Preening Dandies (Final Edition)

After well over a year of entries, we’re wrapping up the Preening Dandies series. It started as a way of getting us to paint our stuff, a role it fulfilled admirably. However, it’s been supplanted by the painting and modelling section on the forum and it’s time to hold the metaphorical pillow over its face and shush it to its eternal rest. It’s lost, gained, lost and gained hosts, its posting date has slipped further and further but we’re finishing strong with nine entries across six systems.

Terminator Squad (Warhammer 40,000)

We start with AlCorp’s Terminators. The bone effect is nicely done with clear differentiation between whitish fabric and whitish armour. More amusing, the entire squad can clearly be identified as that of a player rather than a painter. The blue fists, while they add a splash of colour, are clearly very prominent squad markings. Other giveaways are the three colour minimum scheme and the fact that he didn’t notice that two of the weapons are unpainted.

Old Guard Grenadier Command (Historicals)

Craftfeld was a late arrival to the format but a methodical contributor since. This are a Napoleonic era French command stand. Since I’m not doing the research and knowing his tendencies, I’m going to assume a good level of historical accuracy. The best feature of these pieces is the blue cloth. If you look at the unit as a whole, you can see some quality highlighting work. The trousers on the eagle bearer and the officer’s cloak are fine examples.

US Rifle Infantry platoon (Flames of War)

These would be Newbreed’s work. The signature sloppy paint scheme, heavy use of Devlan Mud and presence of a man with a dog are all the clues you need. However, looking closely, two of those teams are actually not his work. Shame on him/me.

Necron Fleet (Battlefleet Gothic)

I’m going to be brief, this picture does not do Void Dragon’s work justice, you must immediately go read his painting log to get larger and better pictures. It also details the work involved in making something look quite so pretty.

German Grenadier HQ & Infantry platoon (Flames of War)

We have another staple of the forum here, Nosediver sends in some Germans. I like what I always like, his attention to detail. The ultra-realistic looking camo effect on some of the helmets and tunics might look normal to the more accomplished 28mm painters out there but to replicate it in 15mm is impressive.

German Half-Track (Flames of War)

We see Frogdog beginning to develop his style. The airbrushing has given him a solid paint job and he’s begun showing more ambition in the modelling sphere and added a lot of stowage to this Plastic Soldier Company model.

Dwarves (Warhammer Fantasy)

Easycompany joins us at the last minute with a Dwarf regiment. It’s a nice, classic scheme for some old-school models. The Dwarf models tend to remind war-gamers of the good old days of White Dwarf. So, that’s nice.

German Panzergrenadier Lehr Platoon (Flames of War)

Is it not pretty? Frustrated florist Herrireland lets his creative side run free and produces this nice mechanized infantry unit. As ever, your attention should be directed to the quality of the basing and you should marvel at his endless supply of multi-coloured flowers.

Bastion Seneschal (Warmachine)

And we finish the series with the “participant most likely to be a painting robot” Lowry. He’s got something lovely here. The brass effect on the shoulder pads, the crisp finish on the model and overall colour balance are great but, frustratingly, I think the blurry halberd blade might have been the best part. The blue-green effect on the sigils and flame effect along the blade’s edge seem worthy of a second glance.

So, he’s clearly the most preening dandy of them all. We will not be taking entries for the next post, obviously, but I do encourage our contributors who want to share their work with an Irish audience to pop into the forum and make themselves known. Thanks for all your entries to date and hopefully, we’ll run across some of the entries again on tables throughout Ireland. We’ll finish with the final standings.
Preening Dandies
Player Score
Lowry 15
Newbreed 14
Nosediver 9
Quozl 7
Craftfeld 7
Frogdog 7
Trget 5
Welshman 5
Sycopat 4
Floody 3
Void Dragon 3
Alcorps 3
The Big BZ 2
Bristolscale7 2
HerrIreland 2
Jiggy 1
Maynard 1
Crazy Aido 1
Easycompany 1