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FoW Tank Aces Campaign Running in Gamer’s World

1) How does it work?
The Flames of War game designers explain it rather well here.

For the link-averse, it’s an ongoing campaign. Each player commands a small tank force and pits it against the opposition in a series of campaign missions. Each player force has a single Tank Ace, which could be considered their avatar on the field. The Tank Ace will develop new skills over the course of the campaign, some benefit his own tank, others benefit his tank company.

There are three rounds of games leading up to the final battle. Hence, a four week campaign. During each round/night, the players fight battles for campaign points which decide the outcome of the campaign stage.

2) What do I need to bring?
If you’re interested but have no appropriate force, just bring yourself. Due the small size of the forces, we’ve got about a dozen pre-made forces to spare within the club.

If you already play Flames of War, then you can make a force using the following restrictions. All forces must be taken from a Late-War Tank Company list. No mechanised or infantry lists permitted. You can adjust the composition of the force from round to round but you cannot change the list. If you go with the Irish Guards, you must use them throughout the campaign.

Round 1 requires a 500 point force. You may only chose from the Company HQ, Combat and Weapons Platoons of any Late-War Tank Company. You may buy whatever you wish but remember, only the Tank teams will be used in your games.

Round 2 requires a 700 point force. The restrictions are the same as before but you may choose from Company HQ, Combat, Weapons and Support Platoons.

Round 3 requires a 900 point force. The limitations are the same as before but you may choose from Company HQ, Combat, Weapons and Support Platoons.

Round 4 is the final grand battle. Every player participates in one giant mission. Depending on player count, this will be 500, 700 or 900 points per player.

3)I’m a Soviet player. Can I play?
Yes, you’re very welcome, comrade. We’ll treat you as an incredibly lost and/or incredibly successful Soviet commander and assign you to the Allies.

4) When does it start?
We’ll kick off in Gamer’s World on September 20th at 18:00. See you there.

There’s a campaign mega-thread set up here on the OnTheStep forum. If you have any questions, would like to express an interest or are merely curious, pop in.

Flames of War League starting in April

Gamers World will be hosting a Flames of War escalation league, every Thursday evening in April.  Enlistments are now being accepted.  Battlefront has just released the Third Edition rules as well as new Late War books.  Now is the time to join!

The schedule is:
April 5: 1250 points
April 12: 1500 points
April 19: 1750 points
April 26: 1750 points

What armies can you use?
The league will use Late War books, and any up-to-date book or official .pdf is acceptable. 

What is the prize?
The immortality of GLORY.  As Sarpedon reminds us: “Death in ten thousand shapes hangs ever over our heads, and no man can elude him; therefore let us go forward and either win glory for ourselves, or yield it to another.”  The name of the general to emerge from the league with the best score will be immortalized on the Flames of War League perpetual plaque.

League participants will also vote on the Best Army and that winner will also live on forever named as a champion.

How do I join?
Sign up here! (note the  form below attesting to your fitness for service is not required but completing it could improve your chances of being selected for combat duty!).
Gamers World now stocks Zvezda and Plastic Soldier Company in addition to Battlefront miniatures.  Collecting a 1750 point army can be done for a pittance compared to other gaming systems.
What can I do to help?
The league needs terrain!  Flames of War is different from many other tabletop wargames in that it requires lots of terrain.  If you can contribute some terrain for league use you will be awarded with extra rations.

Steamroller: December 2011

The final event of the 2011 Warmahordes series was a quiet tournament as many players chose to stand, sobbing, in toy-shop queues throughout Dublin. Its small size is reflected by the length of the tournament report. For those lucky souls who did attend, they had the opportunity to beta test the Steamroller 2012 rules. But first, the violence. I deployed my Menoth, bringing a pKroess Pop’n’Drop list and the Harbinger.

Game 1: vs Anto’s Cryx, eSkarre

Going into the game, I reflected on Anto’s limited intelligence and silly hair. I spent a good five minutes debating the relative merits of incessantly mocking his defeat for the rest of the day or simply sporting an insufferably smug look everytime he wandered nearby. That concluded, we diced off.

