* What’s this you say 2 R0ot of all Evils in one day? Haha that’s right your getting twice the shite for free! *

Dear Maynooth Douchebags, I wish to complain about the poorly run RPG that I attended on the Sunday afternoon which started almost 2 hours late and was very poorly run. I would like to propose that this rpg GM be banned from attending any future Dominicon conventions and if possible he be castrated for such a poor performance.

Putting a Deathwatch kill team up against 5 humans and then 5 Fire warriors is not a challenge and should not be considered as such then the GM complaining that we are ridiculously overpowered shows this organizers lack of organization and obvious lack of knowledge of the game (I refer to my previous castration comment).

Also picking on one player more than others having their armour malfunction on a huge number of occasions is biased and unfair. Not preparing for our perception sucking and very poor heal rolls left him dumbfounded and lost.

Continuity was not maintained and even though this rpg was essentially zero cost I wish to request that the GM pay me and the other poor saps he conned into his game the cost of our Dominicon tickets.

DIAF Maynard, DIAF!

* This was a special broadcast by the R0ot of all Evil and won’t happen again we shall return to normal broadcasting shortly *

Opponents 3/5 (5 humans and fire warriors then to a Lictor and Crisis suit out of nowhere?)
Venue 5/5 (Lovely warm secluded room yay!)
Food 2/5 (those crisps were shit Joe, but the free coke yay!)
Rules Pack 5/5 (Thank you games workshop)
Terrain/Tables 3/5 (You lose points for not always drawing 3D maps / pictures)
Organization 3/5 (dude wtf? bring you GM card!)
Prizes 0/5 (ghey)
Value for Money 5/5 (it was free, but I want my money back!)

Overall 20/20

Total score of 46/60 and if you can’t tell the above is a piss take and thank you Maynard for providing us with some Sunday morning/afternoon entertainment and I’d love to do it again even if my armour is hugely malfunctional although more hordes please!

(I don’t think I could do better tbh so fair play Maynard!)