furioso Dreadnought

Storm Raven

Storm Raven.

We have (from top to bottom) my Sanguinary Guard , my WIP Furioso and my first Storm Raven.

C and C welcome!

Farseer Dave.

”The Dave Angels”

So ,

After playing around with Team Jacob for a bit I have to say I’m kinda sick of them. Caolan made a pretty decent wolf list for me and even that didn’t impress me much though I greatly appreciate the effort.

I think if you are not having fun playing a particular army, it isn’t the right one for you, no matter how competitive/non-competitive it may be. That’s not to say Team Jacob has no benefits (for one thing they don’t sparkle in the sunlight..how lame lol..), its just they are not working for me on many levels. Both aesthetically and in playstyle.

Team Edward
My team Edward ”Dave-Angels” are painted pretty damn well if I may be so arrogant as to say so. I really dig the Reds /yellows of the BA. Pleasure to paint. I enjoy the more “in your face” style of the Blood Angels as well . I have already epic failed at Conclave with my fluff-bunny army though so I needed a way to improve them.

What I have made here is a very strange competitive build (inspired by the Wrecking Crews BBF’s list) of units I have handpicked to work for me. Wierd Blood Angels builds are this blogs forte, apparently, see Joe’s BA for proof. Its in your face from the get go and is comprised of some seriously tight units.

While I always welcome C and C, I will not be changing this army to any great extreme. If you have suggestions concerning wargear, or perhaps tactics, feel free to ask/suggest. I realise this isn’t a normal Internet list. That’s the point. It’s tailored more to what ”I” want out of an army. It isn’t going to appeal to everybody. It, like Joe’s, is a totally personal list.

It needs a good Internet/Banner Name name though. For now its just ”The Dave-Angels” but I welcome suggestions from our readers.

Ill be posting WIP pics of my stuff over the next few weeks. I have the Vanguard, Stormraven and Dread yet to paint.

The Dave Angels :

The Sanguinor : 275
Commander Dante : 225
Sanguinary Guard/2x infernus pistol : 220
Sanguinary Guard/2x infernus pistol : 220
Sanguinary Priest/jump pack, infernus pistol , Power Sword : 105
Furioso dreadnaught/pair of Blood Talons, heavy flamer & extra armor : 150
Stormraven/twin linked lascannon, twin linked multi-melta & extra armor : 215
Vanguard Veteran (jump packs) : 335
Sergeant/thunderhammer & stormshield
1st Vet/lightning claw & stormshield
2nd Vet/lightning claw & stormshield
3rd Vet/lightning claw & stormshield
4th Vet/ Chainsword & bolt pistol
5th Vet/chainsword & bolt pistol

Total : 1745

(Legal note : If any Twilight Fans were offended by this post feel free to send all complaints to our Helpdesk. joseph.warmaster@gmail.com )

Farseer Dave.

The Dave-Wolfs Mark 2

Okay the title sums it up really.

Before I get into the gubbins, I want to deal with this comment by Luke in my previous post.

”Honest advice would be to keep the core of your army the same and tweak it not to rebuild from the ground up. That way you will learn how to use it in the various situations that arise. ‘

Normally, I would agree with you here mate. However I’m afraid my house’s foundation is rotten to the core. Taking it out will collapse the house. 😀

Against Dan’s Orks, I was just outplayed by a superior player. I went for the kill early on and my dice failed to execute (or they just did so for Dan, who passed quite a ridiculous amount of cybork saves). My Thunderpups got owned and Dan correctly pointed out afterwards, when they die, my list fails hard.

The Guard showcased another huge problem, a lack of potent firepower. I made no real game changing mistakes and even stole the initiative. My rolling wasn’t terrible but I still got the stuffing knocked out of my list. Mostly due to my inability to cripple the guard’s laser output.

I have played the list vs my mate Robert’s Mech BA many dozens of times and it can handle them. It certainly doesn’t steamroll them. There is no easy wins (in fact most are hard fought and damn close draws).

Problem areas with the Mark 1:

1: Thunderwolfs are not as good as they appear/I hoped. WS 4 is largely responsible for this.

2: Large Grey Hunter units are not fantastic. Joe had raised questions about them before but I didn’t really understand his point. The few games showed me what Joe was talking about. They are not point-efficient.

3: My firepower is not as good as it should be. It simply didn’t cut it.

4: I lack a tarpit unit. I liked Bjorn for this role but at 270 points he was simply way way over-costed.

I think it is important to be somewhat decentralised. The army shouldn’t resolve around one unit or one plan. It is better to have multiple options or at least a plan A and B.

It is important to have a deathstar for the Irish scene tbh, just to have that counter card to play once your opponent uses his deathstar. Thunderwolfs are not impressing me, however, so I decided to use a less obvious alternative.

Here it is:

Logan : 275

Dread w/Assault Cannon :105

5 GH’s w/Melta in HB Razorback : 120

5 GH’s w/Melta in HB Razorback : 120

5 GH’s w/Melta in HB Razorback : 120

5 GH’s w/Flamer in HB Razorback :115

(10 wolf Guard)
6 WG w/TA- 1x 2WC’s, 2xWC/SS, 1xCM/CF, 1xCM, 1xNormal :338
4 WG w/PA-3xCombi-Melta, 1xCombi-Flamer : 92

6 LF’s w/5 ML’s : 140

6 LF’s w/5 ML’s : 140

6 LF’s w/5 ML’s w/ HB Razorback : 180

total : 1745

Okay. Obviously, the Wolf Guard in power armour go join those Grey Hunter units.