*draws breath* Hate, hate, hate. Die in a fire, eSkarre. *draws breath*

I regret to report I was rather nicely outplayed in a short, sharp shock. Having played this exact match-up recently, complacency had nested. My opponent reinforced this by going with what appeared to be his standard opening. Deathjack and Nightmare both postured for the assassination run and I decided to play defensively and lure him in for a failed attempt.

This caution left me unable to react when he completely reversed his normal game plan and made a bid for a scenario win. By turn 3, he was poised for victory. One futile attempt to gun down his caster and the Menites had crashed to a defeat.

Game 2: vs Steve’s Circle, Morvahna

This seemed somewhat familiar. Steve. Circle Orboros, that nameless mission. Looking at the large swarm of infantry, the Harbinger was the only choice. The mission suited me, the list composition suits me and the caster match-up suited me. Despite this, I still managed to make it far too close a match.

His army was a sight to behold, massive amounts of Tharn infantry filling the deployment zone. My slightly anemic force, hiding in a forest, may have wanted to run at that point. But a series of lucky scatters saw his caster, beasts and some druids lit on fire. With the tricksy assets being removed, I felt a little safer about the course of the game.

His caster was heavily dependent on upkeeps, my caster could cheaply and easily remove all upkeeps in a large zone. This rather simple course of action never occurred to me. But the Harbinger’s feat disrupted the tempo of his advance and the troops never really managed to hit home. By the time his flankers were in place, my warjacks were firing on Morvahna.

Game 3: vs Peter’s Cryx, pDeneghra

Well, it was something of a wash. There was a brutal bloodbath in the centre into which both sides fed most of their armies. We both felt rather pleased with ourselves by the end of the first hour. Peter felt he had the advantage in the endgame and I felt likewise. After several turns of slaughter, a trio of Bane Thralls and Nightmare faced off against a Reckoner and Vanquisher. We’ll never know what would have transpired as the game ended very early.

Peter took the win on tertiary tie-breaker with a Deathripper partially in the primary flag zone. Bad beta rules, bad. No reducing the time limit to an unfeasibly short amount of time. Admittedly, my dislike may be based on losing by time and the fact that we played ten minute rather than seven minute turns would skew the system but I really dislike the idea.

The games were fun, my final standing was disappointing.

But the beta test certainly reveals that next year’s tournaments will see some major changes. The shortened turns and potential for reduced match lengths make units with multiple AoEs unpalatable. In fact, even large infantry units threaten to use too much of your precious time limit. Warbeasts and warjacks will be tempting and those casters/locks which support them will see more play.

The character restrictions, however, will certainly shake up list design. The stronger builds will still see play but expect the alternate lists to be more focused, optimising a specific caster rather than being similar to the primary list, with a second choice caster. I’ll miss you, Covenant of Menoth.

Tournament Report: Steamroller Saturday

Warmahordes in Dublin seems to be growing reasonably well with the monthly series of tournaments really bedded into the calendar, although it has yet to spill over into the convention circuit. The last tournament, on October 8, saw sixteen players gather in Gamer’s World to earn bragging rights for the rest of the month. I arrived with my brute/blunt force Menoth army to bring the pain, Mr T style.

Game 1
pKroess vs Gerry, Legion of Everblight, Rhyas

A man whose ill-temper is surpassed only by his fondness for animal cruelty and cheati…. No, wait, all lies. Gerry remained as gentlemanly as ever. Bah, humbug.

Assuming that he out-classed me in raw ability, I focused on attritioning his army to death in the hopes of establishing a run at a scenario win. Against experienced players, considering my lack of knowledge of factions other than my own, I always assume they have a brutal combination hidden away that will end me if it goes off. In response, I generally focus on removing as many pieces as possible in a bid to take out something he might actually need later. Luckily, this method plays into the strengths of Menoth units.

As his superior speed and strike range would tear me apart in the open field, I dug in on a plateau in my control zone. The Daughters and Zealots advanced to force his hand, he would either move under my guns to remove them or allow them to put a sizeable dent in his troops. Gerry chose to close in with part of his force.

