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Month: November 2010

New Forge World: Land Raider Achilles and Mark IV Dreadnought Upgrades

Hey folks,

just a quick update on some new Forge World goodies coming out. For all you plastic crack addicts out there Forge World is the holy grail, pity it all costs as much as an Irish Economy (is that going to become a catchphrase?). Anyway in all their glory, enjoy!

Weighing in at 300 points, the Achilles will be released just in time for Christmas. Here are the rules.

Originating in the closing years of the Great Crusade, the Achilles is perhaps the rarest and most venerable Land Raider variant still used on the battlefields of the 41st Millenium. It was originally created by the Imperial Fists Legion in response to a dire xenos threat now lost to the mists of history, and fittingly rare outside the noble Imperial Fists, their successors and the Ordo Reductor of the Adeptus Mechanus. The Achilles is perhaps most vaunted for its legendary durability – each stage of the hull’s construction incorporates layer upon layer of ancient electromagnetic algorithms and ferromantic incantations. This arcane lore is etched into the very structure of the Land Raider Achilles at a molecular level, and is one the most secret and ancient rites of the Cult Mechanicus.

The Land Raider Achilles is one of the rarest and most venerable Land Raider variants. In terms of armament, it is fitted out as a heavy siege tank with multi-meltas on its sponson mounts, and a potent hull mounted Thunderfire cannon at the cost of transport capacity. The Achilles’ incredible durability exceeds that of even a standard pattern Land Raider, and its near-indestructibility has entered legend among the Adepts Astartes.

Ferromantic Invulnerability: The hull of the Achilles has been specially constructed to resist even the most determined assault and is almost preternaturally resilient. As a result, the Land Raider Achilles is not subject to the particular effects of the Lance and Melta special rules by attacks made against it. In addition it reduces the effects of all rolls on the damage chart made against it (other than by Destroyer type weaponry), by -1.
Other new releases can be found here.

Anyone know the Chapter that Achilles belongs to? As awesome as that Hurricane Bolter is I’d say it’s not going to see much use…but such…a pretty …. model….

Eradicators TO & E : Zachareal

My master,

Find attached the force disposition of the Eradicators Strike Force sent to investigate the increased operations of Dark Eldar pirates near Corinthe. The strike force is made up of elements of the 3rd and 6th Companies with additional elements from the 1st and 8th Company being assigned to the cohort due in part to the 8th Company’s extensive experience with these particularly foul xenos pirates. May the Emperor scorn them as he sees fit.

The force has the capability of being deployed by drop pod assault, although the Thunderhawk Gunship and Thunderhawk Transporter have both been extensively modified by the Chapter armoury and several elements have been attached from the Adeptus Mechanicus trained portion of the Chapter, the Techmarines, to maintain the extensive mechanical aspect of the force.

Most Honoured Brother-Captain Zachareal retakes his post as Watch Commander and Commander of the recently refitted Strike Cruiser, Rex Imperialis, may the Holy Emperor bless her hull from all the vile hateful things of the Warp, after returning from his secondment to the Storm Wardens Chapter of his most Holy and Beneficient Emperor’s Adeptus Astartes. Brother-Captain Zachareal takes with him even more experience with armoured assaults for which the Storm Wardens are so famed.

Venerable Brother Daedalus, a veteran of the Jormund Campaign, the campaign as you may recall caused Jormund to become a dead world, God-Emperor bless their souls, also joins this cohort. His extensive years of experience and cunning should add greatly to the ground assaults that will be necessary against the defences of the Eldar’s Dark Kin.

A substantial retinue from Captain Zachareal’s own 1st Company has been assembled for this strike force, their blessed Tactical Dreadnought Armour impervious to all but the most powerful weapons. Surely Captain Zachareal is planning to use this group, along with himself and Codicier Chamuel to perform devastating boarding actions, where up close the survivability and crushing combat prowess of the Terminators will come to bear.

An extensive armoury has been attached to this force and it is thought that the Strike Group will not be stopping for a refit after it has dealt with the Pirates and will instead make all speed to the Jericho Reach to combat the impending Tau and Tyranid incursions after stopping briefly for resupply at Kar Duniash.

