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Month: May 2012

Invasion of the Bunnies: Flames of War at the UK Games Expo

Dublin is 53.3428° N latititude.  This explains the daylight at 4:30 a.m. on Sunday, May 27th.

Three Warheads travelled to the U.K. Games Expo in Birmingham to participate in the Flames of War tournament.  Veterans of league and club play this was, nevertheless, their first Flames of War tournament.  Would the lack of experience be their doom?

The trio arrived in Birmingham at 7:30 a.m. and made it to the venue an hour before the scheduled start of game one.  This gave them time to wander around and check out the vendor stalls. 

The venue
The tournament was held at the Clarendon Suites in Birmingham which is also an active Masonic Lodge.  James “Hammy” Hamilton organized the tournament and it was a flawlessly run affair.

Their lists
The tournament was 1500 points, Late War.  Ulick brought a fortified Sturmkompanie.  Brian took a Soviet Forward Detachment that was heavy in T34/85s and IS-2s.  Baz took the Ryanair of Airborne troops: Glider Infantry with lots of artillery support.

Game 1
The mission was “Dust Up” a so-called Fair Fight mission.  Rather than following the Armor attacks Mechanized attacks Infantry sequence, Fair Fights require players to roll-off to determine the attacker.  The victory conditions also require both players to attack into the enemy’s deployment area.  This is not a mission that suited Baz and Ulick.  Baz scored a draw, 3-1 in his favor, against German SS with StuGs and Panther Warrior Barkmann.  Ulick fended off his opponent for the draw but lost his reserves so the score went 1-3 against him.  Brian, on the other hand, was able to start with 9 T34/85s and 3 IS-2s approximately 16″ away from an objective and seized a win on Turn 4, 5-2.

Game 2

The next mission was “Hold the Line” which is played the length of the table rather than across the width.  The attacker starts with his entire force on the table and the defender must “Hold the Line” with half his forces until reserves arrive.  However,  the one boon for the defender is that this mission allows up to two defending platoons to be placed in ambush.  This had drastic consequences for Brian.  Ambushing Hornisse tank killers wiped out his precious IS-2s with one round of shooting.  The remaining T-34/85s were able to mete out some punishment but the game went against him 3-4.  Baz drew a short straw and faced an infantry list.  He then “won” the roll-off which placed him in the roll of attacker.  After a long game the referee called time at the end of Turn 4.  The score went 2-5 against him in game that would have gone his way had it reached Turn 5.  Ulick’s fortified infantry was the bright spot for the Warheads in the second round.  He faced a Soviet Light Self-Propelled Artillery Regiment.  After six turns of shelling the Soviets were unable to dislodge his troops from the objective and Ulick earned a 6-1 victory.  Pints were had and Brian contemplated the loss of his IS-2s.

Game 3
If the second mission favored the defender the last mission gave the attacking player the chance to get stuck-in quickly.  Typically, objective placement in this mission requires that the defender hold objectives on opposite ends of the table.  A mobile force can quickly concentrate on one objective and go for an early win.  This suited Brian’s list.  His Spetsnaz recon allowed 9 T-34/85s to infilitrate into enemy territory and lucky reserve rolls saw the IS-2s arrive on the first turn.  6-1 to the Forward Detachment.  Baz and Ulick both defended.  Neither of their opponents were able to bring enough to bear and the two earned wins, 5-2 and 6-1, respectively. 
This wrapped up the tournament.  In Battle Points Brian tied for 3rd, Ulick took 4th and Baz rounded out the top 5.  However, Ulick won “Best Sport” and jumped Brian to take 3rd overall.  Well done Warhead Ulick on a podium finish in your first Flames of War tournament. 

The trio headed back to the airport and made it home by midnight.  It was a long day but a great experience.  For €57 return the three stalwart Warheads travelled to Birmingham.  The U.K. has a steady stream of Flames of War tournaments so stay tuned for more tournament reports.

ArmyMan – Army Lists Made Easy

ArmyMan LogoThe biggest delay after playing a game of Warhammer 40,000 is usually figuring out your Victory Points and Kill Points. This most frequently happens at Tournaments, and to a lesser extent at friendly games. Players sometimes forget units or their costs, and this slows things down.

ArmyMan is an Android App that was written specifically to solve this problem, by serving as an easy reference for the armylist and speeding up scoring at the end of the game. Join us after the jump for more.

ArmyMan keeps track of lists, units and results.  This means you can store multiple lists in the app, and can also save results from your games as a record of how you do.