With his caster well back and a decent portion Rhyas’s troops in the open, Kroess popped his feat early to knock the enemy off their feet and allow my humble soldiery to throughly stomp them. It went rather well. The Jacks picked off two of his three beasts without too much difficulty and set the tone. Although my infantry suffered heavily over the following turns, his force was rapidly reduced without major damage to any key assets.

One small worry was that the Ravagore had managed to light Kroess on fire. This slowly ground his health away and forced a certain level of haste. Gerry had not committed to the attritional fight blindly, using the skirmishes to move Raptors up to try for an assassination attempt. With no combat troops to spare, I mobbed my support troops into their path. The Raptors threatened to get a strike in but died/fled due to an unlikely series of events, involving a plucky choir-boy, a pointy stick and an unjustified outbreak of panic on their part.

That failure left the battle as a mopping up operation before I enacted a full advance on the enemy control zone. His cowering caster would have to fall back and I would take the scenario victory. Proving that the righteous will always triumph.

But Gerry clearly hadn’t read the same script. He decided to throw in a last desperate lunge, sending his caster on a suicide run. The charge saw Rhyas cripple a Reckoner in one almighty blow and return a measure of parity to the game. She then sat in the middle of my force, bloated with fury and ready to charge my caster. To my alarm, I realised that my key assets were all engaged elsewhere and unable to intervene. I responded with outright panic to this turn of events, hitting her with a selection of ill-chosen attacks before running my caster next to her to bat ineffectually at her face.

He was then stabbed repeatedly and fell over. First game, bitter defeat. With my chance at overall victory lost, all that mattered was finishing ahead of Anthony and Mark, two of my regular opponents.

Game 2
pKroess vs Anthony, Trollbloods, eMadrak

After taunting Anthony about his tournament record, notably his infamous all-losses tournament which has come to represent him in my eyes, the gods chose to punish me for my hubris by pairing me against him in the second round.

As ever, he had a cunning glint in his eye which suggested an carefully crafted plan to ensure my downfall. Rather than trouble my pretty head with the details, I went for the blunt force assassination run, throwing my invincible zealots into his front line, trapping his army in place and as it turns out, accidentally trapping elements of his force in the path of his giant rabid troll beast. Which inadvertently screwed his evil plan to trample through my troops and smash my warjacks. Nice.

The third turn saw Kroess pop his feat and knock his army off their feet. I had intended to use the feat to cripple his army but realised that my troops had some paths open to Madrak himself. The zealots lobbed a succession of grenades at his caster, which systemically burnt through his various damage allocation tricks one by one. Ten explosions later, he was out of devious ploys, troops to jump on the grenades and damage transfers. The Vanquisher and Reckoner then closed in and lit him up for a clear-cut assassination victory.

Score one for blind aggression.

Game 3
pSeverius vs Tomak, Mercenaries, Gorten

Tomak’s list had the potential to negate my beloved pop’n’drop assassination trick so I broke out pSeverius for his tournament debut. I suspected that he would use his feat to push me out of the control zones for a scenario victory so focused on pushing forward to keep his caster well back.

Both sides seemed to operating from the same hymn sheet, mid-range firefights and constantly seeking to preserve units from harm. We both threw units forward to clog the enemy’s advance, in his case, tough troll mercenaries, in my case, graceful if fragile assassins.

The heroes of the battle came from this first wave. Losing two troopers on the way in, the remaining four Daughters clogged up Tomak’s left flank for the entire game. Between the initial pinned down forces and those sent to extricate them, a five point unit tied up fifteen points of enemy assets and were still fighting at game’s end. This left him massively outgunned on his right and centre, the trolls stalled the advance for two turns but once downed, the drive brought the big guns into range and left his caster heavily wounded. Tomak popped his feat to push the warjacks back but as they stopped up against the units behind them, they simply weren’t pushed back enough. Even with their aiming thrown off by the feat, the Vanquisher and Reckoner were simply too close and they concluded the game by reducing Gorten to a cooked paste.