Your most trusted and loyal servant,

++Thought for the Day: KILL, KILL, KILL in the name of the Glorious God Emperor of Mankind.++

40K Rulebook FAQ Changes.

The title sums it up.

Go read the new FAQ stay on top of the rules.


Some very interesting changes (for me anyway), for example infantry can no longer fire out the hatch of smoked tanks :O.

What do you guys think?

Farseer Dave.

Our Community.

So Yes the Truth Hurts has recently gotten an epic make-over , among many of the great visions for our new site is the inclusion of the ”shout box”. which is basically a chatbox similar to MSN chat.

YTTH isn’t the first big 40k community to use this type of feature , Kirby over on 3++ is the New Black also has his chat box to contain his pink army. 🙂 These two sites contain a massive, massive variety of 40k players .I think it is quite amazing that we can hold tactics chats and group discussions about the many aspects of competitive 40k with such a wide variety of players in a wide variety of tournament scenes.

I would strongly recommend that the readers pay a visit to either of the sites to meet and perhaps learn from a new player group.
YTTH can be found at http://yesthetruthhurts.com/
Kirby and his pink army live at : http://kirbysblog-ic.blogspot.com/

Farseer Dave.

The R0ot of All Evil Vol. 5.1 (Maynard’s Deathwatch RPG)

* What’s this you say 2 R0ot of all Evils in one day? Haha that’s right your getting twice the shite for free! *

Dear Maynooth Douchebags, I wish to complain about the poorly run RPG that I attended on the Sunday afternoon which started almost 2 hours late and was very poorly run. I would like to propose that this rpg GM be banned from attending any future Dominicon conventions and if possible he be castrated for such a poor performance.

Putting a Deathwatch kill team up against 5 humans and then 5 Fire warriors is not a challenge and should not be considered as such then the GM complaining that we are ridiculously overpowered shows this organizers lack of organization and obvious lack of knowledge of the game (I refer to my previous castration comment).

Also picking on one player more than others having their armour malfunction on a huge number of occasions is biased and unfair. Not preparing for our perception sucking and very poor heal rolls left him dumbfounded and lost.

Continuity was not maintained and even though this rpg was essentially zero cost I wish to request that the GM pay me and the other poor saps he conned into his game the cost of our Dominicon tickets.

DIAF Maynard, DIAF!

* This was a special broadcast by the R0ot of all Evil and won’t happen again we shall return to normal broadcasting shortly *

Opponents 3/5 (5 humans and fire warriors then to a Lictor and Crisis suit out of nowhere?)
Venue 5/5 (Lovely warm secluded room yay!)
Food 2/5 (those crisps were shit Joe, but the free coke yay!)
Rules Pack 5/5 (Thank you games workshop)
Terrain/Tables 3/5 (You lose points for not always drawing 3D maps / pictures)
Organization 3/5 (dude wtf? bring you GM card!)
Prizes 0/5 (ghey)
Value for Money 5/5 (it was free, but I want my money back!)

Overall 20/20

Total score of 46/60 and if you can’t tell the above is a piss take and thank you Maynard for providing us with some Sunday morning/afternoon entertainment and I’d love to do it again even if my armour is hugely malfunctional although more hordes please!

(I don’t think I could do better tbh so fair play Maynard!)

The R0ot of All Evil Vol. 5 (Dominicon of Steel)

*So fucking cold this weekend, feck you Irish weather! Wait what? I have to leave the house in this shit? Feck …. *

Ah for fecks sake lads what’s with all this waking up early for registration and then registration not being ready yet?! Starting 30 minutes late also needs to be looked into as that’s an extra 30 minutes I could have spent asleep.

The pre-submission date, for the love of god post it in the actual threads/advertisements you do not at the bottom of the rulespack on a separate page.

I have heard of this magical device known as a projector that puts your computer screen and displays it on a large type of screen thing and guess what all the lecture rooms are fitted with them guys! It’s there, use it don’t spend 10 minutes writing up the match ups/tables numbers (and then actually having to change them a few times) when you can easily project it when it’s ready.

Ah come on once again no tea/coffee for the con goers/war gamers it’s cheap and effective and there should be €50 (at like the absolute bloody max) in the budget for it.

