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ETC Week! Final Practice – Blood Angels

So my final practice night against Barra MacNiocaill’s Blood Angels, great list for the ETC by the way, Barra’s list was the four Land Raider shield list Team RoI are bringing. We also got our dice and t-shirts from Captain Richard Flood (for a price…):

The list I’ve shipped out with is at the bottom of the post but should be familiar to most as the list I used last year. It’s a real workhorse list for the ETC team in that it can be bid against most opponents and while it doesn’t tend to get twenty points off any list at all it tends not to give away twenty as well.
The matchup tonight was one I’m comfortable with, lots of high priority targets that my Obliterators can target and make their points back right away and a list with few scoring units in an event where scoring units are almost a dime a dozen (Tervigon spam, grey knights, imperial guard, space wolves, Orks, etc.):
Player 6 Player: Barra Mac Niocall, Army: Blood Angels

HQ1: Librarian (100) with Shield of Sanguinius and Bloodlance: [100]

Elite1: 5 Assault Terminators (200), 5 Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield (25) [225] in Transport 1

Troop1: Assault Squad with removed jump packs (100) with Flamer (5); [105] in Transport 2

Troop1: Assault Squad with removed jump packs (100) with Flamer (5); [105] in Transport 3

Troop1: Assault Squad with removed jump packs (100 with Flamer (5); [105] in Transport 4

FA1: 1 Land Speeder (50), with multi-melta (10) and heavy flamer (10): [70]

FA2: 1 Land Speeder (50), with multi-melta (10) and heavy flamer (10): [70]

FA3: 1 Land Speeder (50), with multi-melta (10) and heavy flamer (10): [70]

Transport 1: Land Raider Redeemer (240), with Extra Armour (15): [255]

Transport 2: Land Raider (250) – 35pts for assault squad discount: [215]

Transport 2: Land Raider (250) – 35pts for assault squad discount: [215]

Transport 2: Land Raider (250) – 35pts for assault squad discount: [215] Total 1750pts

Played by the masterful MacNiocaill however it wouldn’t be quite so easy. Barra is experienced at not only “gypsying” opponent’s key objectives at the last minute but also at estimating where his Land Raiders need to be to claim two simultaneous objectives. It really is a pleasure to watch but uncomfortable to plan against someone so crafty.
Sorry to have to cut this short but I have to go pack now for the flight! So that’s me signing off from this brief journey into ETC hell, hopefully I’m enjoying pints over the corpses of our fallen enemies by the time this is put on the War Altar by good Mr. Kroon.
Good luck to all four Irish teams attending this year!!
Bua nó Bás,
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Player 2: Player Name: Joseph Cullen, Army: Chaos Space Marines

HQ 1: Daemon Prince (110) Wings (20) Lash of Submission (20) Mark of Slaanesh (5) total 155pts

Elites 1 Terminator Squad 3 x Terminators (90) 3 x combi meltas (15) total 105 in Transport 1

Elites 2 Terminator Squad 3 x Terminators (90) 3 x combi plasma (15) total 105 in Transport 2

Troops 1 Chaos Space Marine Squad 5 x Chaos Space Marines (75) total 75pts

Troops 2 Chaos Space Marine Squad 5 x Chaos Space Marines (75) total 75pts

Troops 3 Chaos Space Marine Squad 5 x Chaos Space Marines (75) Icon of Chaos Glory (10) total 85pts in Transport 3

Heavy Support 1 3 x Obliterators 225pts

Heavy Support 2 3 x Obliterators 225pts

Heavy Support 3 3 x Obliterators 225pts

Transport 1: Land Raider 220pts

Transport 2: Land Raider 220pts

Transport 3: Chaos Rhino 35pts Total 1750pts

Youngbloods: Pearce ‘Red Thirst’ Condren

Hey all,

Joey here with a new mini series looking at some of the up and coming faces on the Irish scene. I’ll start off with a good friend of mine and Dublin Games Guild player Pearce Condren. Currently sitting in a comfortable 21st position on the Irish Rankings, this die hard Blood Angels player has been gaining noteriety over the past year as a young player who’s willing to practice hard and try new lists to get to the top of the pile.