Game 4
pSeverius vs Steve, Circle Orboros, Kromac

Ah, yes, Steve. I remembered him. The man who lost me the Blood Bowl tournament the week before by pulling off some manner of ludicrious running/passing play with Dwarves to score a last turn equaliser. Revenge had to be mine. As I associated Circle with long range, teleporting assassinations, I chose pSeverius again to ensure I could keep my caster well away from the action and minimise the risk.

Again, I played the attrition game. Careful shooting and spell-slinging saw most of his offensive punch removed without the expected losses. The Tharn Bloodtrackers were almost entirely wiped out by a very lucky Ashes to Ashes. With my troops sitting just outside their charge range, the Tharn Ravagers were ignored until they eventually ran into combat in a bid to distract from his scenario play and were chopped down in turn.

The risk of standing off his force and picking at it , piece by piece, was that he would use the time and space to go for a scenario win. I took the chance, knowing that to score the scenario points, he would have to move into my killzone. It went much as planned as his beasts and druids attempted to clear the zone but suffered from some nasty outbreaks of bad luck. Having risked all to gain all and fallen short, my retaliation then chopped up most of his remaining infantry and beasts over two turns, suffering light losses. We take a moment to remember Holt, last seen being eaten by a giant supernatural werebeast. Strangely, the daughters had tired of their heroism in the previous round and spent most of the game in a panicked state, achieving nothing of note.

The loss of his beasts forced Kromac to shift into beast form and charge into the heart of my force in a bid to wipe out my jacks. He dropped the Reckoner outright but with my caster far far away and two more undamaged jacks in the area, Kromac succeeded only in choosing the place of his death. Eschewing the use of the fully fueled heavy standing nearby, I went for a more subtle assassination as a Revenger closed from behind and gave him a steel enema. Which is about as subtle as Menoth really gets.

Victory and 4th place. Or as I call it, third loser. Next time, Gerry, next time.

Although, I usually scoff at the claim that Warmahordes is inherently more balanced, claiming that Legion and Cryx remain inherently stronger factions, it is interesting to see that the top 11 positions see no repetition of factions and all but one of the factions represented. As there were no Minions players, that is probably a forgiveable failing.

The Root of All Evil Special (Part 2 of 2)

The 2011 40k Masters

In honour of the previous author, we introduce the bonus round. Here, I shall penalise the organisers for every tiny piddling error, strip them of their hard earned points before sending them on their way, hopefully in tears. Unlike the previous authors, I will provide inrefutable proof of all my wild assertions.

Projector not on. (-10 points)

Score cards not water/beer proofed. (-10 points)

Overly attractive delete everything button. (-10 points)

Presence of counter-revolutionary swine. (-10 points)

Organiser exposed himself to children. (-10 points)

Criminals shipped in to play, replacing Irish talent. (-10 points)

Judges appeared under-skilled. (-10 points)

Organisers attacked my cameraman. (-10 points)

Some treats were wrapped, difficult to open. (-10 points)

So, when all factors have been taken into consideration, that leaves the total at 5/100 points. However, as the projector is clearly off (again) in the final shot, I feel duty-bound to dock the tournament an additional 10 points. Translated into the old scoring system, that leaves the Irish Masters on a disreputable -1/20.

[Ed: Part 1 can be found here]

The Root of All Evil Special (Part 1 of 2)