I hate sounding like a broken record….. no wait I do actually love it so here it comes again:

DEDICATED SCORE MONKEY PLEASE, then you have the freedom to have your two judges roaming around sorting everything else which is needed at an event that has 30+ people.

Odd number of players does happen so plan for it with a bye buster list as this throws all the damn nonsense of “what do we give this guy in points so as to not to feck with the overall tournament”.

When you penalize people for painting scores you either coat everyone with the same brush (pardon the pun) or you let them all away with it, Flying bases need to be painted/based you say? Then ALL FLYING BASES need to be painted based this includes your lovely land speeders etc.

Food food food food food, there was previous deals at previous Dominicon events with pizza’s etc but none this year or nobody mentioned it to the war gamers? O’Briens being the pretty much overpriced thing it is was not sufficient (however thank you to the girl that showed up to do it, eeep this should be in the below part)

*Packs up my shit and saves it for the North*

Very very few complaints on this one so I’d like to start with the scores and a very big thanks to Paddy and Barnard for a smoothly run, efficient and fun tournament.

Opponents 5/5
Venue 5/5
Food 2/5
Rules Pack 5/5
Terrain/Tables 4½/5
Organization 4½/5
Prizes 5/5
Value for Money 5/5

Overall 17/20

So that’s a total score of 53/60, well done but a few things that could be looked at.

So lets go over these scores, opponents for the weekend were great, Gerry with his Necrons was a fantastically fun game where I got lucky with a turn 6 and a phase out and one point where we were arguing for each other on a rules query. Joseph with his guard (:hate:) was an unfortunate match up for myself but that’s the way it goes still a good game with bitching from myself probably more than usual and finally Derek with your guard where although it ended 6:1 kill points to me he beat me in victory points.

I was genuinely surprised by the turnout to Dominion …. I mean Dominicon of Steel, with 34 people showing up to play (then 3 not being able to due to no show/no army available, poor Dan) leaving 31 players for a 1 day tournament was to put it frankly impressive and again hats off to Paddy and everyone who showed up.

Thank you to anyone who dug deep and pulled out all the terrain, while 2 tables could have done with a bit more terrain/less huts and hills overall it was well set up, fair and plenty of it. Loads of room around each table so no butting of heads over space although one Space Wolf player did have to spend some time after sending his entire army hurtling to the ground (ouch).

The lack of Tea and coffee while probably out of the war gamers organisers hands should still be something every event should look into, it’s a great touch (man how many times have I said this) and cheap.

Price, wow seriously I can’t argue with the price here, €12 for the one day is well worth it especially with the turnout that showed up.

As said above you had a projector on hand and it should have been used, for more than just the final scores, why leave it idle?

* Might want to stop reading for a second as the next part could be construed as self promotion of the Warheads (which I am a member) *

I got to have a gander at Barnard using his FAQ (which needs a guide written on how to use easily) and his scoring program and I have to say once again I am very impressed. As he admits there are still some bugs that need to be worked out on both but for something he has built from scratch (minus the FAQ’s etc) it’s getting top marks from me and I would recommend people that think the same to get in contact with Barnard (Trget) on our forums http://www.onthestep.net .

* Okay I’m done you can start reading again *

The prizes were perfect for the event, while I’ve seen more prizes at other cons I add these to the value for money appreciation and overall organization so the only thing I can say is throw in a few more spot prizes, nothing huge a dice or a lamented sheet award would do.

A big thank you to everyone who came to this as I loved every minute of it and have to say the quality of the Irish Tournament scene is outstanding but has room for improvement like everything does! Thanks again to Barnard, Paddy, everyone I played, my club mates and everyone who listened to my drivel and read this post.

Next up: Assault on Arkam

Army Showcase: Peter Zuidgeest’s Death Company

I grabbed Peter after seeing his awesome Death Company blog over on the Northern Wasters site and took the opportunity to ask him some questions and show off his wonderfully painted Blood Angels Death Company.

Question 1.) So what made you go for Death Company for your current project?

Well since I like to do themed armies and the new release of warhammer fantasy came out I noticed that I needed to get away from fantasy ASAP! I really like fantasy but the game changed so drastically (for me) that it was time for something new! Back to 40k!

