So Yes the Truth Hurts has recently gotten an epic make-over , among many of the great visions for our new site is the inclusion of the ”shout box”. which is basically a chatbox similar to MSN chat.

YTTH isn’t the first big 40k community to use this type of feature , Kirby over on 3++ is the New Black also has his chat box to contain his pink army. 🙂 These two sites contain a massive, massive variety of 40k players .I think it is quite amazing that we can hold tactics chats and group discussions about the many aspects of competitive 40k with such a wide variety of players in a wide variety of tournament scenes.

I would strongly recommend that the readers pay a visit to either of the sites to meet and perhaps learn from a new player group.
YTTH can be found at
Kirby and his pink army live at :

Farseer Dave.