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New Dark Eldar Releases up for Advance Order

Pretty much as stated in the title. Advance Orders can be found here and more info on the specifics after the break.

The new units up for order are:

The Talos Pain Engine. (A combined kit with the Chronos)

The Chronos Parasite Engine. (A combined kit with the Talos)

The Venom


Last but not least, an old favourite, the Dark Eldar Battleforce containing 10 Wyches, 10 Warriors, 3 Reavers and a Raider.

The Dark Kin Approach

Well here they are folks, available to order now on Games Workshop’s Advance Orders page. Here are some pictures all from the Games Workshop site, in my opinion they’re doing real justice to the dark history of the Dark Eldar with these models, I look forward to getting addicted to plastic crack in whole new ways in the future.

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