His tournament performances over the past year reflect well his time learning the fine trade of competitive play and have resulted in a player not intimidated by tournament games but eagre to play after each one. A spread of mid table results at Dominicon, Warpcon, Retcon and Gaelcon show a player who is comfortable with his rules knowledge and I have little doubt that his first tournament win is on the way in the coming season or two.
His thoughts on Blood Angels, particularly culminating in the list he’ll be using this coming season, are well documented. While not set in stone his list ideas tend to revolve around few, if survivable scoring units and hard hitting assault units with fragile delivery systems:


    Assault Squad
    Land Raider

    Assault Squad
    Land Raider

    Assault Squad



    Furioso Dreadnought

    Furioso Dreadnought

    Assault Terminators
    5 Thunder Hammers
    5 Storm Shields

Lists like this show me a player who’s not afraid to think for himself and add units in that feel right rather than those that look right on paper. While it’s certainly not my kind of list, in the hands of the right player it has the potential to do damage and enough redundancy to ensure that close games stay close.

Having the ability to play against quality opponents such as John Stowe (Northern Ireland Vice Captain 2011), Paul Quigley (Republic of Ireland Vice Captain 2011), Mike Tangney, Philip Johnston every Wednesday night in Dublin has gone lengths to greatly improving young Pearce’s game.

Let’s hope his Leaving Cert this year doesn’t hinder him from getting to the top and then having to make the tough decision of going to Poland in 2012 with Team Northern Ireland or Team Republic of Ireland.

The Lesser Spotted Vanguard Veterans

Since this was discussed recently over on onthestep.net I thought I’d post up a few thoughts I had lying around in the old noggin regarding some of the least used and most expensive units in Codices Space Marines and Blood Angels.

Well first of all what do Vanguard Vets have that makes them different from assault marines, they both occupy the fast attack slot (except in Codex Blood Angels where they occupy the troops slot). Well here are some important differences:

  • +1A
  • +1Ld
  • Jump Packs are not included
  • The Sergeant comes with a power sword
  • Heroic Intervention

“But Joe, what the fudge is Heroic Intervention?!”

Gather round beleaguered wargamer and I shall give unto thee this information:

Heroic Intervention
If the squad has jump packs and arrives by deep strike the player can elect to perform a Heroic Intervention before the scatter dice are rolled.

If it is declared the squad cannot run or shoot but may assault that turn.

This ability cannot be used if an Independent Character joins the squad.

So there you have it, risky stuff eh?!

Well not as risky as you might think. Let’s look at what Codex Blood Angels can do to rectify this riskiness…

Codex Blood Angels

Well first off Corbulo has the “Far Seeing Eye” which he either uses to pick up hot Sisters of Battle at Imperial Bars/Clubs and also allows you to reroll one dice per game including the all important scatter dice…

And as per the rule book rerolling the scatter dice also includes rerolling the distance dice along with it.

Suddenly your risky deep strike isn’t too bad at all and combined with Descent of Angels allows for a pretty well timed critical assault to hit bang on time.

Put on top of this Commander Dante and we’ve got a nice little mixture in here. And it goes a little something like this



Assault Squad (10)
Infernus Pistol
Power Fist

Vanguard Veteran Squad (10)
10 Jump Packs
3 Power Fists
5 Meltabombs

Yes this is an absurdly points heavy combination and we begin to see immediately why many competitive players don’t use Vanguard Veterans much, redundancy is important in competitive lists and points heavy combos leave little room for redundancy.

Here’s how it works:

So it’s turn two, your opponent is advancing towards you and isn’t far off doing what they will likely do to shift the balance of the game.

Your turn two, you roll your reserve rolls, Dante and his assault squad come on, the vanguard veterans don’t, you want them both in so you reroll the reserve roll (Blood Angels) and they arrive (lucky you).

Place the Vanguard Veterans first, placing one bolt pistol guy (who can afford to DS within 4″ of the enemy due to the 10 man squad size) and watch him scatter.

He scatters onto the enemy, “Mishap!” Your ridiculously uninformed opponent says.

Au contraire!” You exclaim, using Corbulo’s timely reroll to now roll a hit,

“That was so wise!” You say.