The sample list.
New Unit Prompt
Units in an Army List

Within each list it keeps track of each unit in that list, as well as its points cost and even a quick description of that unit. Additionally you can also add temporary units, such as those spawned by a Tervigon, that don’t contribute to the overall list value, and liability units, which is Lone Wolves in a Space Wolves list.

 Using this display you also easily keep track of how much damage your units are taking in a game. Simply set the skulls across the top of the list to indicate how much damage the unit has taken. The number of ticks across the skulls show which percentage of the unit is still alive, and allows you to easily keep track of multiple Combat Squads in a Marine list. Going from full squad to wiped out in 25% increments, with each tick essentially representing a quarter of the unit.

Unit #1 is at half strength.
Unit #2 is at full strength.
You can also see the Score
button on the bottom.

So a unit below half strength would have half it’s ticks left, and a Combat Squad-ed Marine unit that has lost half a combat squad would still have 3/4 of its ticks left.

Everything you need
about the score.

When you’ve finished a game, you can also easily save the result right from inside the list. Kill Points and Victory Points are automatically calculated, you just need your opponent’s results and you are good to go. Additionally you can also add modifiers to both your opponents Victory Point and Kill Point tallies. Currently this is for things like multiple Combat Squads which shouldn’t be worth a single Kill Point, or losing a Banner in a game of Warhammer Fantasy.

ArmyMan was built to be as generic as possible, so you should also be able to easily store Flames of War lists, or any other system with a similar unit costing mechanics. It is also actively being developed, and the next release, hopefully in a couple of weeks, will add support to import and export lists easily.

ArmyMan can be found in the Google Play store, and is currently on sale for €1 until midnight Sunday the 3rd June when it will revert to it’s usual price of €2. And remember, all proceeds from sales go towards maintaining the On The Step community. Any questions, feedback or suggestions can be answered through the support forum, found at On The Step.

Warmahordes Battle Report: Menoth vs Cryx

We’ve got a pretty strange battle report for you today. The two sides are not the traditional, balanced builds but very heavily focused lists coming from the extreme ends of the infantry/warjack spectrum. This wasn’t deliberate, we both brought secret lists and revealed them simultaneously to mutual confusion and dismay.

The Cryx player, who we will shall codename Lady-Boy, has brought an infantry spam list, based on large squads of troops. When supported by the caster’s abilities/feat, they can smash up heavies with ease. But if they fail, the light troops will find themselves trapped in a battle of attrition against heavy armour.

Standing against the ravening horde, a Protectorate warjack spam list commanded by yours truly and some floating teenaged bint. If the jacks can survive the initial assault or weather it without fatal damage, then they are likely to grind out a victory. Their ace in the hole is their caster’s feat which will prevent the enemy from advancing for a turn.

Neither player were quite certain of the likely outcome of this odd clash. Or as my propaganda wing would have it, despite being outnumbered by more than four to one, the Brave and Heroic Menites were totally confident of Final Victory.

You can look over both lists above. The Protectorate list has four heavy jacks in a 35 point list. The support units have been stripped to a minimum and there is no infantry support. I could have replaced the Choir and Vassal with a light jack but that would have been crazy.

The Cryx player has three large units of infantry and the ever-menacing Stalker light warjacks. They are extremely dangerous flanking units. He has a hard hitting solo in Gerlak Slaughterborn and a focus battery in Skarlock and the Scrap Thralls. There’s also a small selection of support pieces. All in all, a lot of toys.

On to the scenario, no.15 in the 2012 Steamroller rules, Restoration. Some scenarios are quite challenging and people are forced to focus on assassination or attrition strategies but in this case, the scenario is quite winnable. The central zone is small and easily cleared.

If you can control this zone and an objective (most likely to be your own), you can begin scoring points. The only real risk is that it requires that the caster moves up to claim the objective, personally. The Harbinger is not suited to that style of play. Skarre is not particularly fond of it but stands a better chance in no man’s land.

The Cryx have the first turn. With the Harbinger’s feat likely to stall his advance, Lady-Boy must prepare for that and immediately clog the control zone with Satyxis Raiders. He is hoping that they cannot be cleared out within two turns and thus they will contest the zone until help arrives. 

On his right, the Bloodwitches move into the shadow of the woods, ready to move up once the feat has lapsed. They do have the speed to strike from great distances so they can afford to hang well back.

Lumbering Mechanithralls swarm over the hill on his left. They are supported by a Necrosurgeon, which is annoying. I could waste all of my fire here and any casualties inflicted will simply be revived next turn. This makes them a low priority target.

