* Middle of nowhere is a term I don’t coin too often but damn this place is the sticks of the sticks *

Sigh the north, again?! I don’t like getting kneecapped at the best of times but to be forced into the back end of the North and have to risk my taig self in amongst these occupiers is a down right travesty!

Enough with the travel arrangements and time complaining I say and onto the true pain of this tournament, not enough players! 14 players does not a tournament make. Make this a two day for the love of god as that would have justified the time taken to play in the tournament it all passed way to quickly for my liking.

Snacks lads come on easy to sort, a couple of buns or something similar and you have content happy gamers all day and put the stuff where it can be seen not just by the regulars to the venue that know every corner of the place.

Hahaha you say this review is weak sauce, well **** you buddy you’re not my pal!

* Not much complaints above and here’s some awe inspiring Halo footage because I am currently addicted to the game*

Without further griping thank you all for this tournament it was a very fun day with very few things I noticed that would need to be improved. As always I hold everyone up to the pedestal that is Dominion Day cakes and buns that they provide and I will continue to do this so that’s pretty much the main loss of points (2) from the overall with the other point down to size of the event. A one day that is 20 people is not as appealing to people as I would like and due to a few pull outs this results in an even lower total points score able which is something I don’t like to see.

Anyway this was still immensely fun which was the purpose of my attendance at this event (besides the blog) and myself and John Stowe furthered the crusades goals by brining out some not so usual builds of Black Templar armies. (more on this can be viewed at : http://w-ired.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1075 )

The tables/terrain were perfect and if I could go back and deduct a point from Dominion day for the tables I would because these tables you had were by far the best I’ve seen in my gaming experience. Your venue is also top notch even though it is a shop the comfort and feel of the place is something I don’t think you can replicate at other larger events so this was a major plus against the low attendance.

Perfectly organized games quick to get the scores done and the soft scoring prizes at the end for painting and sportsmanship was well placed in the last game as it didn’t interfere with the overall day of gaming. Tea and coffee was provided however it wasn’t pointed out so lost a point for that (I’m nit picking here). The prizes were just phenomenal and would welcome the same at other tournaments.

The opponents for the day, although I did play 2 club members, were all great and thank you to Alec, Gary and Barra (:hate:) for the great games. Finally the value of the event was great for £15 I can highly recommend this for anyone thinking of Assault on Arkham II (may not be the actual name).

On to the scoring!

Opponents 5/5
Venue 5/5
Food 3/5
Rules Pack 5/5
Terrain/Tables 5/5
Organization 5/5
Prizes 5/5
Value for Money 5/5

Overall 19/20

So that’s a total score of 57/60, great job lads keeping up the northern standard a few things that could be addressed but there may be constraints due to the premises/location.

Next Up: Nothing for over a month now so taking a much needed break, I need to write a battle report for a previous game and will be trying to get a few others posted too but Warpcon is after that!

P.S. Next Crusade coming to a tournament near you!