Inspired by (read: stolen from) WWPD’s On The Road series, we record a podcast on way to and from the largest Flames of War tournament held on the island of Ireland.
Sit back and enjoy the gentle purr of Baz’s car and the shrill hectoring voices of the hosts.
00:00 We remember to introduce ourselves. Kudos to us! This might be the only section in which we remember that talking over each other is bad.
01:42 We discuss our final lists, hopes and dreams. The shcoking level of intra-club bullying is exposed.
08:00 Floody sparks a general discussion of submitted lists and the implications of the abundance of tank lists. We also point fingers at those wily souls who managed to dance through the worst excesses of “Floodycomp”. Curse them.
26:05 As we approach the drop zone, we give our thoughts on the organisation of the tournament and gird our loins.
30:57 The, no doubt, eagerly anticipated tournament AAR. We run through our games and the perils of hubris are exposed for some.
55:35 We arrive ahead of schedule and cram some more squabbling into the last few minutes, discussing Bolt Action cavalry, the Bolt Action League and making a passing reference to the upcoming Necromunda league before scattering into the night.

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