The Menites immediately hone in on the targets in range. The enemy have attempted to spread out but our guns do make very large explosions. However, the Raiders are enchanted to ignore any shots that do not hit them directly. This means that our usual tactic of lobbing shots in and hoping for lucky scatters is slightly doomed.

Even that little buff cannot save them from the sheer number of high-powered cannon blazing away. One five shot volley later, the Raiders are down just over half their numbers and they break, refusing to advance. The feat is popped, delaying the opposing army for a turn. The gathered crowd (not pictured) cheers wildly at my tactical cunning.

In a display of blistering Cryx pace, a Stalker is already jockeying for an assassination run while staying outside the range of the feat. Hate that.

With the hapless Scrap Thralls at the back of the army being ritually sacrificed to give her strength, Skarre sits on a pile of focus almost as tall as herself.

Which is nice but not quite useful here. With the Harbinger’s feat active, the infantry cannot advance without bursting into flames. They must sit and wait for the magical firestorm to die down.

The enemy have been delayed but with few targets in range and Stalkers closing on both flanks, the Menites find that they cannot take full advantage of the lull. They press forward, exterminating the remaining Raiders and positioning themselves to receive the charge.

Once the feat fades, the Bloodwitches move forward preparing for their own feat turn. They try to lock the heavy jacks with brave volunteers while the others line up their attacks. It is not enough to smash one jack, they need to strike at all four.

The Mechanithralls do likewise, two unlucky sods run in to lock down the Vanquishers, while the rest move into position. If they can keep the Menites bogged down on their next turn, the damage on the feat turn will be immense.

The Menites have to try and cripple the two units closing in while also covering both Stalkers and Gerlak. With five threats and only four combat units, this will be very difficult. The Reckoner moves to cover a flank as a choirboy sacrifices himself by moving to deny a charge lane for one Stalker.

The flagship jack hits the largest threat. The Avatar’s charge reaps a heavy toll on the Bloodwitches as he kills every single one he can reach. He then triggers the Gaze of Menoth, forcing all nearby units to charge him. This is a serious problem for the Cryx player as if he is forced to waste either of his surviving two units on the Avatar, he will not be able to deal a fatal blow to the other jacks.

The Vanquishers move to neutralise the threat on the right, killing a host of Mechanithralls. More importantly, they manage to explode the Necrosurgeon’s lackies. Without their help, she will not be able to resurrect the thralls enmasse. They have done all they can, over to the enemy.

With his surviving units battered, it is time to see what Lady-Boy can do. It should only take three or four models to kill each heavy, the troops are available but the order of activation is important. The Avatar must be destroyed and neither of the units can be used to do so.

Behind the lines, the ritual sacrifice proves favourable and Skarre gains the maximum amount of focus available. With that surplus of energy, she sweeps in and tears apart the Avatar. This frees the Bloodwitches to pile on one Vanquisher and the Mechanithralls to pile on the other. They fall just short of killing either but both are very, very, crippled.

The Reckoner comes through unscathed but he is engaged by Gerlak and will find it difficult to disengage.

The damage boxes of the jacks tell the story. One jack is completely dead, the other untouched. The Vanquishers are on the bottom row. One has two hitpoints left but has lost both combat arms, the other has six hitpoints but his only remaining weapon is ranged and cannot be used in melee.

The Cryx assault has fallen short but not by much, the battered heavies will fall to any above average dice roll and there are enough enemies about to achieve this through sheer number of attacks. Only one jack is combat effective and things look dire.

Luckily, the objective has a special rule which allows one Vanquisher to be slightly repaired, the right-hand Vanquisher gains the use of his arms and smashes some Mechanithralls. It might be possible to recover this. The Bloodwitches are trapped, the Mechanithralls are too few to damage a heavy. Neither Gerlak or the Stalkers can stand up to the Reckoner if he can get another turn of attacks. I begin to smirk.

The Cryx player has to free up some assets, Gerlak successfully evades the Reckoner’s clumsy swing and attempts to finish off the Vanquisher engaging the Bloodwitches, letting them swarm all over the Harbinger. He fails, falling slightly short. The Stalker runs in to keep the Reckoner busy. I continue to smirk at his desperate efforts, which I find reminiscent of a rat caught in a trap.

My gloating may be a little premature. There’s a look of rekindled hope in the enemy’s eyes which suggests that he has a cunning plan. It must revolve around the last Stalker who has made his way behind my entire force. But there’s yet another choirboy blocking his path. Killing him would be easy but then the Harbinger will simply revive him. And she could easily do so seven or eight times.

