ArmyMan LogoThe biggest delay after playing a game of Warhammer 40,000 is usually figuring out your Victory Points and Kill Points. This most frequently happens at Tournaments, and to a lesser extent at friendly games. Players sometimes forget units or their costs, and this slows things down.

ArmyMan is an Android App that was written specifically to solve this problem, by serving as an easy reference for the armylist and speeding up scoring at the end of the game. Join us after the jump for more.

ArmyMan keeps track of lists, units and results.  This means you can store multiple lists in the app, and can also save results from your games as a record of how you do.

The sample list.
New Unit Prompt
Units in an Army List

Within each list it keeps track of each unit in that list, as well as its points cost and even a quick description of that unit. Additionally you can also add temporary units, such as those spawned by a Tervigon, that don’t contribute to the overall list value, and liability units, which is Lone Wolves in a Space Wolves list.

 Using this display you also easily keep track of how much damage your units are taking in a game. Simply set the skulls across the top of the list to indicate how much damage the unit has taken. The number of ticks across the skulls show which percentage of the unit is still alive, and allows you to easily keep track of multiple Combat Squads in a Marine list. Going from full squad to wiped out in 25% increments, with each tick essentially representing a quarter of the unit.

Unit #1 is at half strength.
Unit #2 is at full strength.
You can also see the Score
button on the bottom.

So a unit below half strength would have half it’s ticks left, and a Combat Squad-ed Marine unit that has lost half a combat squad would still have 3/4 of its ticks left.

Everything you need
about the score.

When you’ve finished a game, you can also easily save the result right from inside the list. Kill Points and Victory Points are automatically calculated, you just need your opponent’s results and you are good to go. Additionally you can also add modifiers to both your opponents Victory Point and Kill Point tallies. Currently this is for things like multiple Combat Squads which shouldn’t be worth a single Kill Point, or losing a Banner in a game of Warhammer Fantasy.

ArmyMan was built to be as generic as possible, so you should also be able to easily store Flames of War lists, or any other system with a similar unit costing mechanics. It is also actively being developed, and the next release, hopefully in a couple of weeks, will add support to import and export lists easily.

ArmyMan can be found in the Google Play store, and is currently on sale for €1 until midnight Sunday the 3rd June when it will revert to it’s usual price of €2. And remember, all proceeds from sales go towards maintaining the On The Step community. Any questions, feedback or suggestions can be answered through the support forum, found at On The Step.