The 2011 40k Masters

Like all tyrannical and unjust regimes, Root’s day has passed and we have come to the end of his reign of terror. Having spent the past year torturing his betters, he now finds himself under the microscope. However, we are his betters and shall prove this through our kindness. I will be marking him out of 100 points rather than the niggardly 20 points he usually handed out. I also throw aside his despicable pretensions to speak for the common man and provide only my own opinion. Which is clearly the actual voice of the masses. Obviously.
The only identifiable flaws were the extremely early deadline for list submission and the mis-scheduling of Game 3. The random mission/deployment selection was wildly popular (with me) at Dominion Day III/IV and its migration south is greatly welcomed. The scorecards were that rare beast, an improvement on the much lauded Fisher approach. With army list, score card and scoring system all combined into one package, we can declare that item to have been perfect. All hail the Stowe score card. I suppose I should check the pack for spelling and grammatical errors but I’m rather lazy. I assume there is one present and dock you a point for it. 18/20 points.
I would prefer a shift away from the abundance of stunted, gnarled pale man-beasts towards top-heavy, slender brunettes but I’m informed that the budget won’t stretch to it. The players were moderately attentive, some were actually in the top 16 and some appeared to have washed recently. Bearing in mind that we are dealing with hardened nerds, that’s probably a 19/20 mark.
An interesting approach, rather than attempt to spread all available terrain over all tables equally, there appeared to be a design philosophy at work. Some tables were open in nature, others lent themselves to close quarter engagements. Frankly, it made for more variety in gaming than any bizarre custom mission would have. To ensure this continues, I award whoever was responsible a 20/20 mark. If it was accidental, then we should pause to consider the importance of catering to my whims by implementing this policy immediately at all cons.
With a ratio of one ref to eight players, rules decisions came quickly and erratically. Kidding. I must credit John and Shane for their willingness to take a few moments to double-check their rulings rather than operate by fiat. Admittedly, tensions were running rather low all weekend but the light-handed approach to disputes always plays well with the common players (i.e. me). The Twitter feed was wasted on me but remains a nice touch. 20/20.
There were cakes, buns, tea and coffee. The survivors were reinforced on Sunday morning but by tournament’s end, all was desolated. The only reason that full marks are not given is that we have been spoiled by Fisher’s breakfast farls. I award you 18/20 marks.
So, they enter the “justice” round with 95/100 points.

[Ed: Part 2 can be found here]


So back from Gaelcon, it was good fun. For some strange reason, I forgot to bring my camera so no pics. Which is probably for the best, considering I played terribly. 😀

My Blood Rodeo was more Like Toilet-Rolleo (one for the urban Dictionary) and just as some of my comrades had suggested (Caolan and Dan, in particular) it didn’t work very well… at all.

I took 22nd, with 3 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses.

So as you can see, the actual gaming part was epic fail but it was great to meet the Warheads and others from the interweb in person. All of my opponents were really nice guys, a pleasure to play (Especially Dave from Blizzard, stand up guy, I will have my revenge on his Wolves though!!)

Apologies to Pearce Condren who I constantly addressed by his online Name. Fact of the matter is Corbulo is way cooler than Padraig Pearse. Corbulo wouldn’t have died to that firing squad. He had his re-roll.

Big shout out to Mr Joe Cullen. Every bit as much of an asshole in real life as he is online, he didn’t disappoint. 🙂 Praise must be awarded to the Judges who, although understaffed, did a good job overall keeping the event running. Especially Dave, the fantasy Judge, he is the best judge, and the fact that we have the same name did not influence this opinion.

I probably won’t do any battle reports from this event due to A. the lack of pictures and B. (the real reason) I let myself down play wise.

Don’t shed any tears for me though , the Blood angel Bikes who failed me are at this very moment being converted into Imperial Guard Rough Riders. Their coolness factor just got flushed down the toilet (its a bathroom theme today).

Looking ahead to Conclave now, will be taking the Dave-Wolfs, Mark 600.

Farseer Dave

The R0ot of All Evil Vol. 2 (Gaelcon 2010)

*watches the last scene in Land of the Dead to gain sufficient anger*

Day One

Wellity Wellity Wellity, where to begin eh? Little culchie me visiting the big smoke and the horribly posh D4 location. Oh, this should be good. So in we go to this very very big monster of a hotel and fork out the extortionist amount of cash for 2 days of wargaming. One moment while I sell one of my kidneys on eBay to pay for this event.

So the games come quick and fast and low and behold I have a rules query, so where are the judges do you say? There’s one wondering around here somewhere, well yes you’d almost be literally right there using the word one…… Yes I’m serious some 48 Wargamers with 2 judges over the entire event left to deliberate. Ah lads, I think there’s a problem here! At minimum you need 4 judges for this size of event and one of them is going to be handling the scores while the others should be wondering around but no, two will do….

