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Moocon 4 vs Dominion Day 5

We look today at the shape of the Irish tournament scene at the 1000 point level. A recent development, it is heavily comped with most tournaments using the Highlander format. On a technical note, while only battle points are used for the D-Day tournament, it was not possible to strip out those details for Moocon.

We’ve got two largely distinct populations of players here, the first is Munster-based and the second is Ulster-based. Barring some travelling Leinster players, there is little overlap. Hopefully, the upcoming K-Con will provide similar data for the Leinster scene. It is interesting to see that random chat with my local gamers as to the army breakdown of the Ulster scene was unerringly accurate while similar chatter on the Munster scene proved only half-right.

Bear in mind as you read, that no judgements are being made (anymore) as to the strength of individual books. When we mention Necrons doing well, think of it as meaning Necron lists as they are currently being played. The player is always a factor but the exercise is still useful in highlighting the relative standing of each faction.

Now, on to the pictures.

Welcome to Cark. Reports from the front suggested that this was a Grey Knight-heavy tournament but the actual figures show that, while popular, their presence was lower than at previous tournaments. In fact, we see the widest range of codexes in any tournament since we started keeping careful tabs. With fourteen distinct army types, almost all factions are represented and the tournament is the most overtly diverse that this series has covered to date. That would be a good thing.
Five armies perform strongly at Moocon and they are a mix of old and new. The most modern books; Grey Knights, Dark Eldar and Necrons all do well. But a quick glance at the names involved will suggest that player skill is a factor. Amongst older armies, Tau and Chaos prove to be effective. The remainder must make do with less than their share. At a glance, Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Eldar, Space Marines, Imperial Guard and Tyranids are down.
The Dark Eldar do very well again. In Ireland, this is clearly a great codex being played by great players. The codex itself has a great of variety within it which suits it to the Highlander format. We see the similar Grey Knights and Necrons codexes do well. And we also see a strong showing by the Tau and Chaos, both of which had been theory-hammered as having great potential within this format. The Eldar have an unhappy time of it and Space Wolves appear to have suffered something of a brain drain as top ranking players abandon the codex.
Dominion Day
Once more, Grey Knights are amongst the most popular choices but the Northern scene appears to be the true home of the 3+ save. Loyalist marines make up 61% of the army lists. The Orks also appear to breeding in the region with another strong showing. Aside from those features, we also have a decent mix of armies with eleven distinct codexes being played on the day.
After some shaky recent performances, Grey Knights do well again, suggesting they like the format. They are joined by Necrons, Orks, Space Wolves and Sisters of Battle. The biggest losers are the Space Marines, Eldar and Imperial Guard. But for actual averages, we turn to the big orange graph.
The Eldar come in solidly last, which is identical to the Moocon results. Space Marines also do poorly, as was the case in every tournament covered thus far. The high scoring Sisters of Battle are interesting, their first appearance at the level is strong but as it’s based on the score of a single player, it shouldn’t be considered a trend. We see that Space Wolves appear to be stronger in the Northern scene and Guard equally…. average in both areas.
In the next couple of weeks, we might break out a full review of the 2011 season focusing solely on the highest ranking lists to see whose year it really was.

The R0ot of All Evil Vol. 8 (Dominion Day IV)

* **** you Jonny, you are the only tournament to go up to 11. Now if only they would make the rest of them louder. *

Strap on the stab vests, remove the southern license plates and forgo mentioning anything catholic for the next few days lads because we are off to the north again!

Wellity Wellity Wellity…. If your goal was to increase the risk of me dying of grease, you bloody well almost nearly succeeded you smug northern bastid. My blood is now nonexistent and it has been replaced with meat juice.

You started 15 minutes late, for shame! And your mats/tables were smaller than regulation by half an inch each side so stretch those bitches out with tape, disgraceful! Then you stick me with the biggest ass of an opponent for first game with some bullshit nid list and he’s a bigger time waster than the lead(cheat)er of the Warheads.

Finally for trying to give me alcohol poisoning with all this low price, probably illegal, booze, I shall report you to the relevant authorities in due time!

* Yes that’s all I have and it’s mostly completely exaggerated, once again damn you Jonny and I believe the bellow describes every attendee’s feelings on DDIV *

So I’m going to get the scores out of the way first to give me more time to circle jerk with DDIV and the overall experience.

Opponents 5/5 (Top class each one of you, Floody, Richard, John, Tris and Rick thank you for the fantastic games)
Venue 5/5
Food 5/5 (I would give you a 6 here if it didn’t go against my logical side)
Rules Pack 5/5
Terrain/Tables 5/5
Organization 5/5
Prizes 5/5
Value for Money 5/5

Overall 20/20

This makes for a total of 60/60! Right, so if you remember DDIII and my review the only reason I didn’t give it 60/60 was it was not a two day event. Well, Jonny stepped up to the plate and delivered, without a shadow of a doubt, the BEST tournament I have attended and he didn’t even get the full 32 players.

Starting with the venue, bar attached, with loads of space (which still would have been the case even if there were the full 32 players) and easy to find in a somewhat shady area (j/k).