Looking at the armies at that point I didn’t realy know what to do until they released Blood Angels, I was like “Oh my God those Death Company marines are so nice!!!” Then I bought the codex and read it a bit and saw it was possible to make a full Death Company army! SOLD! haha!

Competitive-wise it’s not really great I know but I don’t care! :D

I love to play themed armies, it looks cool and not many people play it since it’s either really good or it sucks majorly!

Question 2.) What other themed armies have you done?

My full khorne mortals (fantasy) won best painted army reward at the Dutch GT in 2009.

Question 3.) Apart from objective based missions how do the Death Company do on your local scene?

Until now I did pretty good; played 6 battles and 4 of them were objective based… I can’t claim anything so a draw is the best i can do or wipe them all from the table but that’s not always easy since the objectives are way too spread and rage makes me go where I don’t want to! For the kill point mission well what can i say? MASSACRE! To give you an idea; 1 Death Company dread charged a unit of 5 mega armoured nobz with Ghazghkull in it… 1st round, 11 power weapon wounds haha you should have seen the look on the guys face! ;)

Question 4.) Can you give me a 1700 point list of your Death Company Army? [1700 is the standard in Holland]


  • Astorath


  • 6x death company with jump packs
  • Power Fist
  • Power weapon
  • Lemartes

  • 8x death company bolter
  • Power weapon
  • Rhino
  • Extra armour

  • 8x death company w/ bolters
  • Power fist
  • Rhino
  • Extra armour

  • 8x death company w/ bolters
  • Power weapon
  • Rhino
  • Extra armour

  • Death company Dread
  • Magna grapple
  • Drop pod

  • Death company Dread
  • Magna grapple
  • Drop pod


Question 5.) What’s the next project?

I’ve got several project laying around…

As for fantasy my lizardmen project witch is on hold atm.

And I have an Ork army but that’s still 30% in my head finished some minis but mostly without paint just the conversions.

The idea for the ork army is animosity animosity and animosity flying goblins orks fighting inside ranks etc etc.

And I want to re-do my Vampire Counts because I know I can paint them way better then I have right now.

As for 40k…

Got an Ultramarine army which is kind of old, playing warhammer 40k/fantasy for 15 years now and had a little break in between after the break I made that army and I must say my painting skills were not that good back then ;)

And a new army… Hmm well the new Dark Eldar look nice might make an army of them but not sure yet ;)

I’d like to thank Peter for his time showing us his army and letting us get to know him, hopefully we’ll meet at a Northern Wasters event or perhaps an event like the ETC!

Peter Zuidgeest lives in the Netherlands, in a village close to Eindhoven. If you’d like to contact Peter you can reach him by email:


The R0ot of All Evil Vol. 4 (Dominion Day 3)

*I hate you Johnny as you have ruined my 4th post before I even get to do it…. *

Feck you Maynard! Feck you I say 6am wake up call saying we have a minute to get ready, 30 minutes later we are on the road on our way to Dominion Day 3 so strap on the bullet proof vests and armour plate that car Baz because we are entering the occupied territories!

Could you pick a place out in the middle of nowhere much lads, it’s more remote than the chances of Maynard placing in the top 10 in the tournament this weekend.

So the first game comes around and I’m having a pleasant time when I realise wait this isn’t a two day, ah now come on lads needs to be a fecking two day to be a challenge.

The tournament day flew by and the provision of free caffeine meant I had a twitch the entire day, thanks for that lads….. And the journey home was like travelling through hurricane Katrina only with less none true aryan people.

*Once again hate you so much Johnny*

Right, EVERY TOURNAMENT ORGANISER PAY ATTENTION because THIS is how you run a tournament!

I hate Johnny because he absolutely gave me NOTHING to complain about other than it not being a two day everything else is me scraping the bottom of the barrel. Lets start with the list of Do’s for every other tournament from now on shall we:

Best Battlefield – This is an awesome idea, if you ever want to encourage people to bring terrain do this as it’s an extra prize that people with modelling and painting skills will love.

Spot Prizes and Small Tokens – Order of the Beard (Cheese Award), Mr Organised (Bribe Award), First person to kill one of his one models, First unit to fall back and so on these were great little things that added a small but great touch to the overall event.