“That’s fuckin bullshit” your Blood Angel opponent responds.

So now you’re all set up for the sweetest multi charge of all time, 5 meltabombs and 9 power fist attacks going wherever you want them to.

Here comes phase two.

Dante’s squad and their turn.

Dante has Tactical Precision which means him and his doods don’t scatter when they deepstrike using jump packs. Now that you know where your Vanguard squad has ended up you can plop down Dante and his infernus pistol, your sergeant’s infernus pistol and the two meltaguns in the squad all within double penetration range (safely too) of the most expensive mechanised unit your opponent has.

Then the sneaky tricksiness begins.

Dante’s Death Mask reduces the Weapon Skill, Wound, Initiative and Attacks characteristics of an enemy independent character for the whole game.

If the enemy has a character in the open (Kustom Force Field Big Mek, Farseer on a jetbike) i.e. the type of characters who can swing the game, you get to reduce their characteristics and very quickly make mince meat of them with the impending Vanguard unit.

Something like this happening could throw even an experienced player off quite easily.

By now your opponent has seen a wild display of special abilities but knows that he/she can weather the storm.

Their next turn comes, they’ve lost 3 tanks, no big deal, pull back with some units, shoot the Vanguard and Dante’s squad (just normal old assault marines) now get assaulted by something fairly mean (a mob of boyz etc.). The opponent has them locked down, this squad has a lot of anti tank and can move fast no one wants them roaming freely. And besides there are only 2 Vanguard vets left now. It won’t be long until the opponent will move onto killing those razorbacks that have just come on from reserve.

Here’s where your special rules continue to dazzle. Dante gives his squad Hit and Run so at the end of your opponent’s counter assault suddenly you’re (if you don’t roll a 5+) 3D6″ away.

Then it’s your turn and you get to move 12″ on top of that to reach whatever your opponent has on the table.

Well that’s a nice trick, at least I think so.

Codex Space Marines

Let’s look at some differences between Codex Blood Angels Vanguard Veterans and Codex Space Marines Vanguard Veterans:

  • Blood Angels Vanguard Veterans are 10 points cheaper!
  • Blood Angels Vanguard Veterans have access to more equipment in the form of Infernus Pistols and Hand Flamers
  • Space Marine Vanguard Veterans have Combat Tactics
  • Blood Angels Vanguard Squads have the Red Thirst
  • Space Marines Vanguard Squads have access to cheaper Storm Shields (5 points less)

Some notable differences in there but nothing game breakingly different for sure.

Now let’s see what Codex Space Marines can muster. Well with cheaper storm shields you’d be as well to throw some in there.

Here are some units you could take to find some nice little combinations:


Scout Squad

Legion of the Damned
Multi Melta
Combi Melta

Vanguard Squad
3 power fists
4 meltabombs
3 storm shields

Here’s how it works:

Use Tigurius’ Gift of Prescience to ensure the Legion of the Damned and Vanguard come in together.

Again since only the Legion of the Damned (LotD) will be rerolling their scatter dice deep strike the Vanguard Squad first, placing the risky squad first and the safer squad based on where the first one ends up.

Having ten in that LotD squad will make sure you get to place them in such a way that they’ll always (almost) end up in double penetration range with all three melta weapons (remembering of course that they’re relentless so that Multi Melta can pop one off when it lands).

These guys crack open an expensive tank while the Vanguard can either assault what’s inside (after Telion has made sure to allocate a tasty wound on it and perhaps Tigurius has cast Null Zone <—another character maiming combo) or set up a sweet ass multi assault.

This also results in quite a few 3+ invulnerable saves staring your opponent in the face on turn 2.

I should also point out that both codices have access to infiltrating, scout moving, locator beacon carrying scout bikers, but that would just be too easy.

It’s probably a good time to point out that you can deep strike Lysander with the LotD….

And on that bomb shell,

I’ll see you soon for another Lesser Spotted, this time hopefully on the much more commonly spotted Sternguard Veterans.

Hope you’ve enjoyed!


