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Blood Bowl Team Showcase: Tarentino’s Ogres

During the recent Blood Bowl tournament in Galway, I came across a very striking, heavily converted Ogre team. I was going to roll them into a review of the Chubby Bowl itself but they really deserve their own post. These are the work of Sean Nee, who can be found lurking in Dungeons and Donuts on occasion.

First up are the Reservoir Dogs themed Ogres with their colour-coded bases, Messieurs Blonde, Orange, Blue, Pink, Brown and White.

These little guys are now unrecognisable as Snotlings but you can spot your favourite characters from Pulp Fiction fairly quickly. Vince, Jules and assorted bystanders, gimps and mobsters. There are some doubles in there, too.

And that’s the lot. Sean’s skills with green stuff will also be seen in the Chubby Bowl review, once I get around to writing it.

Army Showcase: Anto’s Trollbloods

After all the doom and gloom relating to the release of 6th edition, we’ve decided to go with a human interest piece. It’s a little tale of hope for us all. Imagine, if you will, a painter of average quality. Solid, reliable but not great. Let’s call this hypothetical painter… Panto. He knuckles down, practices his craft and becomes very very good.

Now the big reveal. That’s actually a true story. Although his real name, Anto, is slightly more skangerish. After years of fopping about with the Cryx, he took on a new challenge. He went with those Stone Age warriors, the soon to be extinct (yay!) Trollbloods. I’ve only got a tiny portion of the army here but it’s large and pretty.

The first shot is of his Fell Caller Hero. I’m fond of this, as at a glance, it highlights all the effort put into this force. He’s tried to make the blue flesh more lifelike, he’s reflected the shoddy troll metallurgy in the weapons and equipment. Even the clan tartans look authentic.

This is the solo character, Janissa Stonetide with the ability to shape the earth around her. The column on the left of the model is entirely converted from greenstuff and looks suitably craggy. Check out that that chin, you could use it to break rocks.

Here we have a unit of Stone Scribes guarding a Krielstone Bearer. This is included largely to show the basing and quality stonework. The basing looks suitably moor-like while stonework of this quality is actually quite difficult to produce.

We take a closer look at one of the Stone scribes to see the care lavished on the small details from the ragged bandages to the scrolls at his waist.

Something a little higher up the food chain, Captain Gunnbjorn and his ludicrous cannon. In a faction without stubble, he’s managed to grow… something… on his face to represent his incredible toughness.

Remember the careful stonework in an earlier shot, here’s the likely cause of such expertise. It’s a walking mountain. Mulg the Ancient is about four time as large as the Captain and full of little crevasses. Check out the teeth for some really refined work.

All in, all, it’s very easy on the eye and can be seen in all its glory at Conspiracy 2012 (Towncon to our southern brethren) or in Gamer’s Hub on any given Friday.

Army Showcase: Peter Zuidgeest’s Death Company

I grabbed Peter after seeing his awesome Death Company blog over on the Northern Wasters site and took the opportunity to ask him some questions and show off his wonderfully painted Blood Angels Death Company.

Question 1.) So what made you go for Death Company for your current project?

Well since I like to do themed armies and the new release of warhammer fantasy came out I noticed that I needed to get away from fantasy ASAP! I really like fantasy but the game changed so drastically (for me) that it was time for something new! Back to 40k!

Looking at the armies at that point I didn’t realy know what to do until they released Blood Angels, I was like “Oh my God those Death Company marines are so nice!!!” Then I bought the codex and read it a bit and saw it was possible to make a full Death Company army! SOLD! haha!

Competitive-wise it’s not really great I know but I don’t care! :D

I love to play themed armies, it looks cool and not many people play it since it’s either really good or it sucks majorly!

Question 2.) What other themed armies have you done?

My full khorne mortals (fantasy) won best painted army reward at the Dutch GT in 2009.

Question 3.) Apart from objective based missions how do the Death Company do on your local scene?

Until now I did pretty good; played 6 battles and 4 of them were objective based… I can’t claim anything so a draw is the best i can do or wipe them all from the table but that’s not always easy since the objectives are way too spread and rage makes me go where I don’t want to! For the kill point mission well what can i say? MASSACRE! To give you an idea; 1 Death Company dread charged a unit of 5 mega armoured nobz with Ghazghkull in it… 1st round, 11 power weapon wounds haha you should have seen the look on the guys face! ;)

Question 4.) Can you give me a 1700 point list of your Death Company Army? [1700 is the standard in Holland]


  • Astorath


  • 6x death company with jump packs
  • Power Fist
  • Power weapon
  • Lemartes

  • 8x death company bolter
  • Power weapon
  • Rhino
  • Extra armour

  • 8x death company w/ bolters
  • Power fist
  • Rhino
  • Extra armour

  • 8x death company w/ bolters
  • Power weapon
  • Rhino
  • Extra armour

  • Death company Dread
  • Magna grapple
  • Drop pod

  • Death company Dread
  • Magna grapple
  • Drop pod


Question 5.) What’s the next project?

I’ve got several project laying around…

As for fantasy my lizardmen project witch is on hold atm.

And I have an Ork army but that’s still 30% in my head finished some minis but mostly without paint just the conversions.

The idea for the ork army is animosity animosity and animosity flying goblins orks fighting inside ranks etc etc.

And I want to re-do my Vampire Counts because I know I can paint them way better then I have right now.

As for 40k…

Got an Ultramarine army which is kind of old, playing warhammer 40k/fantasy for 15 years now and had a little break in between after the break I made that army and I must say my painting skills were not that good back then ;)

And a new army… Hmm well the new Dark Eldar look nice might make an army of them but not sure yet ;)

I’d like to thank Peter for his time showing us his army and letting us get to know him, hopefully we’ll meet at a Northern Wasters event or perhaps an event like the ETC!

Peter Zuidgeest lives in the Netherlands, in a village close to Eindhoven. If you’d like to contact Peter you can reach him by email:


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