But Lady-Boy is undaunted, he has seen his chance. The only option is to get the Blood Hag out of combat with the Vanquisher and into a position where her aura will prevent the offending choirboy from being healed. But even if he can sneak her across the front line, he will still have to find a way to fry the choirboy without using the Stalker.

The Cryx player delicately disengages the Blood Hag, while the Mechnithralls throw themselves out of Skarre’s path. With the Hag in position, Skarre manages to slip to just within range of the choirboy, kills one of her own troops for the magical juice and splatters the errant choirboy over the landscape.

This clears a path for the Stalker to the Harbinger and he charges in. The Stalker is designed to ignore magical defensive buffs, this is an optimal target and he chops up the Harbinger without any difficulty.


High-risk, high-reward tactics on both sides. Skarre had a feat which would allow her troops to smash heavies easily, the Harbinger had a feat to slow the infantry. In both cases, you could argue that the feats were slightly mistimed.

The early game saw the Menoth player focusing on reducing the number of possible chargers. He knew that if two heavies could come through intact, he could win through attrition. The Cryx player focused on force preservation and pushing up on the flanks. With six distinct threats and only four opposing units, there was a strong chance of slipping an assassin through to the caster. The Harbinger’s feat was popped a turn too early. The only unit in charge range was crippled and the remainder of the army was happy to sit off for a turn. Had it been popped a turn later, fresh units would have been trapped under the guns.

The Cryx player’s feat turn was somewhat ragged as losses had begun to mount but he managed to deal enough damage to the heavies to stall any Menite push on the caster or a scenario victory. That said, he faced slow, certain defeat unless he could get to the caster promptly. It was not an easy task, both sides were heavily committed and key assets were trapped out of position. But he took his chances, unlocked the defence and managed a last-ditch attack while he still had suitable units left in his arsenal.

GW Announce More Flyers. Yay?

Thanks, Merv.

The sky is getting a bit crowded but it’s the future, yeah. You should have one aircraft per infantryman. No word on the stats for the Stormtalon or Ork planes but sod it, who cares at this point. Let’s see if 6th edition can repair my jaded soul. Have some pictures.

Images acquired from Mind War. Who stole them from somewhere else and so on.

Bonus: Snow Skorne

I know, it’s been quiet, but here, I present the rarely seen Arctic Warbeast.

This conversion is the work of one Sean Malone, who can be found lurking around Gamer’s Hub in Maynooth. For reference, the original looks like this…

 His are a little different.

He’s burnt through a large quantity of green stuff adding fur and dreadlocks. The original beast has enameled samurai-style armour plates but the Arctic version has a functional, bare metal look about it. It just looks that bit more menacing. I hear reports that the rest of his armies are equally pretty so keep an eye out for him.

And… away.

The War on Two Fronts

So the North Down Gamer’s Hub up in Northern Ireland has run a couple of ranking tournaments recently for both Warhammer 40,000 and WHFB. We decided to catch up with Tom O’Reilly from Unite All Action to see what makes the North Down Gamers tick. Below we’ve included a few shots from last weekend’s tournament as well where Chris Britton (Warheads) grabbed first place and David McHugh (Warheads) nabbed third with their Grey Knights and Orks respectively.

3rd Place David ‘Jiggy’ McHugh (on the right) with Team Northern Ireland Captain Jonny Fisher (left).

Tournament winner Chris’ Grey Knights dominated the day.


We caught up with tournament organiser and NDGH member Tom O’Reilly for a few questions after the event and interspersed it with some pretty pictures:

War Altar: Hi Tom, hope you’re not too exhausted after the weekend?

Tom O’Reilly: No still plenty of energy 😉

WA: This is the 2nd ranking event you (The North Down Gamer’s Hub) have run this year, will we be seeing more in the future?

TO’R: I think for us we are still trying to find our feet, but yes we hope to do regular events on a monthly basis.

#David Attenborough voice: “The…wild Ork stalks a Rhino as its prey. A feast of this magnitude will surely get his Ork mistress off his back for at least an hour and a half.”

WA: This was a real club effort to get these events off the ground but some good advertising and smoothly run events seem to draw a returning crowd, what made your club want to get into running ranking events?

TO’R: Well that’s just that were not a gaming club as such, it’s mainly just a couple of guys that were inspired by other local events that we attended. And we thought we could do something very similar, and for me it was just an extension of my hobby.