New! Furioso Dreadnought and Stormraven Pre Order

Hey all,

just throwing up some recent stuff, the GW site has thrown up the new Furioso and Stormraven models for pre order here. Here are some snapshots of the models in their full GW, non converted glory:

The helmet on the Storm Raven pilot is class, same as the Sergeant Chronus one I think? Still not sold on the Storm Raven though but the new dread upgrades are awesome sauce.


Army Showcase: Peter Zuidgeest’s Death Company

I grabbed Peter after seeing his awesome Death Company blog over on the Northern Wasters site and took the opportunity to ask him some questions and show off his wonderfully painted Blood Angels Death Company.

Question 1.) So what made you go for Death Company for your current project?

Well since I like to do themed armies and the new release of warhammer fantasy came out I noticed that I needed to get away from fantasy ASAP! I really like fantasy but the game changed so drastically (for me) that it was time for something new! Back to 40k!

Looking at the armies at that point I didn’t realy know what to do until they released Blood Angels, I was like “Oh my God those Death Company marines are so nice!!!” Then I bought the codex and read it a bit and saw it was possible to make a full Death Company army! SOLD! haha!

Competitive-wise it’s not really great I know but I don’t care! :D

I love to play themed armies, it looks cool and not many people play it since it’s either really good or it sucks majorly!

Question 2.) What other themed armies have you done?

My full khorne mortals (fantasy) won best painted army reward at the Dutch GT in 2009.

Question 3.) Apart from objective based missions how do the Death Company do on your local scene?

Until now I did pretty good; played 6 battles and 4 of them were objective based… I can’t claim anything so a draw is the best i can do or wipe them all from the table but that’s not always easy since the objectives are way too spread and rage makes me go where I don’t want to! For the kill point mission well what can i say? MASSACRE! To give you an idea; 1 Death Company dread charged a unit of 5 mega armoured nobz with Ghazghkull in it… 1st round, 11 power weapon wounds haha you should have seen the look on the guys face! ;)

Question 4.) Can you give me a 1700 point list of your Death Company Army? [1700 is the standard in Holland]


  • Astorath


  • 6x death company with jump packs
  • Power Fist
  • Power weapon
  • Lemartes

  • 8x death company bolter
  • Power weapon
  • Rhino
  • Extra armour

  • 8x death company w/ bolters
  • Power fist
  • Rhino
  • Extra armour

  • 8x death company w/ bolters
  • Power weapon
  • Rhino
  • Extra armour

  • Death company Dread
  • Magna grapple
  • Drop pod

  • Death company Dread
  • Magna grapple
  • Drop pod


Question 5.) What’s the next project?

I’ve got several project laying around…

As for fantasy my lizardmen project witch is on hold atm.

And I have an Ork army but that’s still 30% in my head finished some minis but mostly without paint just the conversions.

The idea for the ork army is animosity animosity and animosity flying goblins orks fighting inside ranks etc etc.

And I want to re-do my Vampire Counts because I know I can paint them way better then I have right now.

As for 40k…

Got an Ultramarine army which is kind of old, playing warhammer 40k/fantasy for 15 years now and had a little break in between after the break I made that army and I must say my painting skills were not that good back then ;)

And a new army… Hmm well the new Dark Eldar look nice might make an army of them but not sure yet ;)

I’d like to thank Peter for his time showing us his army and letting us get to know him, hopefully we’ll meet at a Northern Wasters event or perhaps an event like the ETC!

Peter Zuidgeest lives in the Netherlands, in a village close to Eindhoven. If you’d like to contact Peter you can reach him by email:


Conclave 2 Summary

So back from Conclave 2 safe and sound. No thanks to Dan’s driving, ”watch the corner Dan” *BANG*, ”yeah that’s what I meant when I said watch the corner”.

The event was great fun and some-what nostalgic for me. Conclave 1 was my first ever 40k tournament. The Limerick lads had made vast improvements over the previous event, adopting the 5 games and set missions format made the event, all in all, much more competitive.
A few things you guys really need to pick up on though. 25% terrain. Sweet Jesus. Guard + 10% terrain = You’re screwed, buddy. 25%, guys, and get rid of those two huge tower buildings. They are ridiculous.