Tea, Coffee, Snacks – I cannot say this enough when you have some 20 odd boxes of buns and pastry s, tea and coffee for free all day this is just fantastic. Every other event you see is in a hotel and we pay ridiculous prices for these and get nothing other than the games yet any other convention would get a minimum of tea and coffee from the hotel/venue.

Organization – This is a huge one and to pull this off perfectly as was done at the weekend was great! A running timer displayed on a projector down to the milisecond is another small but great addition, personalized score sheets, army lists printed with wargear and special rule refrences and everything you’d need to have at a tournament, free dice, relaxed yet completely structured games, on hand referee(s) and one dedicated score person (computer monkey)! Just plain awesome!

Prizes – You cannot beat a fine piece of glass trophy for a prize you just can’t lads.

Value for Money – Tied into the one above for £15 (€17.3868) you get all the prizes, food (£3 for what is the best version of a breakfast roll, no roll instead it’s soda bread) and a lovely cheap bar!

And now time for the scores:

Opponents 5/5
Venue 5/5
Food 5/5
Rules Pack 5/5
Terrain/Tables 5/5
Organization 5/5
Prizes 5/5
Value for Money 5/5

Overall 19/20 (Lost one point because you ran out of tea very quickly and one tables terrain could have done with a tad more stuff but really I am not giving you a perfect score cause then you’ll get lazy) That’s a total of 59/60 well damn done!

Thank you to Johnny and all the lads that made this event possible and I cannot wait for the 2 day event in February if it goes ahead. I can’t state this enough that every tournament should resemble this and I (and every 40k player) will be very very happy even when you come 15th…. 😆 . This was as good as the last Dominion Day and I expect the same from every other DD.

Now that I am done with circle jerking the Northern Wasters I bid you all good day (fags)!

Next up: Dominicon of Steel!

Conclave 2 Summary

So back from Conclave 2 safe and sound. No thanks to Dan’s driving, ”watch the corner Dan” *BANG*, ”yeah that’s what I meant when I said watch the corner”.

The event was great fun and some-what nostalgic for me. Conclave 1 was my first ever 40k tournament. The Limerick lads had made vast improvements over the previous event, adopting the 5 games and set missions format made the event, all in all, much more competitive.
A few things you guys really need to pick up on though. 25% terrain. Sweet Jesus. Guard + 10% terrain = You’re screwed, buddy. 25%, guys, and get rid of those two huge tower buildings. They are ridiculous.

It is very important to have proper judges at tournaments, I won’t name names or pick out incidents here, what’s done is done but bad calls really cast a bad light on the event overall. Good judging is bloody hard and there is always assholes who will complain about something (me for example) but you need people with a grasp of the rules judging 40k competitive events. It is incredibly important that people feel they can ”trust” the Judges to make a fair call if trouble arises in their game.
I’m not sure how you did your wiss system, please do post an explanation for me below but Round 3 Table 1, need I say any more?

Giving points for per-registration is a double edged sword to be honest, yes, it allows you to list check much more easily but it also discourages people from just ”turning up” because they’re penalised. It also annoys people who are compulsive list changers (me lol). I wouldn’t recommend using that format again (perhaps give a money discount to people who pre-reg instead?).

The plan to give 5 points for ”costumes” was pure ”pants on my head retarded”, in my opinion. Comp scores have no place in 40k tournaments, full stop. Thank God, somebody stopped those scores being given out. Kudos to you, Sir. Fancy dress is great fun for those who enjoy it but you could just have said ”prize for best costume”.

The prize support was grand but I think tournaments should give out trophies to the winners not models. Yhis applies to every 40k tournament in Ireland tbh. Trophies just seem more impressive in my opinion.

Overall though, a pretty great event and a huge improvement on Conclave 1, a weekend well spent. Thanks to the Limerick Lads for the hospitality. Conclaves are certainly going on my 40k events calendar for future trips.

Special thanks as well to my opponents. You were all great sports, special props to Oisin(Crafter) from the Warheads and to my club mates Mark and Dan for three really tight games of 40k.

I am piled under work this week between Army Reserve and Essays so I wont be doing battle reports until Saturday. If I don’t do them, Joe will hit me.

If anyone thinks I was unfair in my description of Conclave 2 then feel free to post (or if you want a private chat, you can email me).

Farseer Dave.

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