Good morning folks, Welshman here. I’m going to be a regular contributor to our glorious site. My pieces will focus mainly on:

  • The weird and the wonderful parts of our hobby.
  • Painting, converting and other hobby articles
  • Approaching tournaments from either a T.O. or players perspective in my ‘Road To X’ articles.

But before I kick off I’ll introduce myself a bit more:

Name: Tristram Hills
Rank: Battle Standard Bearer
Club: The Warheads
40k: Ultramarines, Death Specters, Imperial Guard, Tyranids and Tau.
WFB: High Elves and Empire
LoTR: Gondor and Elves
I also play Battlefleet Gothic and am starting Necromunda.

My forum handle is Welshman and I’m usually hanging around OnTheStep the home of the Warheads so if you want to contact me directly shoot me a PM there.

I worked for Games Workshop Dublin and Blanch for almost three years, leaving at the beginning of this year.

I’m currently based in Dublin, studying medicine.

Well that’s all for now folks, I look forward to hearing from you in the future and I hope my articles will inspire and further all aspects of your hobby.