It is very important to have proper judges at tournaments, I won’t name names or pick out incidents here, what’s done is done but bad calls really cast a bad light on the event overall. Good judging is bloody hard and there is always assholes who will complain about something (me for example) but you need people with a grasp of the rules judging 40k competitive events. It is incredibly important that people feel they can ”trust” the Judges to make a fair call if trouble arises in their game.
I’m not sure how you did your wiss system, please do post an explanation for me below but Round 3 Table 1, need I say any more?

Giving points for per-registration is a double edged sword to be honest, yes, it allows you to list check much more easily but it also discourages people from just ”turning up” because they’re penalised. It also annoys people who are compulsive list changers (me lol). I wouldn’t recommend using that format again (perhaps give a money discount to people who pre-reg instead?).

The plan to give 5 points for ”costumes” was pure ”pants on my head retarded”, in my opinion. Comp scores have no place in 40k tournaments, full stop. Thank God, somebody stopped those scores being given out. Kudos to you, Sir. Fancy dress is great fun for those who enjoy it but you could just have said ”prize for best costume”.

The prize support was grand but I think tournaments should give out trophies to the winners not models. Yhis applies to every 40k tournament in Ireland tbh. Trophies just seem more impressive in my opinion.

Overall though, a pretty great event and a huge improvement on Conclave 1, a weekend well spent. Thanks to the Limerick Lads for the hospitality. Conclaves are certainly going on my 40k events calendar for future trips.

Special thanks as well to my opponents. You were all great sports, special props to Oisin(Crafter) from the Warheads and to my club mates Mark and Dan for three really tight games of 40k.

I am piled under work this week between Army Reserve and Essays so I wont be doing battle reports until Saturday. If I don’t do them, Joe will hit me.

If anyone thinks I was unfair in my description of Conclave 2 then feel free to post (or if you want a private chat, you can email me).

Farseer Dave.


So back from Gaelcon, it was good fun. For some strange reason, I forgot to bring my camera so no pics. Which is probably for the best, considering I played terribly. 😀

My Blood Rodeo was more Like Toilet-Rolleo (one for the urban Dictionary) and just as some of my comrades had suggested (Caolan and Dan, in particular) it didn’t work very well… at all.

I took 22nd, with 3 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses.

So as you can see, the actual gaming part was epic fail but it was great to meet the Warheads and others from the interweb in person. All of my opponents were really nice guys, a pleasure to play (Especially Dave from Blizzard, stand up guy, I will have my revenge on his Wolves though!!)

Apologies to Pearce Condren who I constantly addressed by his online Name. Fact of the matter is Corbulo is way cooler than Padraig Pearse. Corbulo wouldn’t have died to that firing squad. He had his re-roll.

Big shout out to Mr Joe Cullen. Every bit as much of an asshole in real life as he is online, he didn’t disappoint. 🙂 Praise must be awarded to the Judges who, although understaffed, did a good job overall keeping the event running. Especially Dave, the fantasy Judge, he is the best judge, and the fact that we have the same name did not influence this opinion.

I probably won’t do any battle reports from this event due to A. the lack of pictures and B. (the real reason) I let myself down play wise.

Don’t shed any tears for me though , the Blood angel Bikes who failed me are at this very moment being converted into Imperial Guard Rough Riders. Their coolness factor just got flushed down the toilet (its a bathroom theme today).

Looking ahead to Conclave now, will be taking the Dave-Wolfs, Mark 600.

Farseer Dave

Army Progression

Just a few quick pictures of my WIP stuff , I’m (as I’m sure you can tell) pretty terrible at taking decent pictures so bear with me. I’ll try to improve as I go along.

Sanguinary Guard

WIP Furioso Dreadnought

Storm Raven

Storm Raven.

We have (from top to bottom) my Sanguinary Guard , my WIP Furioso and my first Storm Raven.

C and C welcome!

Farseer Dave.

”The Dave Angels”

So ,

After playing around with Team Jacob for a bit I have to say I’m kinda sick of them. Caolan made a pretty decent wolf list for me and even that didn’t impress me much though I greatly appreciate the effort.