The nibbles

WA: Once you start hitting numbers are the events going to become more than just one day or are one-day events what make running tournaments so plausible in quick succession?

TO’R: Ultimately you have to get the feeling on what gamers want, that’s first and foremost so 2 day tournaments is probably the way we will go at some stage, but like anything you can not take it for granted that you will be guaranteed to get people back.

North Down’s Michael Brough, a tough opponent with a great eye for painting. You may remember the name from his Sisters of Battle taking on my Imperial Guard way back during Round 1 of Q-Con last year.
 The trophies 

WA: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us Tom and congratulations on another well run event.
TO’R: That’s not a problem and we would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone that has made it so worthwhile to date, we certainly do the easy bit by organising the day to be as much fun as physically possible. But it’s the gamers out there locally that really do make it so worthwhile when you see them travelling as far as Dublin and Derry, to have a good day out, meeting new people and rolling some dice, after all that’s the number one rule; it’s all about having fun. So once again a big thank you to everyone.

“Hey can you guys tell me what way to the objective?”

 “Over there!”

Congratulations to Recent Warheads addition Pat came 5th with his Tyranids!

That’s all for this time folks thanks again to Tom for the brief interview and the photos and congratulations once again to everyone who attended especially tournament winner Chris (Warheads), 2nd place Jonny (NW) and 3rd place David (Warheads). Do take the time to visit the NDGH’s Facebook page and, if you haven’t already, the War Altar’s Facebook page =D

– Joey

All photos courtesy of NDGH, used with permission.

Joey’s Journey into Flames of War #4

“Look sir! Droids!”

Seriously zoom in on that picture above and check out the detail Tony (below) was able to get out of those minis, amazing stuff. For more on Tony’s painting check out his page on OnTheStep.net
So last time we saw my Skids face off against the might of Barra’s American glider company. This time around the league had escalated again, this time to 1750 points! The remainder of the league will now be played at this level. This was a genius stroke by the dude running the league, Vice-Captain of the ETC Team, Brian McK, or Bristolscale7 to you and me, author of several posts on this very blog. Escalating the league so quickly would’ve failed and resulted in a massive loss of interest if it weren’t for the team’s Captain and Vice-Captain working so closely with everyone taking part to help each player with almost one-to-one tutorials during each competitive game which got us all up to speed really quickly and spawned a team ethos of shared knowledge between players taking part.
This was, of course, done out of necessity since Team Ireland aren’t just attending the ETC to represent Ireland for the first time in FoW but to do some damage as well!
Anyway on with the blogging! This week I got to play Tony, a recent addition to the Warheads family who fits in brilliantly, which, standing at 6’4″ isn’t always easy for the back-row forward rugby playing/soldier/supergiant/goliath although somehow he fitted into a Nissan Micra last week…
My studious opponent.

I had a lot of fun in this game since some of the rules are starting to click and the old brain is kicking out the permutations a little more as to what happens if I move within 16″ to shoot and then use my storm-trooper move to run away again or if I just stay still and accept the long range penalty (the answer is it makes no difference and I’m just a moron).

Tony’s neatly painted observers were going to give me some trouble…

We played the ‘Surrounded’ mission on P. 282 of the new shiny rulebook released for Flames of War where basically I had a load of Brits shooting at me and I had to dig in (really brings me back to good old Buncrana).

Ye olde town-village
The terrain in this game is pretty cool even though part of me misses the ultra-depressing gothic ruins of 40k with For the Emperor being replaced by Tally-ho  :'(

And we’re off!
In case I didn’t mention I play the 5th Panzerkubbflefunken-regimentasticflughle Waffen SS list for now and just so we’re clear…we’re the good guys. Why else would we like kittens so much?
“Tell us where you hid the Jews meow…”
That kitten was a great sport… So Tony got on with his deployment leaving his mortars far back (with those pesky observers cleverly placed near the church steeple to occupy it early on in the game) and his Sherman squadrons poised to strike across the bridge. 
This was an interesting choice and if it were me I may have gone for a full frontal assault on the other side of the table negating the negative affects of the river.