The list seems to tick alot of boxes.
Lots of shooting (19 ML’s)
Decent scoring (5)
Potent deathstar.
Decent tarpit.

What it lacks.
Backfield threats (land speeders / wolf scouts)
Psychic defence.

I regret the former and am pretty indifferent to the latter.

The only changes I’m pondering are replacing the flamer grey hunter unit (transferring its Razorback to a Long Fang unit) with two Lone Wolfs w/power weapons to hop in a Razor and go hunt small units.

I guess it would also be possible to replace them with a unit of wolf scouts.

I’m open to any comments/opinions/criticism/praise(especially this one ^^).

Farseer Dave.


So I got my first taste of WAC 40K this week and, man, my head still hurts from the beat downs I received. First from Orks then from Guard.

I learned two important lessons from these beatings.

1: I have a long way to go in improving my play to reach the levels set by Guys like Floody and Dan.

2: My Gaelcon List has several fatal flaws, it’s back to the drawing board there for sure.

On a side note, I really got to hand it to the WAC crew they certainly know how to make a new guy feel welcome. It was quite awesome that I felt like I fitted in, in no time at all.

So to Floody, Dan, Merv, Caolan, Dave and all the lads, thanks very much!

Anyway, my next post will deal with the breakdown of the Dave-Wolfs, Mark 2 and how I plan to rebuild my army from the ground up.

Other Dave.

Conquering Gaelcon.

So I have been prepping for Gaelcon for the last few weeks, getting my Space Wolf List ready.
Over the course of my playtest, I have discovered a few things that I thought I’d share.

Firstly, Fenrisian Wolfs are bad. They really can’t kill very much. They don’t actually absorb that much fire because all your opponent’s small arms will shred them in seconds. Their biggest flaw is they get pummeled in close combat and you’re forced to take a ton of fearless wounds on your Lords. Overall, they are more of hindrance than help.

Secondly, I see lots of guys taking frost blades over wolf claws. I’m not sure why you are doing this. The wolf claws are better in nearly every situation AND they are cheaper. Those re-rolls are golden when you fail at rolling (which does happen).

Taking power weapons on Wolf Guard is a mega bad idea. Really, Joe told me it was but I’m an arrogant sod so I didn’t listen. Just don’t do it. Thanks.

Wolf standards are better than MOTW. In my opinion, if you have the points, take both. If it’s either/or, I would certainly advise the banner. It turns a close fight (even vs MEQ) into a win.

On to my amended list:

Player Name : David O Leary Army : Space Wolfs

Wolf Lord : 275
Saga of the Bear ,T-wolf, Thammer, SS, WTN, WTT, Runic Armor

Wolf Lord : 235
Saga of Majesty ,T-wolf, Wolf Claw, SS, WTT, Runic Armor

Rune Priest : 100
Murderous Hurricane , Jotww

8 Grey Hunters : 170
w/ Melta, Wolf Standard, Rhino

8 Grey Hunters : 170
w/ Melta, Wolf Standard, Rhino

6 Grey Hunters : 140
w/ Melta, Wolf Standard, Rhino

3 Wolf Guard : 129
w/ 3x Combi Melta, 3x Power Fist

3 Thunderwolf Cav : 210
1 TH , 1 SS, 1 normal

5 Long Fangs : 115

5 Long Fangs : 115

4 Longfangs : 90
w/ 3 Missile Launchers

Total : 1749

Will hopefully get some games in with the WAC guys and girls in the build -up to Gaelcon..

Farseer Dave.

Killing Killpoints

So to killpoint or not to killpoint that is the question..
Killpoints is a big dividing topic among competitive 40k players. Some people like it, some don’t (aka me) so in this article I’m going to point out some alternatives to the rulebook killpoint system.

The first we shall look at is the method being used at Gaelcon. If you haven’t signed up, go do so its going to be great fun and you get to beat Joe and his crappy BA army. You must score two more killpoints than your opponent to win. Personally, I don’t think is the best system. It strikes me as a not very well thought out idea. It’s kinda just thrown out there ”because we can” . I like that the TOs have noticed that a lot of people don’t like killpoints but there are better solutions to this problem, in my humble opinion .
There is the Nova Open system, which dumps killpoints completely and uses victory points instead. The killpoint win condition was replaced with ” score 250+ more victory points than your opponent”. It’s a simple approach and very successful one, at that. It’s not rocket science but it is fun and is way better than rulebook killpoints.
There is also Stelek’s Radical ”Pick 5” system. This keeps killpoints but changes how they work. Instead of each unit being worth 1 kill point, before deployment, each player takes their opponents list and ”picks” 5 units. Only these five are worth killpoints. If units ”split” like combat squadding marines then the opposing player picks what ”part” is worth the kill point.

There is a few things like lone wolfs that would need a small FAQ for this system though. I personally think Stelek’s idea is awesome but it also hasn’t been tested by a major tournament yet. I’m not sure if anybody involved in Gaelcon reads what I write but if you do, drop in and maybe explain why you went with your system.

To the general readers, do you like killpoints?  If not, what would you replace them with?
Farseer Dave.
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