Ah second game in. Kill points. Such a refreshing game type or so it should be! I did hear the phrase: “Wait what? It’s 2 kill points?” a few times and while I chuckled every time I heard this, there should have been big blatant reminders that “YES THERE IS A 2 KILL POINTS DIFFERENCE TO WIN GAME!”, invest in a whiteboard or something guys, this needs to be said. While the change didn’t overly bother me it needs to be said that 1 kill points work. It does result in the odd “Oh I just popped your rhino and now I’m going to run away” but 2 kill points difference makes a lot more draw games. Increasing in turn the possibility of playing the same person again the next round, which then results in swaps which screw the swiss system. So lets just stick to the standard rules shall we?

Day 2

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh is all I can say for waking up in the freezing fecking cold on a Sunday morning in Ballymun and then travelling to D4 to play 3 rounds of 40k again. 6 rounds is too long, seriously! Ouch, no more please, pretty please!

Low and behold again we have a an issue with judges, while I’m not going to get into how or when judges need to be patrolling the top tables, especially in the last few games as tensions can get high and debates come up. Which did happen!

*watches ending of Dawn of the Dead to cheer up*

Ah the video above describes this weekend a little too well for my tastes….

To Craig and the other two organisers/helpers: This was a great con and as the above rant is pretty small, as you can see, it was very difficult for me to find fault in your event. A few bones to pick with the number of judges as already mentioned but take that as a learning experience and if you run this next year you’ll know you need more people to help.

Thanks to Martin from Gamer’s World, The Warheads, the WAC, and anyone else I’m leaving out, who brought terrain as it was all fantastic and we had loads on every table. I didn’t hear any complaints on this over the entire two days.

The scores below are good but there are some points I’ve laid out that could be improved on. Tea and coffee for the entire war gaming group, if not the entire con, wouldn’t be overly expensive and other conventions get it provided for free by the hotels. I’m sure every other hotel would welcome it also.

Some sort of freebie would again be fantastic to see in events in Ireland when the cost is this high and while I realise it’s down to the convention for the majority of the cost but something small in there would be a nice addition (like NWG with the free difficult terrain templates for vehicles or Dominion Day with the buns etc at the con).

This R0ot of all evil has been short and sweet and honestly I’d prefer this, the shorter the first part gets the better the Tournament scene for 40k is in Ireland and that can’t be a bad thing! Thanks again to Craig and his helpers (I can’t for the life of me remember their names) and of course thank you to all the attendees as you were all a pleasure to meet and play (Mike, Tadhg, Cairan, Darren and a WAC Ork player I can’t remember the name of: thank you all for the 6 games).

Venue 5/5 (Lovely place, big area not overly crowded, some comfy chairs floating around for when your legs were about to give way, so yay for that. Easy to get to also so another plus. Good choice to Gaelcon organizers.)
Opponents 5/5 (I gave away 5 dice so I gauge that as a a good event, I played Cairan twice and he wasn’t getting two Warheads dice in one event)
Rules Pack 4/5 (The two kill points brought this down)
Organization: 4/5 (Everything ran smoothly but as already said lack of an adequate number of judges brought this down)
Tables/Terrain: 5/5 (Plenty of terrain, personally I didn’t like some of the hills as placing models on them was not possible if you had a lot but the amount and quality of the terrain was fantastic!)
Food: 3/5 (As noted for NWG the lack of any sort of tea or coffee for attendees, unless I missed something, it’s a let down for me but from what I heard, saw and of course ate the food in the venue was fantastic if not a little overpriced some times but that is D4 for you)
Prizes 5/5 (Assigned prizes and lots of them, good to see)
Value for Money 2/5 (Not much the wargames can do to lower this as the con price is the kicker but still very expensive)

Overall 18/20 making for 51/60

P.S. Does anyone know where I can get some of that fudge that everyone said was delicious, as I missed out on it?

*Any issues/complaints/comments/hate mail/death threats/etc. post them below and I will answer when I see them*

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