As the first day of the Nerd Olympics comes to a close Team Ireland are in a strong position in both 40k and Fantasy with FOW yet to start. Scores and comment after the break.

Note: This will be updated at the end of each day with the score.
Last edit; 23:44 for inclusion of 40k ESC and WHFB second round opponents

 Warhammer 40,000

Having beaten both Latvia and Belgium convincingly Team Ireland 40k, ended the day in third position. They are playing Team Spain tomorrow morning, having hopefully drunk them under the table.
Keep up the fire!

Below are the individual 40k results.

 Round one
Round Two

A hearty congratulations to Darragh Cullen for coming a whopping 16th in the ESC 40k. Another big achievement for the ETC and ESC veteran. Showing the Irish are a force to be reckoned with both individually and as a team. Bravo to you sir!!

Full standings from the ESC here.
Take a look at first place; 100/100 and 8625/9250!! Bloody heck!
Thanks to the artist formerly known as Puchadubh for this info I was initially unaware we had anyone in the ESC!


Team Ireland Fantasy are in 7th after 2 rounds having beaten Finland in the first round and a losing draw with Serbia in the second round. (83-77 to Serbia)
Here are Team Ireland Fantasy’s Results from round one;


Big props to Frogdog and JFisher for coming 12th and 11th respectively in the FOW ESC, let’s hope they can continue the good form for their respective teams in the ETC tomorrow.

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