Our campaign journal continues.

14th day of Highsun

Report by Xavier of Rauvin Cross, forwarded to Zhentarim section 21

Begin report

I, Xavier of Rauvin Cross, followed the firbolg and his companions to Everlund as instructed.  Working with the Harpers of Moongleam Tower, the group eliminated the Cult of Zariel cell led by Harlan Mesk.  During the semi-official fete following the return of the kidnapped Everlundians I was able to steal a small notebook that the firbolg had left unattended in his bag under a table at Danivarr’s House.   Many of the pages were torn out, others were covered in blood.  Only one page was legible.  I have included it with this missive.  My source inside Moongleam Tower informs me that the band is now investigating a link between the Cult of Zariel and  the Arcane Brotherhood.  Furthermore, the group has begin researching means of traveling to the City of Brass.  I know not what intelligence has prompted this latest path of inquiry.  I am now returning to Silverymoon to await further instructions.




Lines 1-5 of Spleodrach’s ramblings from William Blake, The Sick Rose

Bloodsplatter watermark image from Sagacious on Deviantart