Up and at them.
Tony’s Shermans were mixed in with Fireflies. Until this game I didn’t know what a Firefly (<3 Joss  Whedon) tank was then Tony told me it was a Sherman that could blow the hell out of Panzers…
A crowd gathers to watch our tense game…
Tony, as the attacker in this mission, got the first turn and took quick action by bogging down his first tank with the first roll (FYI next turn that same tank failed a skill check to get back in the tank, the turn after that they passed a skill check but then failed a terrain test and the turn after that they failed to get back in again!). His Shermans on the other side of the river near the middle of the table pushed forward and unleashed some angry glances at my Panther tanks.
“OMG that coat with that shirt?! Scandalous.”
One pretty nifty thing Tony did though was fire smoke rounds from his mortars way at the back at my Panzers. Covering them up like this basically meant I had to get the hell away from the smoke or just sit there without returning effective fire.

My turn began by…turning my other tanks in the correct direction to face the enemy and then being plagued by indecision as to what tanks I should shoot at first. I eventually elected to shoot the hell out of his commander but instead my tanks decided to exchange pleasantries with the friendly Brits and didn’t hit a thing.

Still more of a crowd gathers…
Tony’s tanks kept trundling forward towards my precious objectives (I know they appear to be wheat fields but they’re actually 3rd generation nuclear fission reactors…). He took some more pot shots with his Shermans not being able to make much of a dent in my armour and his artillery tactics now changed to harassing my troop transports with some bombardments to surprising effect.

A gasp from our onlookers at the tense awesomeness of Joey -v- Tony.
Mach snell! I screamed at mein tank commanders and they listened with gusto as they started taking a serious toll on the Shermans now wiping a few out in quick succession. It was looking less likely that Tony’s tanks would be able to shift the might of the Fatherland.

I did Nazi that coming.
And so it was that the mighty Panther tanks couldn’t be shifted. Eventually Tony did reach my lines and the crews stayed and had a few pints but at the end of it all I had to blow the shit out of them.
Next time: Fast and Führious


Preening Dandies: April

Inspired by and dedicated to Trget;
Who totally came up with the name and is completely responsible for it.

We decided to start running a monthly roundup of our collective painting efforts last month. So let’s see what the mailbox threw up.

(Sycopat- 1 month in a row)

It must be a lonely life for Sycopat as Ireland’s sole (active) Tyranid tournament player. Surrounded by Space Wolf and Grey Knight players glad-handing each other, he marches stoically on bringing the joys of the Hive Mind to the people. His genestealer’s plaintive grasp for the sky and mournful blue eyes might be a cry for help. If you find yourself facing him, leave the Rune Priests/Purifiers at home.

(Nosediver- 1 month in a row)

Nosediver, not satisfied with embarrassing us all with the speed and quality of his painting, casually slings a beautiful squad of Thunderwolf Cavalry into the mix. I have to say that I like the sleek new style wolves. I’m a little curious as to the provenance of the shields. They look sort of elvish? You’ll also note that he actually knows how to stage a photo. If you want more of his work, check it out here and all over the internet.

(Newbreed- 1 month in a row)

My word, what beautiful Panthers. The finger-painted approach suggests that it’s the work of a decent and reasonable human being who was probably robbed of victory in the Gamer’s World Flames of War league. I can only hope that they won a prize of some sort. Cough. Ahem.

(Welshman- 1 month in a row)

Welshman sends in the latest addition to his massive Ultramarines army. Let’s look at the detail work. The scrollwork is particularly pleasing, he’s clearly mastered the worn paper look. I’m hoping that’s a nice marbling effect on the Ultramarines symbol and not just spillover from the endless blue. Beautiful vehicle, it’s a pity that it’s going to be used by those smug, self-righteous, robotic smurfs. Again, I note the cunning use of a curved piece of paper to improve the photo quality.

(Lowry- 1 month in a row)

Last but not least, Lowry sends in our solitary Warmahordes entry, the ever chirpy Rupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord. Somehow, every single player looks at his scarecrow-like appearance, ragged clothes, excessive facial hair and decides that he must be a filthy ginger. Having tried to paint this model myself, let me just say that he’s done a great job on the stitched air bladder. Out of interest, was this photo taken on a sink?

So, a big thanks to all our contributors this month. We’ll be doing another roundup at the end of May so get your masterpieces into prd@onthestep.net before the end of the month.

Rules Refresher
1) Each participant may only send in one entry for a given month. You can send in multiple photos of the entry but only one will be used.
2) The entry can be a single model or single unit. The smaller the unit, the more detail in the photo so aim low.
3) The model can be from any game system. If it’s particularly esoteric, we’d appreciate a covering note explaining what it is.
4) The entry must have been finished within that given month. You can’t submit completed pieces from your back catalogue.
5) If you want us to include a link back to more of your work, we’d be delighted to do that.

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