I think if you are not having fun playing a particular army, it isn’t the right one for you, no matter how competitive/non-competitive it may be. That’s not to say Team Jacob has no benefits (for one thing they don’t sparkle in the sunlight..how lame lol..), its just they are not working for me on many levels. Both aesthetically and in playstyle.

Team Edward
My team Edward ”Dave-Angels” are painted pretty damn well if I may be so arrogant as to say so. I really dig the Reds /yellows of the BA. Pleasure to paint. I enjoy the more “in your face” style of the Blood Angels as well . I have already epic failed at Conclave with my fluff-bunny army though so I needed a way to improve them.

What I have made here is a very strange competitive build (inspired by the Wrecking Crews BBF’s list) of units I have handpicked to work for me. Wierd Blood Angels builds are this blogs forte, apparently, see Joe’s BA for proof. Its in your face from the get go and is comprised of some seriously tight units.

While I always welcome C and C, I will not be changing this army to any great extreme. If you have suggestions concerning wargear, or perhaps tactics, feel free to ask/suggest. I realise this isn’t a normal Internet list. That’s the point. It’s tailored more to what ”I” want out of an army. It isn’t going to appeal to everybody. It, like Joe’s, is a totally personal list.

It needs a good Internet/Banner Name name though. For now its just ”The Dave-Angels” but I welcome suggestions from our readers.

Ill be posting WIP pics of my stuff over the next few weeks. I have the Vanguard, Stormraven and Dread yet to paint.

The Dave Angels :

The Sanguinor : 275
Commander Dante : 225
Sanguinary Guard/2x infernus pistol : 220
Sanguinary Guard/2x infernus pistol : 220
Sanguinary Priest/jump pack, infernus pistol , Power Sword : 105
Furioso dreadnaught/pair of Blood Talons, heavy flamer & extra armor : 150
Stormraven/twin linked lascannon, twin linked multi-melta & extra armor : 215
Vanguard Veteran (jump packs) : 335
Sergeant/thunderhammer & stormshield
1st Vet/lightning claw & stormshield
2nd Vet/lightning claw & stormshield
3rd Vet/lightning claw & stormshield
4th Vet/ Chainsword & bolt pistol
5th Vet/chainsword & bolt pistol

Total : 1745

(Legal note : If any Twilight Fans were offended by this post feel free to send all complaints to our Helpdesk. joseph.warmaster@gmail.com )

Farseer Dave.

Eradicators Revised List

So I’ve been busy playtesting my old Eradicators (remember the one with the bikes?). It’s been doing moderately well but there’s still some synergy missing. One of my favourite elements of the list, the bikes, are not pulling their weight enough unfortunately, especially not when you realise that they’re using up well over 400 points when you take into account the two Independent Characters attached to them.

So after some playtesting and friendly advice with the Warheads I’ve come up with the list below, (with a lot of help from Crafter and R0ot!) by adding in a hammer unit (something I’ve never used in any other list, a librarian in terminator armour and a Land Raider Crusader.

This should help undo a lot of the problems I’m finding on the tabletop, against things like multiple monstrous creatures (Tyranids, Chaos Daemons etc.) and other hammer units (Thunderwolf Cavalry, Ork Nobs etc) which I find hard to deal with using the older list.

The list still retains the drop pod unit, the three vindicators and four land speeders with some added searchlights and a few other small changes. The list dishes out a lot of pain, has 4 scoring units and has thirteen kill points. Have a look and let me know what you think:

Terminator Armour
Storm Shield
Shield of Sanguinius
Unleash Rage

Terminator Assault Squad
4 Thunder Hammer/Storm Shields

Assault Squad
Dedicated Transport:
Land Raider Crusader
Multi Melta
Extra Armour

Assault Squad
Dedicated Transport:

Assault Squad
+5 Extra Space Marines
2 Meltaguns
Power Fist
Dedicated Transport:
Drop Pod

Land Speeder Squadron
2 Land Speeders
1 Multi Melta each

Land Speeder Squadron
2 Land Speeders
1 Multi Melta each

Dozer Blade

Dozer Blade

Dozer Blade

So there you have it folks, my newest list using my first hammer unit. Comments welcome as always!

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