The food is next up and dear god do these guys deliver. Sausage rolls to start with. Tea, coffee and hot chocolate to please everyone, then what can only be described as the closest thing you’ll come to a heart attack without actually having one. Basically a breakfast roll but replace the roll with two big bits of soda bread instead. After the first day of games we bailed to the hotel and then to the local Chinese and for a tenner we got fed to bursting point. And last but not least, buns on the second day with the tea, coffee, etc. and a lovely farm yard cull for lunch. (All for a low low price of £25).

Organization was tip top once again with score cards, projector, score monkey, player judges (great idea), spot prizes, wanted prizes (collection on defeating a wanted player) and a big dice to roll the scenarios.

Prizes were fantastic again and I am sad to say I did not get my hands on any glasswear but did achieve the fastest victory winning me some golden metal dice which then subsequently saved my ass a few times against John Stowe.

While there were only a few Best Battlefield entrants, the quality of terrain was again great but I’d have Mount Long Fang painted next time if you can. The rules pack was sound, using the ETC FAQ, and no special characters made for a change to the last few tournaments.

Finally Value for Money, this just cannot be beat. I spent £35 on food and the tournament, £10 of which was for the Chinese and maybe around €60 on drink and the hotel combined which was just fantastic.

Jonny you somehow surpassed yourself with this event from all the others and I would give you more points if I allowed for it but dear god this man can run a tournament well.


Dominion Day should be the tournament you aspire to, and if any of you were to come close to this event I would be a happy wargamer, more so than I am already.

I tip my hat to you sir and I wish we could clone you, as Joe said. Then we could harness the awesomeness that is your abilities to create tournaments.

Next Up: Itzacon and Craig takes another shot at it and I am looking forward to seeing what he can do!

P.S. I would like to dedicate this review to my old Black Templar list as this was it’s last outing and it shall not see the light of day again. You served me well and long your memory live on!

The R0ot of All Evil Vol. 4 (Dominion Day 3)

*I hate you Johnny as you have ruined my 4th post before I even get to do it…. *

Feck you Maynard! Feck you I say 6am wake up call saying we have a minute to get ready, 30 minutes later we are on the road on our way to Dominion Day 3 so strap on the bullet proof vests and armour plate that car Baz because we are entering the occupied territories!

Could you pick a place out in the middle of nowhere much lads, it’s more remote than the chances of Maynard placing in the top 10 in the tournament this weekend.

So the first game comes around and I’m having a pleasant time when I realise wait this isn’t a two day, ah now come on lads needs to be a fecking two day to be a challenge.

The tournament day flew by and the provision of free caffeine meant I had a twitch the entire day, thanks for that lads….. And the journey home was like travelling through hurricane Katrina only with less none true aryan people.

*Once again hate you so much Johnny*

Right, EVERY TOURNAMENT ORGANISER PAY ATTENTION because THIS is how you run a tournament!

I hate Johnny because he absolutely gave me NOTHING to complain about other than it not being a two day everything else is me scraping the bottom of the barrel. Lets start with the list of Do’s for every other tournament from now on shall we:

Best Battlefield – This is an awesome idea, if you ever want to encourage people to bring terrain do this as it’s an extra prize that people with modelling and painting skills will love.

Spot Prizes and Small Tokens – Order of the Beard (Cheese Award), Mr Organised (Bribe Award), First person to kill one of his one models, First unit to fall back and so on these were great little things that added a small but great touch to the overall event.

Tea, Coffee, Snacks – I cannot say this enough when you have some 20 odd boxes of buns and pastry s, tea and coffee for free all day this is just fantastic. Every other event you see is in a hotel and we pay ridiculous prices for these and get nothing other than the games yet any other convention would get a minimum of tea and coffee from the hotel/venue.

Organization – This is a huge one and to pull this off perfectly as was done at the weekend was great! A running timer displayed on a projector down to the milisecond is another small but great addition, personalized score sheets, army lists printed with wargear and special rule refrences and everything you’d need to have at a tournament, free dice, relaxed yet completely structured games, on hand referee(s) and one dedicated score person (computer monkey)! Just plain awesome!

Prizes – You cannot beat a fine piece of glass trophy for a prize you just can’t lads.

Value for Money – Tied into the one above for £15 (€17.3868) you get all the prizes, food (£3 for what is the best version of a breakfast roll, no roll instead it’s soda bread) and a lovely cheap bar!

And now time for the scores:

Opponents 5/5
Venue 5/5
Food 5/5
Rules Pack 5/5
Terrain/Tables 5/5
Organization 5/5
Prizes 5/5
Value for Money 5/5

Overall 19/20 (Lost one point because you ran out of tea very quickly and one tables terrain could have done with a tad more stuff but really I am not giving you a perfect score cause then you’ll get lazy) That’s a total of 59/60 well damn done!

Thank you to Johnny and all the lads that made this event possible and I cannot wait for the 2 day event in February if it goes ahead. I can’t state this enough that every tournament should resemble this and I (and every 40k player) will be very very happy even when you come 15th…. 😆 . This was as good as the last Dominion Day and I expect the same from every other DD.

Now that I am done with circle jerking the Northern Wasters I bid you all good day (fags)!

Next up: Dominicon of Steel!

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