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Specialist Games Being Discontinued?

We’re hearing some awful and plausible rumours that Games Workshop are killing the Specialist Games lines. It appears that existing stocks of Specialist Games models (regular and Forgeworld) are being run down and will not be replaced. Damn dark day.

Rumour has it that with the full switch from metal to finecast, the Battlefleet Gothic, Epic, Necromunda and Inquisitor ranges are just going to die out. No restocks, just the remorseless running down of the existing inventory. No mention of the fate of Blood Bowl, which does soften the blow slightly.

I’m really hoping to be proven wrong on this one.


  1. Sad if true but not unexpected

  2. I personally am a fan of BFG and always wanted to play Epic but I haven't found the need to make any purchases for either in years. And that's probably the root of the problem.

    From what I understand, GW stopped with the offshoot games because they lost money on them (kinda like most games…). Given that those games are probably marginal sellers at best I can definitely see that they'd get cut, especially if GW would have to create new tooling to keep the figures in production. Frankly I'm a bit surprised that Specialist was even supported this long.

    Too bad there's zero chance that they would sell the games off to somebody else.

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